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Waktu trade forex malaysia stuck between a rock and a hard place quotes

Waktu trade forex malaysia

The foreign exchange market is mainly known for its high volatility — as the market can generate a lot of pips in a really short time. However, there are times when it generates extraordinary volatility and movements; one such time is immediately before and after important news releases. There are periodic and non-periodic news releases and events that will cause major moves in the FX market when out.

These include, amongst others, the release of critical economic statistics such as the current unemployment rate or the interest rate decisions of central banks. Others include GDP growth rate figures and much more. These are periodic. It is general wisdom to avoid trading when these news items are about to be released. This is because of the massive movements that they generate.

Periodic news items such as interest rate decisions, unemployment rates, and GDP growth rate releases are mainly known to be extra volatile. Thus, avoid trading during and around those times. You can check FX calendars such as Forex Factory to know which times they are scheduled for.

However, it is not only regular statistics that are dangerous. The non-periodic ones can even be more volatile. Is a primary election coming up in a country whose currency you choose to trade? Then, do not trade at that particular time. The US Presidential Election, for example, moved almost all currencies massively, causing traders to lose a lot of their capital.

This also applies to major referendums. The Brexit votes caused massive volatility in the FX markets as well. The volatility and movements generated by news items typically happen immediately after. You instantly see the moments at the very second the news drops. The minutes immediately following news announcements usually feature massive moments.

However, it happens many times that the volatility starts even before the news is released, especially in the last few minutes before announcements. Do not trade during the weekend. Generally, all markets are not usually open during the weekends except for the cryptocurrency market. However, many traders do have positions that they leave open over the weekend into the following week. While this is not entirely bad, it may be very dangerous.

This is because of the concept called Gap. Gap is a sharp jump in the price of a forex pair without any trading occurring in between. When a gap occurs, the pair makes several leaps from its current price at a particular moment and starts at a completely different price the next moment. Gaps occur under various market conditions, including during volatile news announcements.

However, it is very much common over the weekends. When trading ends on Friday, the pair stops moving at the last price before the close; on Monday, it usually resumes at that same price. Akhir sekali, perkara lain yang perlu diperiksa ialah julat sebenar pasangan mata wang yang telah anda pilih.

Julat sebenar pasangan mata wang akan memberi anda gambaran tentang berapa banyak pasangan mata wang pilihan anda bergerak secara tetap. Jadi langkah-langkah yang termasuk dalam memilih pasangan mata wang yang betul ialah mengenal pasti arah aliran, memadankan arah aliran dengan strategi dan mempertimbangkan purata julat sebenar pasangan itu.

Penggunaan Henti Rugi Stop Loss Anda tidak boleh meramalkan dengan betul bila pasaran akan turun naik kerana pasaran forex sentiasa berubah dari semasa ke semasa. Henti rugi Stop Loss ialah salah satu cara terbaik untuk berhenti kehilangan lebih banyak wang dalam trading anda. Bagi newbie trader adalah penting untuk menguasai penggunaan henti rugi Stop Loss. Ini kerana apabila anda melakukan kerja sepenuh masa, belajar untuk menetapkan stop loss dapat membantu anda untuk mengelakkan kehilangan wang.

Klik di Tips bagaimana mahu menjadikan forex sebagai kerja sepenuh masa untuk ketahui lebih banyak tips yang menarik. Tanya diri anda soalan ini : Mencari broker JF Adakah anda sudah cukup pengalaman? Ini kerana untuk bergerak daripada ragam trading sambilan kepada sepenuh masa, anda perlu memastikan pengalaman anda adalah cukup untuk mengekalkan permainan anda di atas. Sebaliknya, risikonya adalah terlalu besar. Sekurang-kurangnya anda perlu pengalaman selama dua tahun mengendalikan akaun trading sebenar dengan asas sambilan sebelum mengambil pendekatan yang lebih serius dengan trading.

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