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Replacements-Anywhere's Better Than Here

Dead Man's Pop is a box set by The Replacements released by Rhino Entertainment on September 27, The box set includes a remix of the band's album, Don't Tell a Soul known as Don't Tell a Soul Redux, mixed by the album's original producer, Matt included is a disc of rarities and unreleased tracks called We Know the Night: Rare and . Answer (1 of 2): I love them both, but I’ll pick the Replacements. Neither band was about virtuosity, but both groups advanced rock and roll brilliantly. The Replacements excelled at combining the sensibilities of pub rock and punk with deep sentimentality. Pavement explored art rock, psychedeli. Anywhere’s Better Than Here The Replacements Track 6 on Don’t Tell a Soul Produced by The Replacements & Matt Wallace Release Date February 1, View All Credits 1 .