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Localbitcoins cash by mail forex trading wikipedia

Localbitcoins cash by mail

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I would have considered using his services again had it not been such loss for me. I think e-coin is my new best friend. Especially if dealing with german banks. Or the german bank thought so cos there had been several payments to me and they thought i was doin some sort of fraus and they kindly reported me to the local police here that came knocking and asked what i was doing I read more about cash deposit scams than i do cash in the mail.

BUT to each there own. Cash in the mail is the best way to trade, hands down. If your not doing it don't comment on it :- aaronkaltman Fri, 23 Sep GMT I've never had any issue with Cash in the Mail - I've had way more scams and problems with cash deposits. How do you know those cash deposits are not dirty money? They could have bought their account, let's just say in that case is it possible to get scammed when sending cash?

I wasnt typing directly to you about not speaking on the topic. Although I can see how my post looks like that. Do not mistake the value Localbitcoins offers. Their reputable escrow service offers safety for thousands of users. While it has inherent faults that are not addressed, it is the best available escrow service for bitcoin trades. We Still Offer Cash By Mail Trades To protect the relationships with our cash by mail partners we are asking them to contact us directly. We hope to hear from you so we can continue working together.

You may email us or call us at Bank-BTC. We do offer secure messaging services for trusted partners.

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k members in the localbitcoins community. Safe Trading is Happy Trading! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log In Sign Up. . Record yourself putting cash into an envelope and posting it. At the other end the receiver should also open it on camera. It's not perfect of course, nothing is. But you've got the expectation of . Sat, 14 Jan GMT > @bettingsports.website > This is one of my more cheaper options, as people who send cash in the mail cant exactly reverse it like the other mentioned payments .