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Whites club betting book

Turns out they were often dens of ill-repute, too. Image: public domain Take a stroll down Pall Mall and St James's Street and you will pass huge stone buildings flanked by cast iron gas lamps with stone staircases and doric columns. These are home to the great-and-the-good who make up that vague and ill-defined demographic known as 'The Establishment'.

Discretion and secrecy are the guiding principle of London's clubland. But what have the clubs got to be secretive about? Well plenty, as it turns out. Their year history throws up a colourful cast of characters that includes gamblers, cheats, prostitutes A breathtakingly stupid bet Image: Amanda Jones amandagraphc The most exclusive gentlemen's clubs in St James's Street, White's and Brooks's trace their origins back to 18th century gambling casinos where tens of thousands of pounds could be won or lost at whist in a single night by dissolute aristocrats.

Crazy wagers were also made between members such as one made at White's that a manservant "could breathe unaided underwater for 12 hours". The bet was lost and the servant drowned. At first all went well for Brummel. But his luck began to run out. He couldn't pay his tailor's bills and very soon the Prince disowned him.

On one famous occasion Watier's Club held a ball at the Argyll Rooms. The Prince accompanied by the military dandy Lord Alvanley encountered Brummel looking the worse for wear. Determined not to be snubbed, Brummel is reported as remarking to Alvanley in an audible whisper, "Who's your fat friend?

Bankrupt, in disgrace and suffering from syphilis Brummel fled to France where he took refuge in the Hopital de St Sauveur in Caen where he eventually died on 30 March The Wild West End The general out-generalled, or, first come, first served Abstract: Wellington demands attention outside a house, while Duke of Argyll, inside with Harriette Wilson, pretends not to recognise him.

I felt that the author had no idea how to weave her story in this anthology and just threw in two people who behaved erratically to fill up the pages. It is sad because I read anthologies also to try out new authors, but I will be giving Catherine Gayle a miss. Jane Charles's Landing A Laird I liked this novella.

The characters were endearing, and I enjoyed their interactions. After the previous story this was a relief too. The plot was overall a simple one, she wanted to live far, far, far away from her mother, he wanted to be loved for himself and not where he lived, but it was written well, the plot and incidents were tightly knit together and amusing to read.

Sorry, but no. I disliked the two characters intensely. I disliked the plot and even the side story about the father. She was such a spoilt brat. He was an awful reprobate. They both were lying to each other. He was trying to ravish her; she was trying to trap him. The thing about writing about rakes falling in love and turning a new leaf is that they need to have something about them to be redeemable.

Or if they are portrayed as utter cads, then a credible manner of them having a change of heart or realization. There was none of that here. He goes about doing whatever he likes to whoever he likes- even crossing the unspoken rule among the gentlemen rakes of the ton found in nearly all regency novels- never to dally with an innocent lady. This man has not done that once, but multiple times! And the only reason he got away with it is because he was never caught red handed and the other parties do not dare reveal his actions for fear of scandals on themselves.

The book was too short for anything to happen to his character. However, the female lead, Patience, is also so dislikeable that I thought these two deserved each other. She was petty, stubborn, bratty and foolish. How utterly stupid of her to want a man like him tied to her for life.

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