ethereal fragments
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Ethereal fragments

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Samples of Meteoric Glass Aetherial Fragments are pieces of Aetherius which become dislodged and fall to Nirn from the heavens. These are commonly observed by the people of Tamriel as 'shooting stars'. These otherworldly materials are known for their magical power, and have often been utilized to great effect by those who manage to recover these fragments.

Most notably, the Ayleids made significant use of Aetherial fragments due to their reverence for starlight. The crystal has a strong magical aura, but it is alchemically inert and harmonically volatile, and no known conventional process can enchant, smelt, mold, bind, or break it. It was discovered by the Dwemer of Skyrim in their deepest mines some time in the First Era. Based on its name, the crystal may have some connection to Aetherius and the Aetherial Fragments which sometimes fall to Nirn , such as the meteoric glass harnessed by the Ayleids.

Other materials such as Malachite , Ebony and Sapphire are also used. Crowns, shields and staffs can all be crafted with Aetherium. The artifacts have unique and powerful enchantments, such as the ability to turn enemies ethereal, summon Dwemer Animunculi , or harness the power of the Standing Stones.

An aetheric lodestone is a perfectly round orb that is highly magnetic and threaded with veins of glowing blue Aetherium.. Certain Dwemer Animunculi are imbued with Aetherium crystals. Culanda Stone[ edit ] Culanda Stones are luminescent golden crystals used by the Altmer and usually only found on the Summerset Isles. The stones are pieces of cut and enchanted Meteoric Glass , a rare form of Aetherial Fragment. Alongside Malondo Stones , they are an attempt at creating magical crystals similar to the Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones produced by the Ayleids.

Culanda Stones provide a bright golden light and are therefore mostly used as a light source. They can also trigger magical effects or store magicka, but are always destroyed upon depletion, similar to Ayleid stones. Some scholars insist that the Culanda Stone improves upon Ayleid methods and can be cultivated like the Welkynd Stones once were, although others believe the Altmer simply discovered a more reliable method of recharging the original Ayleid stones.

They are commonly seen on Auridon , in the ruins built by the Ancients. Culanda Lacquer is used to create armor and clothing for the College of Sapiarchs. Jewel of Fire[ edit ] The Jewel of Fire was a rare green gem that was said to be a fallen star which still glowed with an inner flame. To ensure no one could free the Emperor, Tharn attempted to destroy the staff. However, as the Staff of Chaos was indestructible, it was instead split into eight pieces which he then hid in dangerous locations throughout Tamriel.

As a final failsafe in the event that the staff was resembled it would be useless, Tharn drained the magic energy of the Staff into the Jewel of Fire which was then hidden beneath the Imperial Palace. Malondo Stone[ edit ] Malondo Stones are golden crystals used by the Altmer and usually only found on the Summerset Isles.

Alongside Culanda Stones , they are an attempt at creating magical crystals similar to the Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones produced by the Ayleids. Unlike the Ayleid stones, which crumble to dust when harnessed by modern mages, Malondo Stones can be recharged and can be tapped by spellcasters as a source of magicka replenishment or to restore charge to enchanted items. Some scholars insist that the Malondo Stone improves upon Ayleid methods and can be cultivated like the Welkynd Stones once were, although others believe the Altmer simply discovered a more reliable method of recharging the original Ayleid stones.

Vitrified Malondo is used to create armor and clothing for the Psijic Order. Altmeri artisans were known to craft cameos with likeness of people carved into the glowing malondo stones. One of known people portrayed that way was Queen Ayrenn. Compared to the more common meteoric iron , it rarely falls to Nirn. The glass is crystalline and comes in various colors.

It is prized for being magical in nature and highly enchantable. The crystals were also used as a source of light in Ayleid settlements, likely due to their abhorrence of fire, which they saw as an impure and primal form of light. Skyshards were believed to be shards of Aetherial magicka that carry the essence of Nirn. They are sometimes linked to Lorkhan or Anu. Vakka Stones are a type of meteoric glass found in Murkmire , while Culanda and Malondo Stones are a variety of meteoric glass used by the Altmer.

The Maormer use beads of meteoric glass in their jewelry crafting, harnessing the arcane potential of the glass using an unknown crafting technique. When properly cultivated, meteoric glass crystals are able to grow and multiply. The Ayleids were only beginning to cultivate the material when they were wiped out by the Alessian Slave Rebellion. Naturally occurring meteoric glass is a common sight in Ayleid ruins, and can often be seen growing on the crumbling limestone walls of these underground structures.

Enchanted pieces of meteoric glass, such as Welkynd Stones, can grow in the same way. Stormhold Crystals and the seven Star Teeth are similar in nature to meteoric glass, but it is unknown if they are made of the material. The origins of the Jewel of Fire also suggest a link to the glass. It is the most common fragment to fall to Nirn.

All known samples of the metal are a rusty brown in color. It is prized by armorers and enchanters for its properties in the forging of enchanted weapons and armors. The Ayleids , known for harnessing Aetherial Fragments, incorporated the metal into their architecture. As such, it is a common sight in Ayleid ruins.

Meteoric Iron is resistant to most elements, and was used by the Akaviri Dragonguard to forge bulwarks against the Dragons' elemental breath. Skyshard[ edit ] Skyshards and Sky Prisms are a rare type of meteoric glass. Sometimes called "Shards of Aetherius ", skyshards are shards of Aetherial magicka that carry the essence of Nirn. Like other aetherial fragments , Sky Prisms fall to Nirn from Aetherius through the stars, although only during specific lunar alignments.

As they fall, the Prisms can be seen splitting into three shards. If three skyshards are subsequently brought together, they reform into a silvery prism and confer the magical energy to any nearby being. As well as allowing mortals to become more powerful through the creation of prisms, absorbing the power of even a single skyshard allows a Soul Shriven to be re-attuned to Anuic magic and thus return to Nirn from Oblivion.

Although usually found outdoors, skyshards are often discovered and brought underground by hoarders. The Ayleids were known to harness skyshards in some way. They can also be summoned through ritual, even in Oblivion. Realms such as Coldharbour and the Clockwork City have a significant number of inexplicable fallen skyshards. Space Core[ edit ] This article or section includes content from a crossover with Portal. Therefore, its canonicity within The Elder Scrolls is inherently ambiguous.

At level , 3x the fragments drop. At million experience, 4x the fragments drop. When the ability to gain the fragments is obtained, the following message is seen: You will now start to gather rune ethereal fragments in your currency pouch which can be used to make pieces of the rune ethereal outfits. When gaining fragments, the following message is seen: You have earned some rune ethereal fragments.

They have been added to your currency pouch. Fragments may be combined at an invention workbench to create pieces of the blood , law , and death ethereal outfits. The fragments are collected in the currency pouch and can be assembled into outfit pieces once the player has purchased Invention blueprints, which requires level 20 Invention and level 80 Runecrafting which can be assisted.

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Sep 23,  · September 23, by Max Chung Leave a Comment. Rising producer Skysia is a name you absolutely need to keep an eye on. Today, the Denver-based artist has delivered . Basically, you should get a fragment drop every 5min as long as you're performing an action at least 1/min (so, like, as long as your abyss trips are reliably subs RTT). Right now, it seems . Oct 05,  · Component part required for making pieces of the rune ethereal outfits. Rune ethereal fragments may be obtained from level 70 Runecrafting of receiving an additional .