tennis betting secrets exposed 2008
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Tennis betting secrets exposed 2008

Bracciali admitted taking the SIM cards but said this had all been part of his pretence. The team concluded that Russian gamblers had received inside information about the outcome of the match, but they could not prove where it had come from, so both players were cleared. When the Tennis Integrity Unit was formed, the former detectives handed over five ring-binder files of wider evidence implicating 28 players in suspicious matches. The new unit had the powers to seize the phones, computers, bank statements, and internet records of any player who fell under suspicion.

But it just locked the evidence away without looking into any of the players. We gave them everything tied up with a nice pink bow on top and they took no action at all. All declined requests for comment but told the police Bracciali had never reached out to them about fixing matches.

None has been charged with any offences. One high-ranking player was a source of fascination and frustration to the syndicate. He became their white whale — always eluding them, prosecutors say, as they devised scheme after scheme to reel him in.

Bruni planned to use knowledge of matches they thought the player had fixed to try to coerce him into tanking for them too, court documents note. The associate replied with three matches the player was believed to have tanked. His name had been on the list of 28 players they advised the new unit to investigate along with Bracciali and Starace.

The gamblers also discussed a match they believed he had planned to throw against the British No 1, Andy Murray. There is no suggestion that Murray knew of this alleged scheme or had any part in it. In the end, the gamblers were not able to carry through with their plan, and they said they suffered heavy losses. Bruni told prosecutors in his interview that his own gambling ring never succeeded in recruiting this player because he was working for another syndicate.

He has previously been flagged to the tennis authorities as a suspected fixer eight times by bookmakers, gambling watchdogs, independent integrity investigators, foreign police forces, and — now — the Cremona prosecutor without ever being sanctioned. Over the four years from to , the files show, the gambling ring discussed manipulating the betting on 37 players including eight Italians.

And, when the topic got too hot to handle on Skype, the burner phones would come into use. But despite all this apparent caution, prosecutors say they can prove the ring paid Starace to fix at least two matches — and they have identified suspicions about 30 more matches involving other players. There is no suggestion that Brands knew of, let alone participated in, the alleged fix.

The gamblers bet heavily against Starace using two different accounts, and he withdrew from the match after the first set. He said he had sent one of his gamblers to deliver it to the player personally in cash. There is no evidence that Starace was in direct contact with the gambling ring in relation to this match, and in his police interview he categorically denied agreeing to manipulate it or accepting any money.

There is no evidence that Gimeno-Traver knew about or was involved in the alleged fix. He went on to win the first set and lose the second before withdrawing in the third. But, again, Betfair spotted the suspicious betting and the account was shut down. Starace categorically denies that he fixed this match and said the claims about him in the Skype logs were made up.

According to the charging documents , Starace appeared to be seeking to break his exclusive relationship with the Bruni ring. Sources close to the investigation say they believe he had made contact with a bigger, wealthier international gambling syndicate. Bruni told police that he had reached out to Bracciali to ask whether this was true.

He was placed under house arrest along with 16 suspected conspirators in a gambling ring suspected of corrupting scores of Italian football matches. The prosecutors leading the investigation were unaware that the gamblers had any involvement in tennis.

Di Martino had gone grey prosecuting big cases in Cremona, and he cut an austere figure in wire-rimmed spectacles. Since the arrests in , he had painstakingly pieced together evidence of a global crime syndicate that made millions of dollars betting on rigged Italian football matches and other games across the world.

His investigation resulted in more than indictments and had seen around 20 players banned from the game for fixing. Bracciali won matches at Wimbledon and represented Italy in the London Olympics. Bruni was a small cog in the massive football-fixing operation, but when Di Martino eventually got round to sifting through his Skype files he began to suspect that a second sport had been compromised, and that Bruni might have played a key role.

Bracciali had just got back from a tournament in Kuala Lumpur at the end of September when he awoke to the news splashed all over an Italian paper that prosecutors had connected two unnamed tennis players with the now notorious football-fixing ring.

Bracciali got straight on a train to see Bruni. Bracciali confirmed this. Two weeks later, the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera went further with the claims. The two players were getting ready to play a first-round doubles match at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow when the story broke. Starace read what his friend had written on Skype and rounded on him.

When I asked why he added my name, Bracciali answered, 'I screwed up. Starace denied any knowledge of the match-fixing and said Bracciali had just been speaking out of turn in his chats with Bruni. Bracciali himself said he had made up all the conversations about fixing with other players he had recounted on Skype — and the other Italian players all denied that he had ever asked them to rig a match. The Italian Tennis Federation asked prosecutors for all the evidence relating to the two players and opened an investigation.

The following summer, they were both banned for life from the Italian game. They won an appeal — but then that ruling was overturned, and the lifetime bans were reinstated. Di Martino was preparing a criminal case against the two players, after amassing thousands of pages of evidence and hours of taped police interviews.

He has applied to indict them both as part of a conspiracy to commit sport fraud along with four gamblers. But as the investigation progressed, Di Martino was unravelling an ever-wider web, extending far beyond the boundaries of Italian law. The internet logs appeared to show that Bracciali had agreed to approach a range of foreign players for Bruni.

By , Di Martino discovered, two other members of the syndicate were discussing relationships they claimed to have formed with two more top-ranking players. The gamblers referred to certain players as "horses" — people whose actions they believed could control. In , his name was handed to police on a list of alleged fixers drawn up as part of a plea bargain by a player convicted of corrupting matches. The more you study tennis, the more obvious becomes his potential income from gambling.

This is the third sport in the world in terms of the volume of bets. Tennis players often lose sets when they want to rest or regain their strength. Tennis is mathematically simple, because players know that the games in which they serve, usually take place with their advantage. Tennis players can drain glasses if they do not want to get tired or get injured. European bookmakers give players the opportunity to bet on matches, sets, games and points. Tennis players can drain glasses, because officials and spectators consider this a common practice.

Such «contractual episodes» are even more dangerous, because they are easier to hide. Money is needed in sports and in gambling As in football, the main problem in tennis is in the players themselves. Most fans pay attention only to the most successful. For most of its history, tennis has its roots in the upper classes of society. The world of professional tennis requires huge costs — to participate in a club and association, to rent a court.

No questions? Place a bet now Since most news is about players like Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer, few see the connection between tennis and gambling until scandals arise. Results of work on contractual matches and corruption In , the British edition of Mail on Sunday published an article on corruption in tennis and on contractual matches. An experienced researcher revealed some disturbing facts about this sport.

It was found that dozens of players, including some of the Top10, received warnings for participating in suspicious matches. The best participants in such tournaments as Wimbledon would not want to publicize scandals at all. The media rarely write about the prejudice of the leadership of federations, which punish the players who are lower in the rating.

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