endocrine system and etheric body
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Endocrine system and etheric body ncaa tournament latest line

Endocrine system and etheric body

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These thyroid hormones stimulate all the cells in the body and control biological processes such as growth, reproduction, development, and metabolism. The endocrine system, made up of all the body's different hormones, regulates all biological processes in the body from conception through adulthood and into old age, including the development of the brain and nervous system, the growth and function of the reproductive system, as well as the metabolism and blood sugar levels.

The female ovaries, male testes, and pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands are major constituents of the endocrine system. Hypothalamus - The hypothalamus links our endocrine and nervous systems together. The hypothalamus drives the endocrine system. Pituitary gland - The pituitary gland receives signals from the hypothalamus. This gland has two lobes, the posterior and anterior lobes. The posterior lobe secretes hormones that are made by the hypothalamus.

The anterior lobe produces its own hormones, several of which act on other endocrine glands. Thyroid gland - The thyroid gland is critical to the healthy development and maturation of vertebrates and regulates metabolism. Adrenal glands - The adrenal gland is made up of two glands: the cortex and medulla. These glands produce hormones in response to stress and regulate blood pressure, glucose metabolism, and the body's salt and water balance. Pancreas - The pancreas is responsible for producing glucagon and insulin.

Both hormones help regulate the concentration of glucose sugar in the blood. Gonads - The male reproductive gonads, or testes, and female reproductive gonads, or ovaries, produce steroids that affect growth and development and also regulate reproductive cycles and behaviors.

The major categories of gonadal steroids are androgens, estrogens, and progestins, all of which are found in both males and females but at different levels. Scientific research on human epidemiology, laboratory animals, and fish and wildlife suggests that environmental contaminants can disrupt the endocrine system leading to adverse-health consequences. It is important to gain a better understanding of what concentrations of chemicals found in the environment may cause an adverse effect.

A few examples of disease states and their related chakras may be of help. Less major head chakras of which there are 7 would mediate other problems: tumorous growths of the brain, stroke, and temporal lobe seizures for example.

In the case of karmically-related disease states, the Soul would set the pathological functioning of the certain chakra to alter the energy flow to the extent of producing the illness or disability as recommended by The Lords of Karma for this solar system. Diseases don't originate in the vital body, but rather it is the final mediator and clearing house for producing those states. Besides the importance of the functioning of the chakras, the effectiveness of the pranic transmission through the meridians is a contributing factor as is the receptivity of the physical agents of energy distribution brain, nerves, endocrine glands, and cardiovascular system.

The healing art must move onto the Aetheric Plane before true healing can be accomplished. The 5 conditions that the force centers can be in are: a. Remember that over-stimulation as much as under-stimulation of the centers is causative of illness and that the qualified energies of the mental body thoughts and astral body emotions feed directly into the vital body by way of the chakras. Chakra impairment may come about as a result of unequal unfoldment in the awakening aspirant on the Path and an imbalance in the inter-relationship of the major chakras.

The aetheric body is basically the enabler for allowing the dense vehicle to contact and feel and perceive the tangible world of materiality by way of the 5 senses touch, taste, smell, hearing, and seeing. It produces the right-functioning of the sensory apparati and, in orchestrating contact with the physical environs, allows the Soul to experience physicality through the denser body, and when the Soul is finally in control in the more advanced Initiate , it enables the registration of the higher and more subtle Realms.

For example, the lower form of psychism astral is mediated through an awakened solar plexus center and the higher form of psychism through the ajna center 6th chakra. Clairvoyance through the 3rd chakra admits vision on the Astral Planes, and clairvoyance through the 6th chakra 3rd Eye admits vision on the Higher Planes.

If the person is focused and centered on the 3rd Chakra still below the diaphragm as is the majority on the planet, the emotional nature controls and the person is astrally-polarized like the Atlanteans. Those who live in and through the chakras above the diaphragm are the mentally-polarized, the disciples and Initiates of the Earth, the intellectuals and those who have opened to the higher mind of the Soul.

These are in the small minority on the planet, and these have experienced the higher form of love through the 4th Chakra. The astrally-polarized may have some degree of mental developement, however it is that of the lower concrete mind. The spleen is the outward manifestation of a very important chakra, one which gets confused in some writings with the 7 Major Chakras. This aetheric center is the receiving agent of prana directly from the universe, unqualified by the astral or mental bodies and is essential to life.

It might be called the pranic center because the universal life essence constantly is passed through it and from there goes directly to the heart center, the recipient of the life force through the silver cord from the Soul.

The life stream from the Soul energizes and coheres the dense physical form while the universal prana vitalizes all the atoms, molecules, and cells of the body. First of all, it's a decision of the Soul not the personality except for suicides as to the when and how of dying. The subtle bodies are the aetheric, the astral, and the mental, and it is the aetheric that is withdrawn or abstracted first. Often, in the case of a terminal illness, this is a very long and drawn-out process as the physical elementals do fierce battle with the Soul in trying to maintain integrity of the physical complex, e.

This is the "Lemurian Departure" and characterizes the death of the lower-evolved and physically polarized. The more mental disciples and Initiates have no conflict and withdraw consciously and deliberately, the "Aryan Departure". The dying one may appear to be unconscious, but that one is fully aware of what is occurring within.

Death is essentially the steady, magnetic abstraction of the vital body from out of the dense physical body, eliminating Soul contact with the physical realms. At the propitious moment chosen by the Soul, It sounds forth a "Word of Withdrawal" a "Word of Return" , using the power of sound to initiate the process.

A certain vibration then passes along the millions of nadis, which has the effect of loosening them all from their connection with the nervous system, and this detaches the aetheric body from the denser form though it still interpenetrates throughout. The nadis are loosened first from the eyes windows of the Soul , which evidences as relaxation and peacefulness in the eyes. Once fully detached from the nervous system, the aetheric body withdraws from the extremities and focuses itself at the requisite "door of exit" awaiting the magnetic pull of the Soul.

This point of abstraction differs, depending on the evolutionary level of the dying personality. For animals, infants, and the undeveloped with a strong animal nature and emotional polarization, the abstraction occurs through the solar plexus. For the probationary aspirant, the kindly, well-meaning, socially-conscious person, the abstraction takes place near the apex of the aetheric heart.

And for the mentally-advanced and spiritually-oriented, the disciples and Initiates, the door of exit is through the crown chakra of the head. At these 3 points of exit there are intricately-woven webs of aetheric nadis a protective mechanism against premature departure. As the willful, abstracting influence of the Soul increases, the life energy beating against the web punctures through an opening, and the life force pours rushes out the point of exit. While the vital body is gathering and focusing at the orifice of exit, the physical elemental of the dense body is responding to the "pull of matter", also called the spirit of the earth.

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Arun jaitley speech on cryptocurrency This is our God-identity. Once a second a frequency of about 1 hertzthe heart beats and each heartbeat creates a pressure wave that massages the thymus. Detoxification functions are activated to rid the organism of unnecessary metabolic products from the stress-related changes in metabolism while digestive function and growth, reproduction, and immunity are inhibited. Slow undulating movements are at very low frequencies: when we are seductive, we are slow. Transmission in sympathetic ganglia is also modulated by neuropeptides released from preganglionic fibers and short interneurons as well as by primary afferent nerve collaterals. Lower still, we come to the 2nd chakra: the svadhisthana — the centre of water and sexuality. Endocrine system and etheric body condition is similar to psychosocial dwarfism but is known as reactive attachment disorder of infancy.
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Cryptocurrency mining software windows 7 Celia Rothenberg This article examines the teachings and practices of Jewish shamanism and Jewish yoga to demonstrate New Age Judaism's two key characteristics. Although the view presented now is initially largely inferential, it is increasingly supported by solid experimental and epidemiologic evidence. This is the way of enlightening a soul. Excessive or sustained activation during these critical periods may have profound effects on its later function, especially as it relates to pathophysiology[ 14— ] see later. And this [record] is called the akasha-disk. Changes of size indicate the actual energy level of the individual, meaning the sicker one gets, the smaller aura he has, and the other way round.

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Endocrine System, Part 1 - Glands \u0026 Hormones: Crash Course Anatomy \u0026 Physiology #23

27 rows · The endocrine system uses hormones to control and coordinate your body's . The 7 major chakras are the cause and the originating source for the 7 major glands of the endocrine system, and the thread-like nadis not only underlie the entirety of the peripheral . Your endocrine system is made up of several organs called glands. These glands, located all over your body, create and secrete (release) hormones. Hormones are chemicals that .