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Final fantasy 7 chocobo racing betting calculator

Depending on what floor the elevator comes to a temporary halt at, you will either have to fight an unescapable battle or see a Shinra employee, which, of course, is the preferable option. The best outcome is having to fight only one random battle and running into the Shinra employee 3 times, which will happen just about never outside of a TAS. I did this segment probably around times to end up with the outcome you can find in the video. In case you get a nice elevator sequence, you still need to manage to get through around 9 minutes of pointless conversations, quiz time and running around.

I decided to be utterly risk-averse on floor 60 as a very promising earlier attempt ended just there On floor 62, a keyword needs to be "guessed" on the first try to get an Elemental materia. As you probably already know, all you have to do is read that one bookshelf and note what it says: 2 Economic Still, they hardly amount to 10 seconds and considering how lucky I got with the elevator, I could not care less about them.

Also, floor 65 has a trick, which a certain Speedrun Guide by a certain someone does not mention but ff7. Segment The three Sample:Hopt enemies in the boss battle were the cause of some headaches. Basically, they may not attack even once or quite a lot.

In addition thereto, Sample:H will use the poison inflicting Shady Breath at the beginning of the battle but, if not all characters end up posioned, he may use it again. Obviously, seeing the Sample:Hopts attack frequently and Sample:H use Shady Breath more than once equals a time loss. As this is a speedrun just in case you forgot , a time loss equals a No-Go and thus, this battle equals a lot of resets.

Aside from that, once again decent running was crucial to eliminate one random battle in the following segment though , which made this segment even more troublesome as I knew only after saving and doing the first 10 minutes of the following segment whether I was done with this segment. Segment 4 mandatory battles in just one segment, that's rather bad. Therefore, I most certainly didn't want to try risky experimental strategies here but don't be afraid, you will see them soon enough.

Still, several things had to go right. To begin with, Hundred Gunner or Heli Gunner or Motor Ball and clearly Rufus must not kill any character since reviving wastes time and items and items are money , not to mention that I only had one Phoenix Down, and not reviving wastes turns and hence time and EXP.

Moreover, Heli Gunner should not afflict anyone with Sleep his AB Cannon has a chance of doing that , and neither should Dark Nation afflict me with its existence. Finally, in the Motor Ball fight, Cloud's Bolt must deal enough damage so that, when all Grenades are used up, Barret or even worse Tifa don't have to employ their overly powerful Limit Breaks. Segment Admittedly, this is one of the least exciting segments.

At the same time, this segment is a rather aggravating one as it is both very long and requires quite some luck just at the very end of it. Basically, only a few things have to be accomplished here: -The Dragon battle must be as short as possible. It goes without saying that, in case the Dragon kills Cloud, Sephiroth must not use Life 2.

Interestingly, Sephiroth's physical attack is critical all the time. Besides, due to his AI, not only is he immune to both magical and physical damage, but also does Sephiroth not even use up MP for his spells. Nibel caves, running must be optimal so that no random encounters are triggered. Sephiroth is just too fond of attacking his opponents with those advanced magic spells that so incredibly powerfully waste my time.

I had to do this whole horrible flashback nine times because of this Segment This is fun. Well, it is if one makes it past the marshes without running into the Midgar Zolom aka the Midgar Zolom skip. It took quite a while to succeed around resets per reaching the other side unharmed , however, as the segment is extremely short and running into the Midgar Zolom entails a fast Soft Reset, doing this was rather enjoyable.

Once on the other side, another skip should be performed, the Midgar Zolom Cutscene skip, which, when executed perfectly, that is opening the menu just once, saves about seconds. The Midgar Zolom Cutscene skip is really not that hard and surprisingly consistent after a few minutes of practice. I made sure to run at the border of the mountain and always opened the menu when I reached a certain dark green line of the mountain texture.

Finally, after exiting the Mythril Mines, one still needs to run for quite a while in order to be able to reach Junon in the next segment without getting a random encounter. I was quite venturous in that aspect; I probably could have stopped running one second earlier, which would have spared me dozens of resets, but this would not have felt right without the appropriate amount of resets Of course, that is wholly unacceptable. Furthermore, one should defnitely be able to throw a Grenade at Bottomswell before he gets his first turn.

You can see that I was very close to that, which was the cause of quite an un healthy amount of resets Actually, I could have also used Limit Breaks in particular Tifa's, which deals less damage than a Grenade to make Moonstrike less likely, however, Limit Breaks cost around 5 seconds and I did not feel like losing time there since this battle is just at the beginning of this segment. The death of Bottomswell is followed by the most exciting, adrenaline rush inciting minigame in the history of video games.

I probably would not save at upper Junon anymore today, but when I made this segment I was not aware of how easy the marching could be. Segment This is a rather simple and easy segment but I still found ways to screw it up at the end The hardest part was defintiely running into that back alley before the marching without getting stuck on that red-clad soldier. In case you loathe the marching as I used to , all you need to know is that mashing the [OK] button increases your score very rapidly.

Had I been able to position myself correctly onto the Save Point at the end, I probably wouldn't have lost 3 seconds. I slightly regret not having redone this segment but I felt okay with it back then. Segment I love this segment just as much as I hated making it.

In case anyone cares, this took me more resets than the elevator in the Shinra HQ. Usually, if one is quite lucky, the Jenova-BIRTH battle takes around min, however, I remembered how this battle worked out in a TAS and wondered if the same strategy could be applied in a segmented speedrun. Here is what you need to know about Preemptive Attacks: A random battle occurs as a Preemptive Attack if and only if the following prerequisites are met: That battle has a Preemptive Attack flag only some random battles and even fewer boss battles have these , the battle is initiated after a certain amount of steps in a field with random encounters have been completed.

Therefore, in order to get a Preeemptive Attack on Jenova-BIRTH, one needs to make sure that the fight occurs after a certain amount of steps, which is not as difficult as it may seem. In order to accomplish the former, I never freestyled, i. I never changed directions while moving but only after coming to a halt. Pay attention to the part from to to see what I am trying to say. To accomplish the latter, I simply tested several routes, and the one you see in the video is the first I found.

Apart from that, the Cargo Ship is running hell: The ladder that leads to Tifa is just ridiculously brutal. Segment Nothing all too cruel or unusual. Just steal 2 Right Arms in 2 attempts Before that, I also skip a random battle by opening the menu at the same frame the battle would have occurred. I do that because it is very easy to execute this glitch here.

As I simply hold down [Up] and [Cancel] for passing through the first screen, I can focus completely on watching for the right spot to open the menu at, and then mash [Menu] at Besides, I figured I could already practice this glitch since I intended to make use of it in a future segment Segment There is nothing one can do here to improve the chances of stealing Right Arms, however, one can still do quite some things here.

First of all, I did not grab the Turbo Ether yet because whenever I did, I ended up getting an additional encounter. As I have already mentioned a few segments ago, random encounters on field maps are not random at all neither "when" nor "which". Therefore, I simply tested which random encounters I could get in the two screens I get random encounters in in this segment, and found that the sequence after 5 random battles after a Hard Reset yields the most agreeable outcome.

That's basically all. Oh yeah, and hundreds of resets Segment This segment is more annoying than it might seem. First of all, there are basically two ways to reach Dyne. One can follow the path to the uppermost screen and then turn right, walk through the gate and arrive at the screen prior to Dyne's. One can, however, also run left at said uppermost screen. Doing so will lead into a desert screen, where the next screen one will arrive at is randomly choosen.

It is either the same desert screen or another desert screen with a huge chasm, which leads to Dyne as well. I don't even know the odds of getting to that other desert screen on the first try but it took me about 15 resets per success. The reason why one should even bother to choose that route to Dyne instead of the ordinary one is the fact that that desert path seems to be completely void of random encounters, whereas taking the usual way to Dyne almost certainly includes a random battle.

The Chocobo racing is quite annoying as well as it seems that the other chocobos' stats are subject to random variation. So, while winning the race itself is no problem at all, waiting for the 2nd Chocobo can sometimes take quite a while. Finally, the distance between the Gold Saucer and Cosmo Canyon is so high that getting from the Gold Saucer to Cosmo Canyon without a random encounter and only saving once requires one to drive very far and thus reset a lot of times Segment I had a terrible time getting to Cosmo Canyon without a random encounter.

In fact, I had to do this ludicrously uneventful segment almost times as I got stock on Cosmo Canyon's adorably shabby decoration the first two times I did not get a random battle. Even though I could have been faster here, the seconds I could have saved had my running been better just could not convince to do this segment again.

Segment This segment took me more than 4 times as many tries as I probably would have needed to do had I not been so cheap and deemed a certain recovery item dispensable Here is what you need to know about Gi Nattak: Gi Nattak absorbs the Restorative Element, which is used for almost all means of in-battle recovery.

Therefore, restorative items and magic damage Gi Nattak. Still, the way I beat Gi Nattak hardly stands out in this segment. The fact that I beat him twice and skip a lot of battles should. In case you are unfamiliar with the non-TAS Stinger skip, the random battle skip and the Repeating Boss Glitch, here is what you need to know: 1 The Stinger battles can be skipped by triggering a random battle on the same frame one enters the loading zone for the Stinger battle by touching a certain part of the spiderweb.

Obviously, triggering a random battle on a certain frame seems extremely hard outside of a TAS, however, it is not. Once again, this skip seems rather difficult to execute but it is very easy in some cases. Also, I used that skip in Segment 18 already.

All o this may appear to be relevenat only to a TAS. It is not. As I have said several times before, random battles in FF7 are in no way random if they occur on a field map i. When a random battle will occur can be predicted most precisely. Basically, a random battle is initiated if a so called danger value surpasses a certain threshould value when a so called battle check is performed which happens around 4 times per second.

If the danger value is so high that a random battle is nigh, saving and soft resetting will reset it. After saving and soft resetting regardless of whether the danger value is reset or not , the danger value will always be the same when reloading the same save file. As a result, one can run around in a field, note when a random battle occurs, reset and consequently predict that random battle.

Still, the problem is that, while this procedure enables one to foretell more or less accurately when a random battle will take place, one needs to know the exact frame the battle starts on in order to be able to skip it. To cope with that problem, BrutalAl came up with an approach he calls "never to freestyle", by which he means not to change directions while moving but only after having come to a halt. If one employs this technique, not only will one know when a random battle will occur, but also will one SEE this, as random battles will, if one never freestyles, occur always at the same spot.

Granted, a lot of practice is required to be able to consistently press menu at any given frame, but hey, this is a speedrun, not a tea party. Doing so and fleeing that battle seemed to be only 5 seconds faster, though. As I probably needed the EXP the two Stinger battles would have yielded, fighting Gi Nattak seemed to be a better idea apart from the fact that this was just about the worst idea I could have come up with from a keep-your-sanity-inspite-of-ridiculous-amounts-of-resets perspective.

I can't believe I still screwed up so horribly at the end and lost around 5 seconds Segment Nothing unexpected is to be seen here. Segment Not much to say here, just the standard strategy. It took me less than a day to make this, which is actually very fast. Here's what you need to know about random variation of damage: If a character or enemy uses an attack that allows for random variation of its damage only a few attacks do not, e.

What this means is that for every 16 HP of damage, there is one point of random variation. For instance, if an attack deals less than 16 HP, it will if it is not for a critical hit or several status effects always do excatly that amount of damage. If an attack does between 16 and 31 HP before random variation is applied of damage, say it does 25, it can deal two different amounts of damage 24 and 25 or 25 and 26 in the example. Segment This segment is made of text, running around, shopping and a boss battle in just about the worst possible order.

I considered going for Cait Sith' Dice in the Palmer battle. Had I even requested a 2, or 2, toss, this battle could have been over in about 25 seconds. Of course, this ruled out a Greased Lightning- fast Palmer battle. Also, it meant that Palmer would have to attack Cloud exactly one time, and he did not really want to comply It goes without saying that the first or the second use of M-Tentacles had to posion Palmer as well, which did not work out all the time, either I ended up with a pretty decent Palmer battle.

It's not exactly spectacular or exciting but I only spent two days on it, Cloud learned Cross Slash and Palmer died in around 50 seconds, which is all I cared for. Segment The Gold Saucer Gauntlet Once again I need to say "This could have been an easy segment, had it not been for So, I decreed that only an encounter with a single Flapbeat and only if Flying Sickle is not employed shall be accepted. Yes, I opted for a lot of pain only to gain 5 seconds at most Segment World map encounters are a very strange matter.

In a way they are more random than field map encounters, in another way they are even less random. Basically, which field map encounters one gets depends on one's battle count since the last hard reset. Which world map encounters one gets seems to depend on one's movement on the world map.

If you watch closely, you can see that while running towards the Tiny Bronco, Cloud moves slightly to the right and to the left for a total of six times. Doing this allowed me to always get that Flapbeat encounter, even though I did not get it on the very same spot all the time.

Still, getting that encounter was not even half the thing I am thankful this segment is so short and I still had a Right Arm The rest is just getting the arguably most powerful materia in this run and skipping a random encounter I can do this because I only run left in Gongaga until the skip. Segment The Temple of the Ancients. Behold the probably most major flaw in the run: I lose 18 seconds by talking to the black-caped Sephiroth clone because I simply did not know one could actually just run around him Apart from that, I merely had to learn how to navigate through the Escheresque first screen, manipulate a Side Attack encounter, master the minigame on the second screen, look up which path to choose on the screen before the Mural Room and engage in a jolly text skipping spree thorughout all that.

Segment Now that Tifa has Deathblow, the suffering may commence. And by suffering, I mean the necessity not to miss a single Deathblow from now on until the end of the game What better prelude could there be than Red Dragon? All in all, it's a very manageable battle, unlike the conversations that precede it. Segment I have made up a new strategy for Demons Gate. One that finishes Demons Gate before it ever gets to attack. For this to work, Tifa must be at least on Level 19 and her Strength must be at least In addition thereto, one needs two Right Arms.

While I was watching lolo' Speedrun Strategies video on Demons Gate, I realized that even when resorting to a so called "perfect tactic", one still needs at least min to defeat Demons Gate. I find this rather long. Even worse, a huge amount of that time is just wasted when Demons Gate uses Demon Rush and pulls itself back to the back of the screen after that attack.

The obvious solution was to slow Demons Gate but, as I don't have access to Slow, I had to discard this idea again. Moreover, its turn count will be incremenetd by 1 after any of these attacks and randomly reset to 0, 1 or 2 once it reaches 3. More interesting is what happens if its turn count is 4. Namely, it will use an attack called Advance, which is actually just an attack animation it will swing around its arms and move closer to the characters.

Now comes the intriguing part. If it is 5, on the other hand, Demons Gate will do nothing and just increase its turn count to 6. You can probably already guess what Demons Gate's optimal behavior would be. But there's even more. If one employs the Wait Trick and uses the information on Demons Gate's AI, it is very well possible provided all Deathblows connect to beat Demons Gate in only 50 seconds. Demons Gate gets another turn but does nothing, its turn count is set to 6 though.

Tifa hits Demons Gate with another Deathblow. As Demons Gate's HP is thereby reduced to less than 7,, its turn count is set to 4. Demons Gate gets another turn but does nothing. Its turn count is set to 6, Demon Rush is imminent. Demons Gate dies.

Unfortunately, it seems to be much lower on Tifa's side all 4 consecutive Deathblows must hit; if you enjoy resets, this will be fun. Thankfully, it takes less than 30 seconds to fight Demons Gate again after a soft reset. Segment It could have been a nice little glitch fest. Had it not been for the outrageous amount of running mistakes.

This time, they add up to nearly 5 seconds On the other hand, I was able to pull off the chest opening animation skip, which is triggered by mashing the [OK] button before the screen fades in again. It's not a huge skip but it saves around 1.

More interestingly, I do the paralysis dodge skip in the City of the Ancients. This skip saves around 15 seconds and is triggered by opening the chest in the house with the beds from the 2nd floor, which is a glitch in itself, at the same time the "Do you want to rest? As soon as Tifa did not miss the first Deathblow, the battle was done the following two were sure to hit as Jenova-LIFE was then paralyzed.

Incidentally, Yuffie has by far the longest of all. Segment Basically, all one has to do in this segment is to run almost all the way to Icicle Inn without getting a random encounter, which is much easier said than done. Fortunately, this segment lasts for only 2 minutes, so it didn't really matter that I had to replay it more than 50 times before it worked out the way it should.

Segment This segment was blatant horror. Usually, there is any one thing that can go wrong in a segment, for example failing to steal a certain item in one try, being unable to skip a random battle, screwing up a minigame, getting into too many world map encounters, wasting too much time menuing or getting stuck while walking around.

But not so in this segment. In this segment just about everything can go wrong. First of all, one has to make it to Icicle Inn without a random battle. As simple as that may sound, it was horribly aggravating due to how world map encounters work. They are triggered depending on one's movement on the world map. While this may suggest that one can exploit this by finding an encounter-free route and then simply taking this route in all following attempts, which seems to be indeed possible, one has to replicate that route very accurately for this to work, which proved to be almost impossible here.

I did not keep track of it, but it feels like I had to spend on average at least 10 attempts in order only to arrive at Icicle Inn in the first place. I grabbed the Vaccine because I will use it in a wicked boss battle in a later segment.

Besides, it takes only one second to pick it up. The next obstacle in this segment was the snowboarding. I got quite consistent at it after practicing it for twelve hours without interruption. Still, I only continued here when I made it to the end sub 2'30 and crashless, which was the case half of the time.

After the snowboarding, more fun in the snow shall commence. Like the Cave of the Gi, Great Glacier can be completed without freestyling. In fact, it is even easier to find a suitable route. Still, the last battle skip on that nearly pitch white snow field screen was rather difficult to execute.

The source of greatest pain was without a doubt the Snow battle. However, the two Right Arm stealing segments were composed almost exclusively of stealing these two Right Arms. This segment on the other hand is not at all. Getting to this very battle in one out of dozens attempts only to reset here was no fun at all.

Some gamers also think that some characters, such as Vincent or Yuffie, might not be part of the game. Also, locations such as Costa del Sol might not be included either. He also is the main protagnoist in Dirge of Cerberus, but also plays an important role in the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children. In my humble opinion, he has to be in the Remake Part 2 or fans will be unbelievably angry. Aerith is a Time Traveler? A fan theory suggests that Aerith is a time traveler, and there is plenty of hints to back that up.

She also sometimes says cryptic lines which really could be interpreted as if she knows more than anybody else about the fate of this world. But more importantly, and many fans of the original game hope for that: her fate might completely change in this Remake Part 2. Some die hard fans want the story to remain exactly the same as in the original, but many others -myself included- actually wish for the possibility to have a different fate for Aerith!

And I AM a die hard fan of the original, having played a few hundreds hours and spent countless hours trying to find ways to save Aerith! At the end of the original Final Fantasy 7 and after Crisis Core, there was no doubt that Zack was dead. Do you remember the Buster Sword that Cloud had? It came from Zack. So will Zack be alive in Part 2 of the remake? Will he be a playable character? One can only hope!

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No sig. So if you, for example, pick , , you have every possible combination of the first 3 racers. And if you look through and bet on the three who generally have the best stats that should put the odds a little better in your favour yes? I ate some pineapple once. Artorius87 Topic Creator 6 months ago 4 Moaos posted DynamixDJ 6 months ago 6 It's worth noting that the outcome of the race is decided during the lobby screen, when picking the racers.

I've spent quite a lot of time trying to determine a method to increase the odds of picking a winning selection based on Speed and Stamina stats I wrote up on this in my guide. It's not really consistent, given that RNG plays a much bigger factor in deciding the winning two rather than the stats of the Chocs. I was just riffing off the top of my head. Taterzz 6 months ago 8 i'm a scumbag that savestate scums the victory that i'm not racing in. I like to get the Super Sneakers, Champion Belt, etc.

Omnislash won't usually be needed until Disc 2. Is betting a more secure way than the basketball thing? Doncloud1 4 years ago 6 Basketball, though I usually only did this on Disc 2. The RNG marker is constantly incrementing every few frames or so, meaning that if you could time your run from the save point to the Chocobo races and enter the race at exactly the right frame, you could get a fixed outcome, but this is practically impossible to do.

It's similar to the double-boss glitch, whereby you press the menu button on an exact frame to skip a battle just this would be harder. I also tried a very similar method to try to manipulate the item stolen from you during battle for item-maxing purposes, but again, it was virtually impossible. I don't bother with Omnislash though until I get to Disk 2, as there's no need for all that power early on.

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Screw saving the planet, i wanna bet on chocobo races

Jun 24,  · chocobo racing betting: . I win 90% of my bets but when your prize is a potion (5GP) or a Phoenix Down (10GP) 97% of the time and it costs gil a bet on S Rank Races . The following is a chart of the various prizes you can win at Chocobo Racing, what ranks they are available at, and their GP value if you choose to trade them in for GP. Keep in mind that . Chocobo Square is a section of the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy VII. It hosts the Chocobo racing minigame, which can reward several unique Materia and boost Chocobo stats, helpful for Chocobo breeding. The races have four ranks: C, B, A, and S, each with stronger opponents. The player will go up a rank each time See more.