eastenders kat affair betting lines
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Eastenders kat affair betting lines

It would actually be the one affair we'd understand Kat's motivation for. Some people have started winding other people up saying they've been told but they won't say who it is. I started a rumour around the set that it would be a celebrity guest appearance. I said it would be Peter Andre and some of the new cast believed it as well! Our eye on her guy! Inside Soap also pointed out "serious" flirting between Jack and Kat, when she teases him about being out of shape, and she names him 'Legs of the match' after the team play their first football match.

They spotted that Kat has a "smouldering tete-a-tete" with Max and she knows how frustrated he is by his family problems, and he is also seen on the phone at the same time as Kat. They said that Michael donating shirts to Kat's football team and Kat giving baby clothes to Michael were clues, especially as there was an "emotional moment" between them.

A "charged moment" between Kat and Ray was noted by the magazine, when she injures herself in the pub's kitchen and he helps her. All five suspects are seen with their phones at the same time Kat ends a call from her mystery lover. The fact she dances so close to Ray in front of Kim could mean Ray is not her secret lover, but she enjoys danger so may be willing to make a show of herself despite the risk.

Inside Soap wondered if this was the biggest clue so far, saying it suggests he has access to money, because flats in London are not cheap. They said Derek also "wouldn't think twice about flashing his cash" and opined that Jack would probably be able to afford it as well. They said viewers do not know enough about Ray yet but he would probably not be able to afford it with his job as a pub chef, and Michael, although forced to steal from Jean Slater Gillian Wright to pay for his wedding, is married to Janine, who is a millionaire.

All About Soap said that Ray is showing all the signs of having an affair, but has no scenes with Kat, which they said would be "crucial" if he was having an affair with her. They went on to say that if Ray reveals what he is up to, he could be the first suspect to be eliminated. They felt it could be a red herring, saying "We reckon all this seduction is supposed to make us turn a blind eye to Jack's antics—but [ Kat also tells Janine that Michael was having doubts on their wedding day, which they thought could be "Kat's sly way of telling her nemesis that Michael would rather be with another woman", and when Janine sees Michael taking cash from her safe, he could be using it to fund the flat.

However, again they felt it could be a red herring and Derek could be the one as he had been "conspicuous by his absence". Kat is seen tending to her lover's injuries, but viewers only saw his arm. Inisde Soap said the arm could eliminate at least one suspect, as it shows some skin and a dark top.

They compared it to what the suspects were wearing earlier in the episode and said it could belong to Michael or Derek, but "EastEnders might have a few tricks up their sleeves in order to put Jack and Max back in the mix. They said that Jack had become devoted to Sharon in that time and is bothered by the bond Sharon has with Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden , but the bold gestures made towards Kat, such has her lover buying back the ring she pawned, are Derek's style, and "he's made no secret of the fact that he fancies Kat rotten!

Put it in the window. I'll come knocking", Soaplife thought this was "creepy" and seemed to be something Derek would do. If we're made to love and care about her, yes. If she comes over as a conniving, sneaky cheat only interested in her own wants and desires, no. Would it be the tart with a heart that made Kat a soap icon? Or the alley Kat that we got last year Kat down the alley with delivery man Mark was not her finest moment.

Now with the reveal that she'll have a mystery that we can all spend weeks or months trying to guess [ Round and round she goes. Yes, it's a bit annoying when your other half is too busy to pay you much attention—but there should at least be an effort to sort out your issues before you decide cheating is the answer!

This despite Ben also using Tez as his own dealer! But his plan to ask Sam for an advance on his wages goes awry when Ben starts acting like the big boss. Just who has tipped them off? And, feeling a spark between them, Suki ends up inviting Eve home, where the two of them kiss.

A further twist then comes when, later in the week, Ash shows an interest in Eve, who friend-zones her. Ash then assumes that Suki must be putting Eve off, but when she leans in for a kiss, Eve gently turns her down.

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Halkari motif investing ceo Stacey tries to support Jean, but she runs away, although she is later found and persuaded back to Walford. However, White went on to say, "something tells us Kat would find it very difficult to live with herself if she was hot forex with a man whose baby is in a bad way. Stacey hears from Lauren that Max has tried killing Ian Beale and tries calming him down, letting him stay with her and Martin, however, they nearly kiss. Eventually, Max also falls for Stacey and agrees to leave his wife, Tanya Branning. However, an Express. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but is non-compliant with her medication and becomes eastenders kat affair betting lines, experiencing hallucinations.
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While on the flipside, current actors may leave the show for pastures new. Who Will Die Next? As morbid as it sounds, one of the most common EastEnders betting markets involves which character is going to die next. There have been over scripted deaths in the 35 years of the show and killing off a character is a frequent plot move when an actor wants to move on. Who Killed X? As we just mentioned, the death toll in Walford is one of the highest on any soap opera and sometimes it is by foul means.

Betting on who killed a particular character is a popular market. When Lucy Beale was murdered in , the betting market on who killed her ran for almost a year — before concluding in a live episode in February Love Affairs Albert Square has seen more than a few star-crossed lovers over the years, as well as its share of extra-marital affairs and illicit liaisons.

You can bet on the romances of your favourite EastEnders characters. Which characters will get together? Who will get married and who will get divorced? Any of the bonuses from our top five sites are available when you bet on EastEnders. Take a look below for a generous bonus from our top EastEnders bookie.

You can use any of our top online bookmaker bonuses to make your EastEnders wagers. By using a bonus, you get the best value on your bet and maximise your returns. EastEnders Betting Tips EastEnders gambling focuses on significant storylines in the show, so being a fan is a big advantage.

Future plot lines of the show are a closely guarded secret but knowing the characters and their motivations can give you a clue as to what might happen next. Take a look below to see our top EastEnders betting tips. Watch the latest episodes of the show Try to predict future storylines Check the press to try and get plot information in advance Shop around to get the best EastEnders odds If you know your EastEnders characters, then betting on the show could be a profitable pastime.

The show is set in the fictional London Borough of Walford and first aired on 19 February During the 80s and 90s, EastEnders regularly drew 20 million viewers to watch the latest goings on in Albert Square. Viewership peaked at over 30 million for the Christmas Day episode. Many actors have launched their careers after starring in EastEnders. Some have gone on to Hollywood and others have had musical and theatre success.

EastEnders remains a fixture of the BBC television schedules and continues to attract viewers from around the world. Long suffering Beale has been married six times and the suspect in multiple murders. First appearing in , Grant was a fixture in Albert Square for almost 10 years along with his brother Phil. After leaving the show, Ross Kemp carved out an unlikely career as an investigative journalist and documentary maker.

One of the original characters, Dirty Den was killed off by a gun hidden in a bunch of daffodils. In a shocking twist,in it was revealed that he was not dead at all but actually living in Spain!. After returning to the show, the character was bumped off a second time — this time in the Queen Vic. However, Kat's attempts to call off her affair prove futile as she cannot resist her new boyfriend. EastEnders chiefs have confirmed that this will be a long-running storyline, leaving viewers guessing over who the mystery man is for quite some time.

BBC Even the BBC show's cast and crew will be left in the dark over the storyline, as all scenes featuring Kat and her lover will be filmed with an extra to prevent leaks. EastEnders' executive producer Lorraine Newman commented: "The consequences are not only great for Kat and Alfie, but also for each individual suspect.

The audience will join the cast and crew guessing across the summer and autumn as we eliminate the suspects one at a time, leading to one almighty explosion.

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Eastenders: Kat's lover revealed!

In July , a storyline began in the British soap opera EastEnders in which the character Kat Moon, played by Jessie Wallace, embarks on an affair behind her husband Alfie Moon's . Nov 5,  · ok dokey..I too thought perhaps it is a woman as well..I would be shocked however as I cannot see Kat with a woman, especially since she has had a variety of men, and enjoys . EastEnders bosses have announced details of a major summer storyline which will see Kat Moon embark on an affair with a mystery lover. Viewers will see Kat return to Walford later this .