a better place to work
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A better place to work

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They have been known to give referral rewards such as first class round trip tickets to a destination of their choice! Volunteer Time Salesforce offers employees 6 paid days a year to do volunteer work. This results in over , hours in volunteer service each year! Education Reimbursement Some truly great companies offer programs for tuition reimbursement.

This, for companies that can afford it, seems like a no-brainer. Some companies allow employees to bring their pets to work. Office pets have been known to increase happiness, productivity and office chair warmth. Check this out! Have every post delivered directly to your inbox. Making an effort to familiarize your new hire with the company is crucial and saves a ton of money in the long run. This is an oft-ignored part of onboarding a new hire that pays off in dividends.

Positive Reinforcement Another thing Twitter is famous for is their Birdhouse, where employees are encouraged to send a shout-out to other employees. On average, there is a Birdhouse shout-out every minute of the work week! Stock Options When storage retailer The Container Store went public in , a quarter of their employees owned stock in the company. Offering stock option to employees is beneficial to both employers and employees. It creates more dedicated employees and is a cost-effective benefit program for a company.

Employee Empowerment Some companies host events to empower their employees. Tech company Intuit sponsors an event called Girl Geek Dinner. It brings together Bay Area women to exchange ideas in order to empower women in the otherwise male-dominated tech world. Other companies offer work from home options, personalized schedules or hourly accrual programs that allow them to take off time later.

Fitness Benefits Many positions require an employee to be seated at a desk for 40, 50 or 60 hours a week! Some companies offer fitness centers on premises, discounted gym memberships or team sports within the company. Healthy employees are vital to every company! Random Acts of Kindness This is a little more vague and you can take this as big or small as you would like or as budget warrants.

A law firm based in Seattle, Perkins Coie , gives small rewards in the form of candy bars to employees who help out in a big way. Even small gestures like a candy bar can make a huge impact! A Better Place To Work offers three service buckets: coaching, consulting, and training. Let us help you reconnect you to your passion, become a stronger leader, and find equilibrium again. If things are breaking down, or if you want to be an industry leader in maximizing impact by investing in your people, let's talk.

Kathryn is an experienced educator and dynamic public speaker. She will happily customize an existing training or create something new to help your team create strong relationships and operate at peak performance. She breaks down complex interactions using easy-to-understand frameworks that--if utilized--significantly improve personal and organizational effectiveness.