are betting shop roulette machines fixed
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Are betting shop roulette machines fixed

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals tell you everything you need to know about them in their name. They are, in essence, computer terminals that allow customers to place bets on events that have fixed odds. Normally shortened to FOBTs, these machines are perhaps best thought of as being like electronic slot machines, offering players the chance to play quick games like roulette.

They tend not to be limited in what they offer, either, with the likes of simulated horse racing and bingo also available for those that choose to play them. If you were to place a bet on a greyhound race instead, for example, then you might end up having to wait an hour until the race actually begins.

These are as follows: Category B2 - Available at racing tracks with pool betting, casinos and betting shops. The FOBTs in their current form began to arrive in the United Kingdom in , though the types of games that you could play were much more limited and the margins were much higher.

What turned the tide for bookmakers was a change to the way that gambling was taxed back in These changes meant that Fixed Odds Betting Terminals began to grow in popularity from onwards, with punters pleased with the variety of games that they could play and bookmaking companies delighted with the regular margin they were benefiting from. As a result, FOBTs began to spring up all over the place, with around 20, terminals installed around the United Kingdom by April of Another big event happened in the world of gambling in , which was the introduction of the Gambling Act.

During that time bookmakers continued to introduce the machines at an impressive pace, with about 10, more installed before the Act became law. With approximately 30, terminals in place around the country, the games being played were part of the new betting shop experience for players and part of the profit making machine for the companies that owned them.

Even so, critics of bookmakers and betting in general believe that both the shops themselves and the people that use them bring down a neighbourhood. Whether there is any truth in that is a tricky question to answer. That amount will go down the more that people turn to online gambling rather than visiting physical shops. The problem for those that oppose betting shops is that the introduction of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals gave the bookmakers a reason to open more of them.

Companies were limited to having just four terminals in each shop that they owned, so the best way around that was to open more shops. It made financial sense for the bookies, given the amount of money that each individual terminal made them in profit. Again, FOBTs are only a small part of why bookmakers could afford the expansion into new shops.

Bookies certainly enjoyed their heyday during the s and s, with around 16, shops open throughout the UK. In the past they were required to be hidden away down side streets instead of on the main road, say. The criticism got so bad that the government used to investigate whether they should introduce some new legislation specifically to deal with the problem.

What makes these machines so controversial is the speed with which bets can be placed. Little wonder that the Gambling Commission believe that about a tenth of all money earned by the gambling industry in the UK - including other betting shop bets, lottery wagers and casinos - between April and March came from Category B2 machines.

That campaign is linked to the Campaign For Fairer Gambling , which is concentrating not on the gambling industry but on the people who tend to place bets. They are hoping that regulation can be introduced to help protect bettors from themselves. This desire to lower the stake amount resulted in a government announcement in October that they would restrict the amount that punters could spend in one go on an FOBT.

This involved a three month consultation , trying to decide the best manner in which to move forward. Part of the problem that the government has is that the gambling industry are thoroughly opposed to the idea of lowering the stake amount even slightly. That in turn could lead to as many as 20, jobs being lost around the country.

Certainly the Association of British Bookmakers are not convinced that the critics of the machines are being entirely fair. Why are gambling activists concerned? Unlike fruit machines and traditional machine games, the fast pace and high stakes of FOBTs made it easy to part with hundreds of pounds in minutes. The locations of FOBTs and the socio-economic profile of users has triggered concerns that the machines are being used to prey on the already financially vulnerable. A mapping project found that the most deprived areas of England contained more than twice as many betting shops as the least deprived.

What has been the reaction to the cap? Around of its shops may face closure as a result, the company said.

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