place gambetta cahors france
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Place gambetta cahors france

The River Lot provided protection on the other three sides of town. The nave that you stand in today dates from , the north portal was added in , and over the following six hundred years, the building was enlarged to include a choir and several chapels—resulting in an eclectic mix of architectural styles. He asked the devil for help and promised to pay him with his soul when the bridge was complete.

When construction was almost finished, the architect devised a way to free himself from his pact by asking the devil to bring water for the remaining work using a sieve. Of course, the devil was unable to comply and so, was never paid. During restoration of the bridge in , a small sculpture of the devil was added high on one of the towers. The day I visited, we were shown around by a delightful lady — a young girl during the war — who explained the exhibits in a mixture of French and English.

The museum is overflowing with photos and artefacts from WWII — depicting everyday life in Cahors during the German occupation, the hardships, the dangers and the role of the resistance and pays a moving tribute to the bravery and often distressing fate of those who risked their lives to protect their countrymen.

Gambetta was described as being fat, badly groomed with a dishevelled beard and was known for his natural warmth, generosity and liberalism which made him highly popular. Tragically, while handling a revolver, Gambetta shot himself in the arm, and as his health was generally poor, the wound healed slowly.

During his convalescence he suffered appendicitis but his doctors did not operate and he died on December 31, , aged Just west of Boulevard Gambetta are the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre which was uncovered during work to create an underground car park at Place Gambetta. It is a splendid example of late Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It was built by Bishop Gerard de Cardaillac on the site of an early church constructed in the eleventh century and consecrated by Pope Calixtus II in , known for his Papal bull Etsi Judaeis which gave protection to Roman Jews.

The nave is covered by two domes, the largest found in the south west, which is made possible, architecturally, by the use of pendentives, supported by six huge pilasters which allow a circular dome to be placed over a square room or an elliptical dome over a rectangular room. One of the domes is decorated with fourteenth century frescoes depicting the stoning of St Stephen, the first Christin martyr, as well as eight prophets, each riding an animal in the fashion of the Greek or Hindu deities.

The stained glass windows— installed in June and designed by Gerard Collin-Thiebaut in collaboration with the glazier Pierre-Alain Parot— are worth the visit on their own. Each window is composed of old pictures or more recent pictures which are intended to replicate how art and faith is passed down through the ages.

The Good Samaritan window is a good example of this. Public domain Also worth seeing in the old quarter is the sixteenth century Maison de Roaldes where Henri of Navarre, who later became King Henri IV, reputedly, spent a night in , after besieging and capturing Cahors during the War of Religions.

One of the least known facts about Cahors is that it was the first official global city of the Mondialist pacifist movement.

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A Look At Rue Gambetta, Biarritz, France

La Place Gambetta. Il s’agit du centre névralgique de Cahors. Elle est bordée de nombreux restaurant et terrasses ainsi que d’une gigantesque statue de Léon Gambetta, ancien élève . Le boulevard Léon-Gambetta est la principale voie de circulation du centre-ville de Cahors. Situation et accès [ modifier | modifier le code ] Orienté nord-sud, il s'étend sur 1 mètres, . A complete guide to Boulevard Gambetta: #5 among attractions in Cahors (Universities and schools). Popular hours, how to get there and things to do nearby. Destinations. Menu; Africa. .