cryptocurrency mind map
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Cryptocurrency mind map best cold storage multi coin crypto

Cryptocurrency mind map

The clients wish to create an e-learning platform that would teach how to manage cryptocurrency. Perhaps, the platform will generate the profit. Project manager at Purrweb Flow: the beaten path Users go through the same stages with all the crypto wallets. A user creates a wallet, gets its address, and creates a password.

Now two transaction encryption keys are stored on the device. Gets a seed phrase — a series of words that helps restore access to the wallet if the user forgets the login details. Goes to the main screen and views the balance. Sends tokens and views the balance again. We built a special team of 5 people for this project. It included a project manager, a designer, 2 developers, and a tester. The clients helped us with the technical details and checked the design we made. No need to reinvent Metamask We were free to make the design our way.

The first stage was to figure out the no-goes: the color schemes and other design elements the clients rejected. Negative references from the clients. They disliked the colors We took into account the positive references as well. For example, Michael and Yao wanted an app that looked like Metamask. Its design is very simple and austere. Besides, we drew inspiration from a few Dribbble shots.

We met the expectations, so the clients approved the mind map and wireframes in no time: it took 2 and 7 hours, respectively. As a rule, we allocate hours for a mind map and 20 hours for a wireframe. We cut a lot of time and progressed to the goal.

Final app wireframes Colors and personality We checked out similar apps for the best typeface and picked Outfit, as it met all the project requirements. Optimal font width. Figures are the primary objects in an e-wallet. On top of that, the variety of Outfit fonts helps organize information.

We used different fonts for the balance, cryptocurrency name, and transaction date. Outfit is not yet popular among e-wallets, so it looks fresh. The clients wanted a clear and stylish design, so they asked for a light color scheme. Bright colors and an abundance of details would make the app gaudy. So, we used white, grey, and blue, as they give a sense of purity and lightness. Then we added sand, red, and green accents. He watched mostly — the Purrweb team created the whole design.

The newcomer reviewed the Figma mockups and gave feedback. He commented on such details as the rounding of corners or the colors of some elements. Sometimes the changes would hurt the app. We accepted some changes and provided reasons when rejecting the others. For example, we agreed that a bolder font is better for a token fiat balance, as it is a more vital figure.

But we convinced him that here a tab bar is better than hamburger navigation, as a user would need to switch between the sections that the clients wanted to add later. Designer at Purrweb Tab bar navigation the left screen vs.

It was not our task to develop and implement the game mechanics here. Still, we made a modern design with bright accents to meet the future needs. We decorated the balance widget with a soft blue gradient combined with an unusual geometric element and used bright colored crypto icons. Only decentralized apps can provide such a safety level. No backend for this app. So, all the functions must be device-based, and the data must be collected from the nodes with the help of API.

We knew that there were a whole bunch of crypto wallets without a backend, so we set to work. Spoiler: integrating API turned out to be a tricky task. We preserve it if we make no backend, as the third-party APIs deal only with the wallet address. The owner and the device are anonymous. The thing is that free APIs have request limits, like 1, transaction requests per minute.

Each participant will be rewarded proportionally to the computational power supplied. This is why pool mining is efficient for beginners because it allows them to earn coins and get more experience in a team of people with the same goal. Here are the basic steps for mining in a mining pool: Check your GPU and drivers. Create a crypto wallet.

Install the mining software. Make some research on the trusted sites before downloading anything to avoid viruses and spyware infecting your computer. You could start with GitHub as a source for your downloadable mining software. Join a mining pool. Consider pool fees, pool size and minimum payouts the pool requires before joining. Run the program and calculate profitability to see what are the potential mining rewards and benefits. This way, you can see clearly if mining is profitable for you and worth investing in high-end hardware.

Solo mining requires a lot of mining power to get a single block reward on your own. This method allows you to rent out computing capacity or mining rings on the cloud, which you will use for mining. This is called price volatility, which also applies to commodities, assets or investments. Should you mine Ethereum or Bitcoin? You may know that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the first two most important cryptocurrencies at the moment, so you may be wondering which is best to start mining or staking as a beginner.

Since their arrival on the market until now, solving mathematical problems has been harder, and it might become even more difficult in the future.

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