horse betting terms exacta inn
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By opening accounts with several sites, you can always get the best Big Brother odds when you want to bet on your favourite housemate. In the end, Memphis was the first in Big Brother history to get no votes in the jury vote. In a very similar format, Big Brother follows participants living together in a house fitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and that record their every move, 24 hours a day. Big Brother betting is available on licensed sites all over the internet. You can bet on Big Brother throughout the show.

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Horse betting terms exacta inn

Bookies set their own odds and you can also negotiate with them so they offer serious punters better value for their money. See our comprehensive guide to all Australian Bet Types Box Seat — during a race, when a horse is racing just behind the leaders and one horse out from the fence. Bute - Anti-inflmmatory medication. All horse racing in Australia is drug free, so it must not be present in the horse on race day. Camel or Cat — a very slow horse Camel Traders — European horse owners who bring their plodding stayers to Australia see Dour and sell them to optimistic locals hoping to win a Melbourne Cup.

Cast — If the horse throws a shoe before the race, either on the course or in the barriers, it may be replaced by the farrier prior to the race. Can also mean the horse has lain down in the barrier stalls. Run at Caulfield Racecourse in mid October, a metres race run with Handicap conditions.

Considered an important lead up race to the Melbourne Cup, the Caulfield Cup is a prestigious Group One event offering over two million dollars in prize money. Check - interference suffered by a horse during a race. If the interference is considered severe enough to have cost them an opportunity to win, they are entitled to lodge a protest against that runner if it finished ahead of them in the placings.

Cherry — in greyhound racing, the number one dog which carries a red cloth. Choked-Down — when a horse partially swallows its tongue during a race, making it difficult to breathe. Claim - reduction in the amount of weight carried by a horse being ridden by an apprentice. If the race is non-claiming as in Group races , the apprentice cannot use their claim.

Class - the grade of the race. Clerk of the Course - official often dressed in hunting red, sometimes riding a grey horse. Duties include leading runners out to the start, assisting with difficult horses and capturing runaways. One of Melbourne's most popular clerk's horses was Melbourne Cup winner Subzero, who retired in June after 15 years service with Clerk Graham Salisbury. Coat-Tugger — someone who offers a punter a tip then demands a percentage of their winnings.

Colours silks - owners or trainers coloured jacket and cap worn by the jockey. When the horse's colours are unavailable for any reason, the jockey wears the club colours which in Melbourne are all white. Colourful — someone whose language is profane or whose behavior is slightly less than ethical.

Colt - a male horse 3 years and under which has not been gelded. Connections - a horse's owners and their representatives. Can also include anyone personally connected to the horse such as the jockey and training staff. This is the all clear for bookies and tote to pay out on winning tickets. Cricket Score Odds — very long odds, Cross-over Noseband - gear that prevents a horse from opening its mouth during a race.

Daily Double - two races nominated by the TAB, in Victoria usually the third to last race and the last race. Dead-Heat - two or more horses that cannot be separated in a photo finish when they cross the line. If the dead-heat is for first, there is only one remaining place dividend for third. If the dead-heat is for second, there is no third dividend. Deductions — reduction on the odds on offer when a horse is a late scratching just before the race.

Dish Lickers — racing greyhounds. Dogs are Barking — a tip which has become common knowledge. A fourth place getter is included for betting on the First Four only, no place dividend is paid on the fourth place getter. Dour - an unexciting, plodding horse. Often a stayer. Duet - a TAB bet for two more runners to finish anywhere in the first three. Duffer — a horse that is slow or unable to run well on certain track conditions a duffer in the wet E.

Emergency - Additional nominated runners are accepted but will only gain a run if others in the field are scratched. Many Melbourne races are permitted Emergency runners, but there are no Emergencies allowed for the Melbourne Cup. Emu — a person who picks up discarded betting tickets in the hope of finding a live bet. Often seen on course or at the TAB after a successful protest.

Entire — a male horse which has not been gelded. Under race conditions the average time for m is 12 seconds. Farrier — a specialist in equine hoof care a blacksmith Fast - the firmest track rating but rarely seen in recent years, mainly because a Fast track in Australia is like concrete and racing clubs are working hard to ensure the tracks always have a little bit of give.

Favourite - the most popular horse in betting and therefore the one who starts at the shortest odds. Feature Race - The highest rated race on the card, determined by the category of the race and the prize money.

Filly - a female horse 3 years and under. Firm — a horse is supported in betting and the odds have shortened. First Up - resuming from a Spell a break of 90 days or more. In the form guide, indicates how many times the horse has been placed when First Up. Fixed Odds - a bet where you agree to accept the odds at the time of placing your time, available from Sportsbet.

Early Fixed Odds betting on the Melbourne Cup is popular, as the odds on offer are bigger before the final field is declared. See "All-In". Fleeced - lost everything, had everything taken away, shorn like sheep. Flexi-Betting — to invest a smaller amount than the full dollar value of the bet to receive a reduced percentage of the final dividend.

Available from Sportsbet. Fluctuation - the movements of the odds up or down in the betting ring. See "Top Fluc". Fresh - a horse that is resuming from a brief rest from racing more than 28 days but less than 90 days has been 'freshened up'. Gelding - a male horse of any age which has been castrated. Get Out Stakes — the last race of the day.

It is the world's richest race for two year old horses. Good - the ideal racing surface in Australia, not too firm or soft. When the weather is fine, most tracks are rated Good. Good Sort - a filly with nice conformation.

Also a racehorse. Glue-on shoes - for a horse with hoof problems, a light aluminium shoe that is attached with tabs to the outside of the hoof. Horses generally do not race as well in glue-on shoes as they do in racing plates. Green - a horse that shows inexperience during the running of a race.

Greet the Judge — when a jockey returns to the mounting yard after winning a race, they acknowledge the judge by touching their cap. Grew another leg — the horse suddenly improved. Gunner — a horse which is reluctant to win always looks like he's gunna' win, but he doesn't.

Handicap - a race where weights are assigned by the handicapper according to a horses past performances in an effort to give every runner an equal winning chance. The Melbourne Cup is one of the most well known Handicap races in the world.

Can be improved by the application of blinkers or a different bit. Hold All Tickets — punters are advised not to throw away their bet slips until correct weight has been notified. Heavy - the slowest track rating in Australia. There are 3 levels of Heavy but once the rating is worse than Slow assume the conditions are very wet and muddy. Hoop — a jockey. Horse — term for an entire not gelded male horse 4 years and over.

Impost — the weight allocated for the horse to carry. In the money — the horse finished in a stakes paying position. In the red — odds in the bookies ring are very short, less than even money. Jackpot — surplus money from the pool from a previous race or an additional bonus added by the Tote. Jigger — an illegal electric device designed to shock a horse making it sprint faster. Journo — a journalist Knocked Up — the horse stopped racing the straight.

Knuckled — the horse stumbled and almost fell on its knees. Late Mail — last minute tips that take scratchings, jockey changes and track conditions into consideration. Late Scratching — a horse that is withdrawn from the race after 8am on race day. If the horse is withdrawn after betting on the race has commenced, there may be deductions in the final dividends. Lay — when a bookmaker offers better odds because they believe the horse cannot win.

London to a brick on — very short odds, an extremely likely outcome. A punter would have to bet the whole of London to win one brick. Long Shot — a horse a long odds, unlikely to win. Length - approximately the length of a horse from nose to tail, used to determine the distance between runners in a race.

Lugging Bit - for horses that hang out to one side or 'lug' this bit is applied to make them more tractable. Maiden - a horse of any age or sex who is yet to win a race. Also a race restricted to horses who have not won a race. Mare - a female horse 4 years and over. Melbourne Cup - The pinnacle of racing in the southern hemisphere, and the highlight of the Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington Racecourse.

Australia's richest handicap race offering six million dollars in prize money, run over metres on the first Tuesday in November at 3. Go to australianracingreport. Monkey — Five hundred dollars. Moral — an absolute certainty. Mounting Yard - the area near to the racecourse where the horses are paraded before a race and jockeys take their mounts. Muck Lather — white foam appearance caused by the horse sweating up before the race.

Mudlark — a horse who is most comfortable on rain affected going. Mug Punter — a person who is not very good at betting. Multiple - any bet requiring two or more runners to be successful. Near-side - left-hand side of the horse from which the jockey mounts and dismounts. The other side is the Off-side. Apparently we love to punt! If you're new to the game then betting can be a little daunting, but it really is straightforward once you understand the basics. We want to help you with that by providing a snapshot of the Australian betting landscape, including a summary of bet types and definitions, as well as some key statistics on thoroughbred wagering turnover here in Australia.

The Australian betting landscape Betting in Australia has never been more accessible to punters than it is now. This is thanks largely to the rise of online betting, which has completely changed the game for punters. Having said that, the more traditional punting avenues still attract plenty of patrons. So whether you're wanting to stroll down to your local betting outlet or pub-TAB for a cheeky flutter, try your luck against an on-course bookmaker, or simply place a bet on your phone from the comfort of your couch, it's all very achievable nowadays.

These betting organisations can be found on-course, in betting outlets TAB's , select pubs and gaming venues, as well as online. With a parimutuel betting system the bettor what we prefer to call, "punter" is basically taking on other punters. Once betting has closed on an event, the pool is then divided according to the monies invested on each possible outcome.

The punters' elect or favourite will return the smallest dividend, while the least backed runner outsider will attract the highest dividend. The exact payouts can only be known once betting has closed. Corporate bookmakers The last decade has seen a significant increase in online betting, which in turn has seen a rise in the number of corporate bookmakers operating in the Australian wagering market.

Corporate bookies offer different betting products to the tote services as they are not restricted by parimutuel betting pools; in fact, most will offer a slightly more competitive product based upon the dividends paid out across the three major totes. Additionally they offer Fixed Price betting as well as Top Fluc and other, more niche, bet types. The variety of their products and the competitiveness of the prices make them quite appealing to punters, not to mention the fact that most of them offer apps for mobile and tablet devices, further facilitating punters' easy access to their service.

On-course bookmakers On-course bookies are some of the more colourful characters in the horse racing narrative. They can mostly be found plying their trade in the betting ring, a designated area where bookies set up their boards and commence spruiking. The relationship between punter and bookie is never more personal and face-to-face as it is on-course. Punters can either target whichever bookmaker is offering the best price on their preferred runner, or they can target one particularly bookie in an old-fashioned tit-for-tat stoush.

The advantage of this type of betting is you can form a relationship with your preferred bookie s and, if persuasive, possibly try and squeeze more competitive odds out of them. They're more likely to show generosity to you on a bad day than a good so it does help to know when to pick your battles.

Online Betting Online betting is the new wave of punting in Australia, making betting easier and more accessible than it has ever been before.

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Alpha house beta place for sale If it happens again during a race the horse is banned from racing again in Australia for life. A punter would have to bet the whole of London to win one brick. If you believe the spread is too low or too high you can buy or sell points above or below the predicted score. There are 3 levels of Heavy but once the rating is worse than Slow assume the conditions are very wet and muddy. Btc pool — If the horse throws a shoe before the race, either on the course or in the barriers, it may be replaced by the farrier prior to the race.
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How to Bet on Horses - Horse Racing Betting Explained

Jun 22,  · An Exacta Bet, also referred to as an Exactor or Perfecta, is one where the bettor picks both the first and second place winners in exact order. In order to win an Exacta . Feb 26,  · The race ran exactly as your handicapping said it would – the 5 horse won and the 6 horse ran second. The $2 exacta paid $ Lucky you! Depending on how you bet. . Drift: When a horse’s odds are on the drift (increase), implying weakness in the betting. Each-way: Refers to a bet that involves half your stake on the win and half on the place. Even Money: A .