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Swing out sister it better to travel discogs marketplace

In some cases, older unassigned numbers are the result of a production delay, but usually it is because they have been canceled. For collectors , the curiosity of knowing what a number has been assigned to is part of the demand for a complete discography.

There have also been some soundtracks released as digital download titles that are not currently on CD at the moment. Colosseum Records, which is featured here as well on this listing, was the label's international division located in Nuremberg , Germany, which released all US soundtrack releases as well as European films that were able to release under their banner.

Like the US versions of these soundtracks, the German pressings featured the same artwork, but instead of the black JVC design on the label side, they feature a silver label side with the JVC design in red. The artwork also featured "LC" which stood for a Colosseum version. The label released titles that were only available through imports that were not released here and many of those titles featured numbers to what were cancelled releases to movies here in the US.

They also kept in print many of the out of print and series titles for a long period of time which included D. MacArthur , Ghost Story , Dracula , etc. The Robe , Airport , Anastasia , etc. Lifeforce , The Manhattan Project , Videodrome , etc. He also created a re-recording program which brought new audiences to older soundtrack recordings from composers who he had worked with personally on the label which included John Williams , Jerry Goldsmith , John Barry , Alex North , Elmer Bernstein , Alan Silvestri , Stu Phillips and James Horner i.

Psycho , Vertigo , Sunset Boulevard , etc. The first and, more importantly, his first re-recording of a film score was a historic event in that it was for Alex North's rejected score for Stanley Kubrick 's sci-fi classic, A Space Odyssey which the famed director completely threw out. Conducting the event was North's best friend and Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith with his favorite orchestra, the National Philharmonic of London with North's wife, Abby present during the recording.

Before this event took place, no one outside of North or Goldsmith had heard this seemingly lost score until North's passing in late and this project came to light. Columbia assumed operation of Coast's Studios A and B, bringing in Roy Halee —known for experimental recording techniques that conflicted with union rules—from New York as chief engineer. Coast Recorders continued in business, working out of Studio C, fitted for quadraphonic projects. Fred Catero , a successful engineer and New York native, doubted the wisdom of by-the-book Columbia operating in the laid-back atmosphere present in the Bay Area.

Years later, he said, "Columbia was a very conservative company It was all-union and everything was done by the clock. There were very strict rules about how long sessions could go and, of course, about drugs and things like that. For a few years, Columbia owned the only stereo lacquer mastering equipment in San Francisco, and it was kept busy. Paul Stubblebine joined Columbia's San Francisco recording studio in as an intern, later advancing to second engineer, then mastering engineer under Horn.

He encouraged his favorite Columbia engineer Fred Catero to leave his job—and a newly completed home in New York—to bring his family to the West Coast and to partner with him on recording projects. The two intended to open a recording studio with rock promoter Bill Graham and entertainment attorney Brian Rohan , but the resulting umbrella organization The Fillmore Corporation with its two record companies, Fillmore Records and San Francisco Records, instead booked artists at Pacific Recorders in San Mateo, California ; the only track studio in the area at the time.

In after repeated bad experiences with the studio owner, Rubinson severed relations with Pacific Recorders. Rubinson asked Heider to install a four-channel musicians' headphones monitoring system, and an automation system for the mixing console, but Heider refused.

He moved his operations to offices on the second floor, above the recording studios; his own large office was formerly used by Coppola. CBS would supply the infrastructure, the microphones, and studio maintenance and reception services.

Rubinson also leased a rehearsal room on the second floor which once housed Coppola's film studio. Catero would be the chief engineer for the new room. In late , Rubinson and CBS signed the deal and Rubinson began bringing clients to the studio, which he named "the Automatt," [13] as a play on New York's old-style coin-operated food vending restaurants called " automats ", and because the studio's new mixing console was equipped with an advanced new feature: the first practical recording studio automation system in San Francisco.

In March , owner Patrick Gleeson said, "David Rubinson may have the most advanced studio west of Market Street , but we have the most advanced east of Market. The group composed of four members of the Miles Davis Quintet with Freddie Hubbard on trumpet was signed to Columbia, but the mixing process was difficult because of the two different acoustic performance spaces, and the Automatt was chosen for the task. The automated mixing equipment proved its value when Hancock visited to approve the final mix.

Hancock was displeased with the level of artificial reverberation applied to the piano per his earlier instruction—he wanted to change how much EMT plate reverb was in the mix. However, a different artist was at that time booked in the studio mixing an album. Rather than zeroing out the Harrison console's settings and losing headway on the other project, Catero was able to save the current settings, then recall the earlier VSOP session settings on the Allison automation, make a minor adjustment to the level of EMT reverb, and re-mix the album in less than two hours.

Rubinson and Davis toasted the success of the studio with glasses of wine from Rubinson's cellar, but the next day CBS announced they were closing the whole building because of financial difficulties. Segal locked the doors. The union engineers at CBS initiated a strike to recoup their pay. Even though the Automatt was not a union house, CBS was, and the Automatt's doors remained locked until the strike was resolved. Rubinson told her that Catero was the only engineer, so he did not know whether she would be assistant engineer or first engineer.

She said later, "I thought, 'Well, all it's going to take is one person calling that doesn't have their own engineer and I'll be it. You see, the integrity and vibe came from the top down. All three went on to manage or operate other recording studios. They saw their acquaintance Nick Lowe and met his girlfriend Carlene Carter the step-daughter of one of their musical heroes: Johnny Cash after seeing her sing. Between takes at the Automatt, Strummer and Jones listened for the first time to the Bobby Fuller Four version of " I Fought the Law " on one of Rubinson's jukeboxes, and when they returned to England they re-made the song into a Clash standard.

The next year he replaced Kahne, and recorded a series of little-known bands such as the Big Race for

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