bluebird trx dash
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Bluebird trx dash

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We can't get the windows to stay up when we put them up 2. We can't stop rain from seeping in through the emergancy exits and soaking the kids 3. We couldn't get the doors to open on Bus 6 05 vision and have attempted to fix them many times 4. Heaters burning up I honestly think BlueBird has let us down These things are horrible. All of those issues are pretty much peanuts, especially when compared to the issues other buses are encountering.

First off, Blue Bird doesnt make the windows. There is one manufacturer who pretty much handles all the windows in the industry, Spectal. They make a terrible window if you ask me, but I imagine the price is right which is the reason behind the manufacturers using them. The front of the brackets are longer and lower than the bluey 1's but sit directly under the bolt holes in the radiator support rail. Some new hole and some spacers fixed this. After a bit of head scratching the only solution was to recess the fire wall 20mm and fit the silvia clutch master cyl which is 10mm shorter.

There is space to do this as the clutch pedal box has 20mm spacers to the firewall. A VL commodore air box is just right to bolt the air flow meter to and fits nicely in the bird. I made up a surge tank from a piece of 3" stainless tube and mounted a bosch fuel pump and filter on the bluebird bracket next to the fuel tank. The factory bluebird electric pump fills the surge tank! No probs yet. A few extra bonus's were the power steering carried over with the x-member, I only needed to mount the reservoir.

And the silvia brakes too, that are a lot better than standard bluey but not fantastic. Steering is connected by taking half of the bluebird's and half of the silvia's steering shafts, machining and tig welding together. It makes a single shaft with splines on both ends.

A roll of the guards will fix that. I used the silvia strut tops and modified them to sit the top about 20mm wider on each side. Had far to much camber and no droop at std ride height with the bluey tops. Perfect for a circuit racer though. I cut the bluey spring seats off and fitted them to the silvia struts, so uses the std springs.

I also fitted the silvia instrument cluster into the bluebird dash. It's not finished but all working, speedo is spot on same diff ratio , and everything else, lights ect, wired in. And I love the rpm red line!! For all the other wiring, I kept as much of the silvia loom together as possible, just removed all the unused wires, keeping the instrument and climate control wiring along with the ECU.

Only interconnections were made on the key and dash plugs and extra wires for the fuel pump.