kodaikanal tourist places map with distance between cities
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Kodaikanal tourist places map with distance between cities converting cash to cryptocurrency

Kodaikanal tourist places map with distance between cities

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Dhyanalinga temple has an important role to play for the centuries to come ahead. As there is no idol of any kind inside, no rituals are required here. There is no need to pray inside the temple, just sit in silence. I visited here on Jan31, Due to corona pandemic, there were many restrictions. Suryakund etc were kept closed however Dhyanaligna Temple was open. I accidentally reached Coimbatore with a friend who wanted to meet his girl friend studying in some college here.

We had liquor and non veg food previous days. Yet it was a wonderful experience inside the temple. If one comes well prepared having veg foods, little mediation etc , one may have mystical experiences inside the temple. Be it honeymoon or a family trip or an adventure tour, Kodaikanal is unlikely to disappoint you. The place is well connected to all the major towns and cities of the country through air, road and railways. If you are travelling from Trivandrum, you will not face any problem reaching Kodaikanal.

The Trivandrum Kodaikanal distance is km. It takes tourists an approximate of 8 hours to reach Kodaikanal from Trivandrum. However, before planning on travel, one need to know about the place he or she is visiting. From accommodation to travelling to sightseeing, tourists need plan all these in advance. Spice voyage assist you her with all the required information and options that suits you best. It offers various tour packages from Trivandrum to Kodaikanal making your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Kodaikanal Planet, an important arm of Holidays DNA offers you with varied kinds of tour packages catering to different need and budget of its customers.

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Kodaikanal Planet, an important arm of Holidays DNA offers you with varied kinds of tour packages catering to different need and budget of its customers. For travelling one can go by train. The Thiruvananthapuram railways station is well connected to rest of the country and all the major cities. You have trains running regularly between Trivandrum to the Kodai Road which is the railway station at Kodaikanal. One can also just hire a private taxi from Trivandrum to Kodaikanal.

There are many routes which one can take. And if you are looking for some adventure even while journeying, you can take this route - Trivandrum - Nedumangad - Palode - Tenmala - Aryankavu - Schencottah - Tenkasi - Kadayanallur - Rajapalayam - Srivelliputtur - Tirumangalam 58 - Madurai - Ammavanyakanur before Dindigul - Vathalagundu - Kodaikanal. The route offers you with breath taking scenic beauty and a refreshing atmosphere.

One can also go biking from Trivandurum to Kodaikanal. To commute within the hill station, you can find many taxis and autorickshaws. Or, you can simply enjoy a leisurely stroll around the gorgeous lake taking in some awe-inspiring vistas. Boating cost: Approx. Bryant Park, Kodaikanal Bryant Park 2 of 12 Best Tourist Places in Kodaikanal Just east of the serene Kodaikanal Lake is an equally captivating site called Bryant Park — a botanical garden which gives you a chance to behold the majesty of nature in all its glory.

This Bryant, after whom it is named. Besides manicured flower beds, the park is also marked with old structures that make it worth a visit. The best time to visit Bryant Park is the month of May when a flower show is organised here and the entire area gets encapsulated in various colours. You can check the event dates for the year online and book your hotel in Kodaikanal , accordingly.

Located in the heart of the city, it, along with Kodaikanal Lake, is one of the first places to visit in Kodaikanal on a 1-day trip. Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal Silver Cascade Falls 3 of 12 Best Tourist Places in Kodaikanal Although a number of waterfalls are located within a short drive of Kodaikanal, Silver Cascade Falls is often the first one from the list that tourists choose to visit during their holiday.

It is the majesty of this picture-perfect landform which coaxes them to do so. The white water plummeting over the many steps of this over metre tall waterfall appears more like milk than water. Located a few kilometres before Kodaikanal on the way to the hill station from Madurai, it is also a popular halting spot for tourists. The months of July and August is when the monsoon rains feed Silver Cascade and you get to capture the best of this already enchanting waterfall.

Whatever you do, do not forget to click a few cool, Insta-worthy snaps against its backdrop. Entry Fee: N. Timings: Any time of the day 4. This place is not only famed for the three giant pillars but is also one of the best viewpoints you will find in Kodaikanal and its surrounding areas. On a good day, you can even witness clouds forming just below the tip of the boulders. Needless to say, it is one of the most bewitching sights you ever get to see.

Timings: AM to PM 5. The landform is named so because it used to be a favourite haunt for bears of the surrounding Shola forests, frequenting it to quench their thirst. But you do not have to worry about wild creatures. The only matter of concern for you is how you are going to include so many wondrous and amazing points of interest in Kodaikanal on your 2 day or 3 day trip to the hill station.

Again, it is one of the best photography spots you will find in Kodaikanal. Timings: AM to PM 6. This approximately 1-km long walkway built on the slopes of a mountain is thronged for the astonishing vistas of the surrounding landscape. A stroll along while breathing in the crisp montane air and feasting your eyes on excellent sights will make you forget all the hustles and bustles of life.

Another great way to explore the place is to rent a bike and go for a ride. Today, the caves remain as one of the most sought-after places to visit in Kodaikanal, drawing people in large numbers. However, you can only view the caves from a distance as they remain closed due to security reasons. Timings: AM to PM 8. Be warned already that the place can be a little crowded during the peak travel season as every tourist in town wants to marvel at the beautiful scenery visible from here.

Apart from photography, which is a go-to here, you can also indulge in other activities such as a game of golf. It lies about 6 km from the centre of Kodaikanal.