ethereal natural ingenue
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Ethereal natural ingenue

My hands and feet are on the smaller size. I know that Kibbe doesnt recognize the Ingenue essence, but you strike me as strongly Ingenue. Lexyr Inc. Be extremely petite with extremely delicate features. Classics are a blend of the yin and yang whereas gamines have some yin and some yang features. This is a community to discuss the image identities described by David Kibbe.

I'd guess classic too. Romantic-Natural-Ingenue with Gamine influences? They played Ingenue live for the first time ever tonight at Harrisburg. Hi there! Sign up to chat about style and share outfits with a friendly community. I see theatrical romantic and you didnt look as nice with super relaxed natural style clothes. I would think a classic or maybe gamine based on your body type - hard to tell about facial features.

And I am going to guess not very super proportionate eighter based on height and photos you seem like you have a small bone structure. Hi, I think you're theatrical romantic based on the descriptions for theatrical romantic. Ive been obsessing over Kibbe for quite awhile now myself. Perhaps if you are considering classic, I wonder how Soft Classic might suit you as opposed to just Classic. Is there any blog, video or pintarest album that talks about this mix? Have prominent or exotic facial features.

Im still trying to figure myself out too. That being said, a TR can absolutely be cute in a feminine way. Thank you!. Press J to jump to the feed. All Rights Reserved. What is my Kitchener essence? You need to be logged in in order to reply. You can totally see this in Gone With the Wind, where Vivien Leigh's character is absolutely adorable early in the movie. You have such a soft, feminine face with a very strong Yin energy.

Read about what to wear and how to wear it on the YLF Blog. If you want to honor a sweet, innocent vibe, maybe you could try incorporating lighter colors, softer fabrics and girlier details. If you follow one of these links and make a purchase, YLF might earn a commission. I would really appreciate if someone could help me get my Kibbe body type. I'm an ingenue romantic in TiB and these roses with the pink dress match my essence, do you think this mood board matches my kitchner essence?

All images are no makeup. Characteristics Note: The following characteristics are typically associated with this style essence. Don't get hung up on them. You may look different but still have this style essence. Individuals with the gamine style essence tend to have a petite or short body type, as it is this smallness of the body parts that makes gamine clothing look great on them.

This doesn't necessarily mean that only short people can have the gamine style essence, but the body is compact in a way that makes long and oversized clothing overwhelming. Gamines often have a whimsical looks. Their facial features tend to remain childlike even in adulthood.

However, this childlike look is not really cute or innocent. It's more of a boyishness that let's you know they've been up to no good. Compared to others, individuals with the gamine style essence tend to look 'whimsical. The gamine style essence communicates youthful rebelliousness. Take a look at the following ladies and pay attention to their whimsical looks and the hint of non-conformity in their features. Individuals with the gamine style essence can credibly pull off boyish looks.

Where other types would look like they're wearing children'c clothes, a Gamine portrays coolness and self-assurance. This essence is all about a playful, rebellious image not to be confused with the expressive intensity of the Dramatic. If you can carry off a boyish outfit without looking slightly ridiculous, there's a good chance you have some gamine essence in you.

What does this mean? A signature style of the gamine essence is patterns and fits traditionally associated with boys' clothing. Someone who has the gamine style essence does not look like an adult trapped in boys' clothing. On the contrary, they look nothing short of cool. Check out Emma Watson: Does Emma look like a boy in these outfits? On the contrary, she looks nothing short of cool and self-assured. Now let's see what boyish clothing does to someone who does not have the gamine style essence.

Well, this does look slightly odd. Emma looks comfortable and effortless in this kind of style, but Scarlett Johansson does look a bit like a woman trapped in boys' clothing. Pay attention to how separate and disharmonious the clothes on look on Scarlett, whereas on Emma they look like they belong there. Emma looks very natural and comfortable.

Scarlett looks like she doesn't want to grow up because she does not have the gamine style essence. Can you pull them off without looking a child? You probably have the gamine style essence. Yes, Emma looks credible even in compact clothing and creative patterns.

She doesn't look like she's wearing a fancy dress costume and she doesn't look manly. This is a serious look, and she can pull it off comfortably. On Scarlett, again, these looks don't have the same effect. They look quite unnatural on her, and they do in fact make her appear more masculine than she is. So why do boyish clothes do this to Scarlett but not to Emma?

It's because Scarlett has predominantly yin features.

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