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Navi vs fnatic cs go betting lounge

This was the decisive round because Evil Geniuses did not have a bank to fall back on which meant that Liquid would hold a significant weapon advantage for the remaining rounds. It is the worst feeling for teams to lose their bank at the finish line like this.

Astralis vs. It could not really have been more crushing at this level of CSGO. For this reason, and this reason alone, we have seen the price on the Danes move from to from one match to the next. I have said again and again in these articles for the past two years that there is no team better than Astralis when they are on point. No other team has created the template for quality of teamplay on several maps as they have. Especially a back-to-back, embarrassing loss with a few days off to dwell on it.

While I would prefer this scenario to be on lan, perhaps that version of Astralis would do more damage! All four series were victories to break our frequent trend of teams trading maps and ending on a third. I have been on the wrong side of three or four straight head-to-heads between Navi and the Swedes.

It certainly does not feel any better the more times it happens. Hopefully, it corrects soon as I anticipate we will see a lot more of these two in OG dropped to Faze once more though I liked the veto that came out for them. This time the series was significantly closer as I hoped. It looked like OG had a way back into both maps as well, but Faze being more comfortable on those maps helped them to close it out after all. I cannot believe how dominant the Danes win over Mousesports was.

Remember these are two top-five teams facing off. They play one another once more tomorrow in the EU semi-final. Already that one has jumped significantly towards Astralis…almost too much? Those who know me might know where I am going with this.

Fallen and co have had a pocket-pick of Vertigo a couple of times recently and perhaps they thought it was not a map that Furia would have practiced since their two losses to Thieves and Swole Patrol. However not only did MIBR not win the favored half, they got crushed on it. It looked to me like the Panthers were ready for absolutely everything.

Still, it was not all bad for MIBR. You will recall I mentioned their prior meeting when Furia won the second pistol on this decider map and then blanked MIBR on the t-side. This time around the favorites again won the ct-pistol however it was far more contested second half of the game. MIBR ended up posting 7 t-rounds without the pistol which is never something to criticize.

And it is not only because their clown of a coach, Imapet, finally left the team after the group stage. We are getting to the point now where coaches have to serve a purpose. They are not there to just grab water for players or tell them to chill and communicate better. While I would not put a single EG loss at the feet of Imapet, his role in various iterations of the NRG and then EG rosters assumed map vetos and expectations were not what they could be.

That previous series was an absolute heater and if Elige drops another 90 kills over three maps it will be hard to see anyone defeat Liquid. This is a series that can undoubtedly go either way however we have a tasty number on an under-priced regional rival in a revenge spot! The indomitable Mousesports fell decisively against the Swedes of Fnatic. What was wrong with Mouse? Nothing, truly. Their t-side on Inferno was severely lacking but that was nothing out of the ordinary really on that map.

Fnatic picked well going there. The one surprise to me in that series was how smooth the Swedes t-side on map two, Nuke, was. They closed it out with a second pistol and only lost one gun round on one of the most challenging sides in the game and one of the best ct sides on that map.

The second series was the marquee match of the day between Natus Vincere and Faze Clan. The European superteam opened up with an incredibly dominant half on Mirage. Frankly I was surprised at that opening scoreline. While Mirage has been a good map for Faze for years now, it has been for Navi as well so I thought an excellent t-half would look like an Navi mounted the comeback in the second half, but at down it only takes one poor call or bad timing for the team marching back to then lose the game.

When we moved over to Train it was looking all up for Faze again. Navi won the opening pistol only to be broken on the next round and find themselves down at half. The Russian-Ukrainian mix did attempt to work the map pretty well, however, they looked far too much like the old Navi, under Zeus. Their greatest enemy in many rounds was the clock. On some maps, like Overpass or Nuke if you have map control you can get away with leaving your executions very late.

So I was not impressed with the Natus Vincere t-side, not just because of their round score but also the way they were losing them. However when we switched sides it was very clear which team had the worse Train. The Navi bank built up so quickly that they had all the weapons and utility they needed for the entire half.

Faze looked completely stale with nothing more than simple executes with 40 seconds on the clock. I believe Faze had the opening kill in only two rounds in the entire half creating an even bigger disadvantage before even trying to get the bomb down. The broadcast flashed a statistic on stream that Faze held the worst t-side round win percentage of top ten teams on that map so far this year, 40 something, while Navi held the best ct-side round win percentage of top ten teams at about 60 something.

The point to take away was that while the exact scoreline of how poor Faze would perform on their t-side was up for debate, they would undoubtedly struggle. Like the Inferno pick by Fnatic, Navi picking Train here worked out even though their own weak t-side almost cost them. Another thing to note is that while Navi won five of six pistols in the series, they were broken in two of those so the economic advantage into the six halves was split evenly.

In the final series of the day OG did indeed go to Dust2 as I thought they should. While it got a little questionable for a brief period in the opening half and beginning of the second half, Astralis closed it convincingly overall. On Overpass the Danes really had free reign of the map. There were a number of incredibly close rounds that OG probably would have picked up against worse teams but instead ended up on the wrong end of a half.

While the Mix did hit double digits, Astralis was playing incredibly loose on their ct side entirely as a result of their convincing lead. And that completed the perfect day! Today we have the final day of the second phase of European Pro League with all six teams playing at the same time, eastern. We were on Furia in the prior meeting of these two teams and every single map was lopsided with the panthers closing it out dominantly on Mirage, and MIBR not picking up a single t-round in that half.

While I do believe in looking to the other side in re-matches where there is a known history and rivalry, the price still needs to dictate it. The ESL round-robin continues! Oh, gee… As I was watching that first half of Mirage I was reflecting on just how well it was going for Fnatic. The Euro-mix proceeded to win five of the final seven rounds and close the half with a respectable ct side despite the mental demolition of being knifed several times!

However that all changed when they switched sides. The OG terrorist rounds were incredibly dominant. Part of the problem was that Fnatic was playing quite passive, but the other issue was when they did grab an early advantage they squandered it. So it did not take long for a to disappear when you account for not holding a bank. Dust2 OG was excellent and the far better team on both sides of the server.

In the Mousesports versus Natus Vincere series it was all Mouse. They opened with a very strong t-half on Nuke and equally dominant ct-side of Dust2. It was about as lopsided as an outcome as you could see from two teams relatively equally matched. In the final series, Astralis came through with the They certainly had chances to close it out in regulation and even a 2v1 on t-side of the first overtime, but in the end we could not get the cover.

Overpass was an entirely different story as the Danes pulled out a t-half and closed it out shortly after. Navi and Faze had some tight series in Katowice. Niko assured his team that losing twice close to the eventual tournament champions was the silver lining.

However they also lost both, have not improved statistically beyond one map that we have seen and are only 2 pts shy of the tournament number? OG should be picking Dust2 here which would give them their highest likelihood to take a map against the Danes. The only other map OG should really be looking for is Inferno, but that is a much stronger map for Astralis. On their side, they should be going to Nuke or Overpass.

Phase2 is another round-robin of the best performing teams in Phase1. The team which places first will receive a bye to the grand final, while the 2nd and 3rd will play each other once more in the semi-final. Yesterday we had some good returns from Pro League in two of the three series. Fnatic pulled out a over the Danes in the opening series. Interestingly it was just the second time the Swedes had picked Dust2 in a best-of-three since playing Nip on it back in October. This is actually quite remarkable.

Fnatic has played Dust sixteen times with this exact roster, winning it ten times. Six of those wins have come in where they are with a sole loss to Natus Vincere — likely the best Dust2 team in the world. When we talk about strong map pools this is a perfect example.

Astralis can certainly play the map as well, but I imagine they would have prepared more for an Overpass pick than Dust2 given that the Swedes had shown a fondness of that map far more during Pro League. If I had bet Astralis yesterday I would have been happy with the last two maps for them as well. They need to keep going back to Nuke as often as they can even if they have had a few ugly scores against quality opposition this year. That is just going to be difficult to do.

It seems Faze have called Nuke their home map during Pro League. So it will be interesting to see whether they would be confident enough picking it into Astralis today, knowing they will face the Danes ct-side to start. If you missed their performance against Mouse on Nuke yesterday, the scoreline was not indicative of the play. A few cheesy rounds to tilt Faze into oblivion certainly impacted the result of that first map. Both teams could be feeling a lack of confidence with their map pool and a to either side would not be that surprising given what we have seen in the second phase.

Their t-sides are still worse than 8 clubs already eliminated. Will take the Swedes with the deeper map pool, stronger t-sides, and superior teamplay. The veto for Navi against Mouse will see Vertigo and Overpass axed right off the bat. Two teams with deep map pools, great teamplay, and an incredible amount of talent. Natus Vincere has come a long way since that defeat to Mouse.

The common theme through Phase2 so far seems to be overvaluation of OG and Faze. They both possess enough talent and experience to get map victories against top 5 teams in the world however they are both inconsistent in doing so and go missing for entire halves of maps. Seems about the same right?

I commented on Twitter how fortunate Niko and…co, ahem, were to get that t-half on Mirage. Well fortunately they were not able to coast their way by on the final two maps. Just want to make that clear based on some of the questions this week. The top two teams in the world faced off again yesterday, and for a third time this year the CIS roster walked away with the W.

Might this be the last time we see Astralis priced as a favorite against them? It certainly might be, at least until they can return the favor to Simple and co. In the veto there was one very shocking decision, Astralis vetoed Nuke. Astralis is the only roster to have beaten this 5-man Navi core on Train, while on Nuke they have been toppled by North, Big, Faze, and Mousesports. So I do think it may have been somewhat of a misplay on their part, though Navi could have won on Overpass or Nuke as well of course.

The thing is at no point during Train did I see why the Danes wanted to play it over Nuke or Overpass. Could have been something they anti-stratted though that T-side from Navi was very on point…also helped that they won two two-man disadvantages to break the Astralis bank further.

OG continued to get under my skin yesterday! A cheeky backdoor cover when they were well and truly out of it got them a loss on Nuke. Slightly better economic starts, Mouse got all four, and they could have covered both maps or possibly won straight up! Fnatic was an upset that should never have been priced as an upset.

Their numbers at Pro League, their map pool, and their form all combined to make it the most value on the day — glad it came through! So while the series was incredibly contested in score through the first two and a half maps, the better team statistically did win that series. Could certainly see another three maper, but I am going to stick with the moneyline. Phase2 is another round robin of the best performing teams in Phase1. Phase 2 of Pro League starts today!

Alright so the elephant in the room — Vitality. Their name could not have been more ironic in the final half of Dust2. It was pretty evident based on their t-sides that they had not put work into their map pool during their week off while Groups C and D competed.

I did not mind the veto though I expected OG to pick Dust or Mirage and Inferno to be the decider rather than the other way around. Against OG their flashes were actually slightly better than the Phase1 group stage, but their grenade damage was especially poor at just 6. However their flashes were going to continue to be necessary for the later stages of the game. However at on the final map, with the economic advantage well under your control and 10 seconds into the round, why do you then choose not to do what you have been good at.

Shox walks out long doors and looks left at the wall towards short for absolutely no reason when Zywoo has been holding the angle the whole time and there is no possible way for anyone to be behind the door. So they lose the one kill there. Seeing as only three players on OG had kevlar for this round, there was still plenty of time on the clock, Vitality had full health on three players and Zywoo still had his awp, they had full nades; 6 flashes, 4 molotovs and 4 smokes, this round was more than salvageable.

Instead both Apex and Misutaa walk…and I mean walk into a 3-man stack on short. Watch good Dust2 teams and how often they flash and molly that position next to the stairs on short. This is what we call sloppy cs. Next round, Vitality get long control and a 4v3 with left on the clock. They know one of the three OG players is low due to the fight with Shox in mid.

All they have to do is their basic execute; smoke the ct cross, molotov short from long and get into post plants. What do they do instead? What happens again? Apex, Misutaa and RPK slowly walk into the crosshairs of Isaa positioned at the back of the site where he is safe to just pick em off.

RPK had a smoke he could have tossed to prevent the snipers line of sight, and Apex had a molotov that he could have thrown from the safety of being behind that smoke to get Isaa out of that position and likely would have killed him with his low HP from the fight earlier with Shox. But Adam if they used their nades then OG would have known they were coming! Yes of course, but worst case scenario you have to take a fight with two players who are blind, smoked or mollied and you have three.

So the lack of nade usage combined with the poor mid-round calling in critical rounds sunk the Vitality bet on Dust2. It was because they were better in critical rounds on both Nuke and Dust, and NBK was one part of that machine. We have 5 great Pro League matches today! Friday was a wild day, well at least in North America. Of course, there are some other criteria but if you are live betting, you cannot ignore any of those three.

If you are watching a tennis tiebreak and see a player down, compared to , the odds are extremely varied despite the gap being the same. Evil Geniuses was down on the counter-terrorist side of a slightly terrorist-leaning map, Dust2.

No map is perfectly balanced, nor should that be the goal. The other miracle comeback was from Furia against Thieves. The Aussies lost the opening pistol to go down , before stringing 10 of the final 13 rounds and close out the opening half It was looking very promising for T as they won a 2v4 in the second half pistol to go up , but that is when everything changed. This is what makes the comeback so incredible, it is the favored team on the favored side with a significant lead and 4 rounds from at least forcing overtime.

That means that somehow, someway these scrappy Brazilians see the next phase! Today the play-ins are scheduled in Europe. The second and third place finishers in Groups A, B, and C will face to decide who will go through to playoffs or be eliminated.

Nip [ Sportsbook Review ] 2u Vitality moneyline vs. OG [ Sportsbook Review ] 2u Vitality OG [Sportsbook Review] Vitality Having said that, their map pool beyond this should really struggle. Fnatic can take the veto to Mirage or Inferno and feel reasonably good about either.

Same issue with OG. I do hope Vitality have been watching how simplistic the t-sides of OG really are. Though if they play like their compatriots, G2, of course, OG can win once more. We have an entire slate of 6 Pro League matches to work today! In the European region, we have two possible outcomes. G2 and Mousesports are guaranteed through to the next round but will be playing for seeding.

Both still have the chance to come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Where they place will be determined by the other hot match in the group, Faze against OG. OG currently resides in 1st, however, a loss to the OG of European-mixed rosters would put them in fourth place, with Faze 3rd and the winner of Mouse vs G2 in 1st.

Virtus Pro and Tyloo are left to just play for pride! In the North American group, four teams instead of three are progressing to the playoffs. However, almost nothing has been decided so far. Evil Geniuses are guaranteed through, though whether they start in the upper-brack or lower-bracket still might be in the air. If Swole, Liquid, and Furia or Thieves win then they will make it to the playoffs. Anyway, a lot is still up for grabs today! OG Virtus Pro did nothing exceptional against OG except to not make the same mistakes on anti-ecos and also won half the pistols.

They really exposed them on their t-side of all three maps. That is why OG is sitting at , while Faze is That is what the results seem to demonstrate given how dominant the OG wins over G2 and Mousesports were. G2 vs. Mousesports G2 should be the favorites, albeit slightly, against Mousesports today.

They beat them in the last match, on lan at Katowice handily, and their numbers at Pro League are marginally better. Even though Mouse have an impressive record on it, they have only played it in an official once this month. I will almost always favor a team that has many close loses with a large range over one that has an impressive win rate though a small and old sample. Inferno, Vertigo, and Nuke are three others that I give a marginal edge to G2, though Mouse have victories over quality teams on all of them.

While I was considering a play on the Tyloo side, they are overpriced. Full card of CSGO today! Overall they played well, especially in comparison to the price we got them at. They even worked their way to a quick start on the terrorist-side of that final map which is not easy to do, even when you get the pistol conversion.

The difference was likely the number of clutch rounds that went to the North Americans. I already posted my wagers for the first match of the day, so will only cover the two NA matches we have later this afternoon. Swole Patrol We know Swole Patrol is the odd-man out in this group. They have not attained any of the achievements every single other team has, even Furia. And they have played a ton of officials over the past year, and likely even some scrims.

The Brazilians have had the better of the exchanges, however it has not been as crushing as you might think. Now that was still when AbleJ was with the team instead of the talented awper Hen1. However this was Eunited playing with Moose instead of Freakazoid as well. Now the numbers for the NA squad are not superior to that of Furia, nor would you expect them to be. They have also had two days off to prepare for the Brazilians.

MIBR vs. The panel discussed it yesterday- they are getting through on their star players alone. I would agree with that for most of their maps thus far at this tournament, however, their t-side on Nuke was a bit better against Furia when they actually played with a focus on coordination. Stanislaw, their IGL, said in the interview he has been really disappointed in their slow starts thus far in the first half of most maps. One point of quality is their counter-terrorist sides. That is really the only category they standout, however pound for pound the firepower on their team can hold down any site with the best of them.

Train, Mirage, Inferno are in the wheelhouse of both teams. Highly doubt we see Dust, though we could see a pick of Vertigo from the Brazilians as well. Would I prefer a 4. So you could also consider waiting to see if EG or Furia win a pistol and convert as well. Relatively break-even day of Pro League yesterday.

Received a number of messages with people frustrated about the Virtus Pro performance. For those unaware, VP was up on their map pick of Vertigo, a t-sided map. The post-plants for the terrorists can easily spot a flank long before it arrives, and there are just a lot of places to spam a smoke defuse. It is also very difficult for any awper, but especially a team like VP which relies so heavily on Jame, to have impact if the terrorists are utilizing their ample utility.

He would really have to get early kills at the beginning of rounds, which they did though squandered with impatience. All this said, what was especially annoying for some, was the fashion some rounds went down. I believe Virtus Pro had three rounds where they had a two or three man-advantage but lost the round pre-plant. That is no exaggeration. It was a 5v3 for Virtus Pro at , at it was a 3v1 for Mousesports.

Phenomenal play, from a star player. The t-sides for the Kazakhstani club were not terrible, though they seem to have an awfully bad habit of losing to pistols. What I do want to remind people is that problem gambling is still going to find you in esports. Please do not message me telling me how unlucky or tilted you are. Some of those will undoubtedly be evenly matched teams as well. So…bad beat? Especially given the advantages that Virtus Pro had in a few rounds.

However as soon as Woxic won that second pistol, the game is back on. While it certainly was not a coin flip in probability, as the sample size is too small to know, we were going the distance. If tailing my wagers I expect you to practice the same, or similar, risk. I am not trying to predict the winner, and I am not trying to win every bet.

Do not put more down on the last match of the day because you feel cheated on the others and want to win it back. And if you do, tell your wife or mother instead of me! I imagine it extends beyond esports, but it is apt in this context. Their price for performance is actually worse than what we saw from Navi in Group B a couple of weeks ago. I have mentioned in each article featuring Tyloo that they are the worst team here at Pro League by a long shot, however, my approach remains the same.

This does not mean Mousesports will not play a clean match eventually and crush the Chinese. Nobody is questioning the underdogs in Dota at the moment because they are hitting at ridiculous clip. However that is only the short term as well. OG were OP in their last series against Mousesports, can they repeat today?

Some excellent matches scheduled today. One overvalued favorite and one undervalued one. There is not a lot separating any of these four teams and either can win if enough pistols and clutches go in their favor. Going to spend a bit more on the Thieves vs Made in Brazil match. It is one of the trickier prices I have seen so far. I recall Jordan Gilbert said in an interview in that if a team fails to get rounds or so they were never really on a map. When the score eventually ends at try not to let your numbers be skewed by an outlier.

So basing too much upon it could lead to problems. What we do credit OG with was strong ct-sides on all three maps — the degree is up to you. One thing G2 is struggling with at the moment is Dust2. Not struggling because they are losing.

Beyond Tyloo, the opposition is respectable and also formidable on Dust. They are losing because their t-side, on this T-leaning map, is not putting up nearly enough rounds. Though it is a talented group of opponents, that is not acceptable if it is YOUR map pick. Losing four straight games of Dust, with 6 rounds max on T-side, means that you are overestimating your edge on it while likely also not having anything fresh to throw. I would rather see a more technical map and put the OG t-side to the test, which I still believe they lag behind some of the teams in this group, however, G2 will not go on losing Dust indefinitely against OG calibre teams.

OG is the ultimate steal a map team. They can punish G2 for being careless and sloppy the same way they did to Mouse. Mousesports vs. Virtus Pro Both of these teams are fresh off embarrassing losses, though in a different regard.

As mentioned above, Mouse got smacked around on the final two maps of their series as heavy favorites and knowing they were heavy favorites. Virtus Pro on the other hand came oh so close to picking up a map against Faze or possibly the series. Even with Mousesports latest performance, the drop makes sense. Virtus Pro has won just one match in , against Heroic that roster that just got the boot from FunPlus Phoenix. Further they have not won as a dog, in this price range, since beating Vitality in the quarterfinals of the Starladder Major in September.

Part of this has to do with their incredible run at that tournament leading to months of overpricing, and now we are seeing the opposite result. This is the tipping point for price on Virtus Pro. First look at Virtus Pro today! Mousesports suffered their worst defeat on Inferno and matched their worst defeat on Train since they formed this roster.

Was that the reason we took them? A record like this accounts for very little other than, they were better than their opponents on those maps the majority of times. That said OG were deserving of that victory based on the strength of their ct-sides on all three maps. Sometimes even just 1 player getting impatient and the whole round is shot at that point. But they felt out different plays and gave themselves outs and then pushed and capitalized.

But that was damn near perfect. Nobody had to be the hero. Now contrast this with Mousesports performance on the same map yesterday. Does OG have a better ct side than Liquid? Do Mousesports lack the firepower or tactics needed to find more than one T round? What is needed from these teams in order to have good Terrorist-sides is to focus on these online matches. Liquid did not play bad either on t or ct side of all three maps. The Faze match was about as frustrating to see breakdown as the day before… maybe more so.

Another brilliant t-side on the most ct-sided map working out to , win the second pistol and convert it for , then lose 10 of the final 13 rounds and drop your opening map. I recall over a year ago whether the black panther side would ever usurp the godfather of South American CS, and it has not taken long. However their teamplay has been severely lacking and their results have taken a nosedive considering how much talent they are loaded with.

Get a break from Tyloo getting stomped today! G2 did well did to come back into it winning 10 rounds in a row, to , but dropped five in a row and lost the map entirely. On the other two maps Tyloo was back to the poor performances as we can now somewhat expect in two out of three maps of a series.

The next series was the match of the day, at least for those who appreciate quality cs. Faze opened up with an absolute dominant Nuke performance running over Mouse on the t-side of that map to despite losing the opening pistol.

Mouse had everything they needed to have a respectable ct-side but were not ready for the variety of strats and headshots Faze brought to the map. Train was a very tight one with the Mousesports edging it out Definitely one that could have gone either way. Finally on Dust, a map which most would agree should lean ever so slightly to the t-side if they know what they are doing , the counter-terrorist side dominated both halves. Both terrorist sides were weak, however Mouse had superior teamplay and variety which got them enough rounds to make the comeback in the second half.

I was happy with the Faze play even though they faltered on the last portion of the last map. The final series was the most ridiculous, and I am sure that anyone who watched it would agree. There was one very subtle difference in the opening map of Vertigo from when they played it against Swole. Liquid chose to start on the counter-terrorist side this time.

Why would they choose to start on the disadvantaged side? They will then know exactly how many rounds they need to comeback and win. It might seem like a small distinction, or only a mental aspect, since teams ought to try and win as many rounds as they can regardless of the side. This was a practice popularized on Cache, another t-sided map, many years ago. Pretty damn good start, the expectation is they will then win at least half the remaining rounds so at least finish This is an important distinction as not every team will then be recognized as holding the same value.

The reason for this is CS, like tennis, has a fixed set of outcomes in regulation. In the NBA, for example, a team can win by one point or really any other score beyond…within the constraints of what is physically possible for a human to do in a set amount of time. In tennis there are only 6 possible outcomes for a player to win, and CS that number is Beyond what I was hinting at, the other various obvious issue is adjusting for current form of both and form of opponents and for respective map pool.

Can Tyloo cover for the first time today? What an incredible performance from Swole Patrol yesterday. We got to see Swole on a couple of more maps which will be important in their pricing going forward! Today we have two matches from the European region and one from North America. It will be the first time we are seeing G2 and Mousesports at Pro League, followed by the third match for Thieves and Liquid.

Similarly to their match against Faze, the Chinese club had opportunities on both maps to at least cover the map spread. Without getting all the pistols, G2 might have even dropped a map! So even if it goes there I have no problem with this number. It really should take both pistols and a few economic resets to Tyloo to win any half on any map that comes up against G2. Faze This price makes complete sense given where these teams are at coming in.

Most of the bitterness of Karrigan and ChrisJ being kicked from Niko-teams has subsided surely, but his drive combined with impatience for his teammates certainly has not been forgotten! Mousesports have absolutely owned Faze with their current roster, however they have played against them only in one best-of-three since Broky joined. The current form for Faze coming in is nothing to be embarrassed about losing just twice at Katowice to the tournament winners Navi.

Those series were incredibly tight for the most part and I expect Faze to give Mouse the best contest they have over the past year based on their numbers coming in. Their map pools should overlap relatively well too with neither going into Overpass or Vertigo, though both have likely put work into those two. Team Liquid vs. On Overpass, they had the opening kill 16 times.

If the best in the world have all of the things run against you in one map of course they could drop it! The day prior they dominated the clutches against the Brazilians also resulting in lopsided scorelines. We finally did see a string of rounds come in For Liquid but Swole did an excellent job getting the bomb down and was just a matter of time until one of the attacks would go their way. So I get it, Liquid can lose to T who have already beat Swole this week.

However, from a franchise as important and emblematic in the world of esports as Fnatic, a good result can be expected in any tournament in which they participate. They were eliminated by NiP, with a result of Why Bet on NaVi On the other hand, we have what today is the best team in the world and, within its ranks, it has the most decisive player that has been seen in many years in the world of CS:GO: S1mple. It is nothing more than Natus Vincere or NaVi. NaVi has had the spectacular year , since they have managed to get 5 first places and 1-second place, out of 9 big tournaments in which they have participated.

They defeated G2 Esports in the final with a result of , where they were loaded by S1mple and NiKo on the 3 maps played. Final Betting Analysis: Fnatic vs. NaVi Although it is a duel between two iconic franchises within the world of electronic sports, it is obvious that currently there is an abysmal difference between them.

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You can check the ESL Pro League 14 — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bets, the analysis of each squad, the final bet, and its analysis of each match of the tournament. Their results in recent years have not been as expected. However, from a franchise as important and emblematic in the world of esports as Fnatic, a good result can be expected in any tournament in which they participate.

They were eliminated by NiP, with a result of Why Bet on NaVi On the other hand, we have what today is the best team in the world and, within its ranks, it has the most decisive player that has been seen in many years in the world of CS:GO: S1mple. It is nothing more than Natus Vincere or NaVi. NaVi has had the spectacular year , since they have managed to get 5 first places and 1-second place, out of 9 big tournaments in which they have participated.

They defeated G2 Esports in the final with a result of , where they were loaded by S1mple and NiKo on the 3 maps played. Quarterfinal 1: Tempo Storm vs. NaVi 1 : 2. If the problem persists please contact us at. So much LG hype, that means bet Fnatic every time boys, Reddit hype is no bueno. CS:GO - Fnatic vs. ESL Counter-Strike. OpTic Gaming vs. Fnatic vs Gambit is a rematch of the major playoffs just a few weeks ago, but a lot has changed for Fnatic.

Natus Vincere vs. Cs go navi vs virtus pro cs go. The best site for betting CS go. It has best options to download all free mp3 songs into your device. Service where CS:GO players can try their luck and get awesome skins! Just deposit your skins to the raffle, become a winner and sweep the board! Get the full overview of professional CS:GO matches, and visit our match pages for statistics.

Live Streams CS:GO Events. Campanulla Bets. Match history between NaVi and fnatic Full match history. CS:GO - Astralis vs. Here are some games for today.

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So, if we have a group stage match between two teams like these, we know that we will have incredible excitement for sure. You can check the ESL Pro League 14 — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bets, the analysis of each squad, the final bet, and its analysis of each match of the tournament. Their results in recent years have not been as expected. However, from a franchise as important and emblematic in the world of esports as Fnatic, a good result can be expected in any tournament in which they participate.

They were eliminated by NiP, with a result of Why Bet on NaVi On the other hand, we have what today is the best team in the world and, within its ranks, it has the most decisive player that has been seen in many years in the world of CS:GO: S1mple. It is nothing more than Natus Vincere or NaVi. NaVi has had the spectacular year , since they have managed to get 5 first places and 1-second place, out of 9 big tournaments in which they have participated.

Fnatic vs Gambit is a rematch of the major playoffs just a few weeks ago, but a lot has changed for Fnatic. Natus Vincere vs. Cs go navi vs virtus pro cs go. The best site for betting CS go. It has best options to download all free mp3 songs into your device. Service where CS:GO players can try their luck and get awesome skins!

Just deposit your skins to the raffle, become a winner and sweep the board! Get the full overview of professional CS:GO matches, and visit our match pages for statistics. Live Streams CS:GO Events. Campanulla Bets. Match history between NaVi and fnatic Full match history. CS:GO - Astralis vs. Here are some games for today. LG vs. NiP FaZe vs.

SPY Fnatic vs. Liquid nV vs. Gambit Astralis vs. CLG VP vs. Get the best eSports odds, on the latest eSports markets.

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Na'Vi vs Fnatic CS:GO Lounge Bet Prediction 16.11.2015

CS:GO betting with PayPal CS:GO bitcoin betting CS:GO betting with real money CS:GO skin betting. Betting tools. CS:GO betting odds CS:GO betting on Reddit. Type of bet. There Missing: navi. Today I betted on the Fnatic vs. Na'Vi game but the items that i bet and the returns didn't show up. I can get any other screenshots necessary but Press J to jump to the feed. 9/1/ · The first thing in the prediction for NaVi vs fnatic we will take into account the history of head to head. Collectives have played with each other 21 games, of which NaVi won 14, Missing: betting lounge.