fallen sword ethereal
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Fallen sword ethereal

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This version, however, has over three times the health of the Swordmaster. As with most major bosses, the Fallen Swordmaster has an extremely high amount of health. While the Fallen Swordmaster walks quite slowly after it uses its Refusing Will move a variant of Rage Mode that activates at half health , it will speed up in movement, making it very dangerous. While it cannot spawn any enemies of its own, its abilities can stun lots of towers in a short period of time.

Appearance The Fallen Swordmaster has reflective black skin and glowing purple eyes. It has a dark red crown that is slightly tilted, a purple undershirt, and dark purple tattered pants and jacket. It wields two Darkheart swords that are held upside down. Being a major boss, it is significantly larger than the average enemy. The Ranger can also be used, due to its high DPS and stun immunity. Cheap towers can provide a distraction for the Fallen Swordmaster's Sword Throw.

This can be particularly useful as the Fallen Swordmaster stops moving to throw its swords. However, do beware that the attack stuns towers around the target, meaning that poor placement can stun lots of towers at once. If possible, try to spread out your towers. The significance of this remains unclear. Certain Servitors are specialized in the distribution of Ether among many Fallen crews, [16] and glow when producing it [17] They may be revered as gods to the Eliksni.

In humans, Ether appears to have properties similar to that of a recreational drug, [20] though it can lead to an unpleasant experience according to the Drifter , [21] or possibly even poisoning, though no permanent damage can occur according to Failsafe. Raksil, Archon Priest would head this operation before being killed.

The project would later be put to a complete end following the destruction of Serkuleks at the Guardian's hands. Dark Ether[ edit ] The Scorn thrive off of Dark Ether , a disturbing, corrupted form of Ether derived from remnants of the Darkness afflicted within Uldren Sov from his experience during the Battle of Saturn. After wishing to save a dying Fikrul , which is fulfilled by the Ahamkara Riven , some of the Darkness within Uldren was transferred into Fikrul's lingering Ether, bringing the disgraced Fallen back from death and creating Dark Ether.

Dark Ether is capable of resurrecting dead Fallen at the cost of severely mutating them, such as how the Screeb units of the Scorn have been warped into quadrupedal Thrall -like monstrosities. It lingers instead of dissipating like normal Ether and is described by Variks as a fog-like gas that you move through like water, heavy and opaque. Trivia[ edit ] In Destiny killing Fallen with headshots causes a torrent of Ether to erupt from their heads.

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Creature Template; Octo-Spine Chomper (Legendary) Iushal the Unwise (Elite) Vexus Queen (Super Elite) Cave Goatman; Ovig the Despoiler (Elite) Leaf Dragon (Legendary). Sword of Eglah: Rare: Yes 0 78 25 0 0 0 Halberd of Aspel: Common No 20 0 0 0 0 0 Ethereal Demon Sword: Unique: Yes -5 15 -5 -5 0 0 Sword of Garl: Rare: No 0 67 25 0 0 0 Fallen Sword Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ethereal Frontier - Fallen Sword Wiki Ethereal Frontier navigation search Information Min Level: In Krul Island World Area In Bay of Zenel World Area Shops and Stairs Ethereal .