trade the forex news strategy
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Trade the forex news strategy arbitrage betting in vegas

Trade the forex news strategy

It can be used only for influential Forex news releases such as US GDP, non-farm payrolls, or interest rate decisions. Although all currency pairs react to such news, the USD-based currency pairs show the best result due to low spread and high liquidity.

Features Circumvents spread widening and slippage problems. Fundamental basis for a trade. Simple setup. Important news events are quite rare. A broker with low spreads and high-quality trade execution is required. How to trade? Choose an important news release that has a high impact on Forex pairs. Open Buy and Sell positions one minute before the scheduled news release. And when can you get this volatility? When news like economic data or central bank announcements is released!

The first thing to consider is which news reports to trade. Earlier, we discussed the biggest moving news releases. Ideally, you would want to only trade those reports because there is a high probability the market will make a big move after their release.

The next thing you should do is take a look at the range at least 20 minutes before the actual news release. The high of that range will be your upper breakout point, and the low of that range will be your lower breakout point. Note that the smaller the range is the more likely it is you will see a big move from the news report.

The breakout points will be your entry levels. This is where you want to set your orders.

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This includes analysing its growth rate potential, as well as any potential legal, political or insolvency risks. Our Morningstar equity research reports are updated regularly with new information about company fundamentals. These are available for a wide range of shares on our platform and can also indicate whether they are considered to be overvalued, fairly valued or undervalued within the stock market. This information may help traders to make a decision on whether to enter a position or not.

Register for a live account now to access our Morningstar reports. In general, news that has a significant impact on individual company shares may not have a major impact on currencies. Stock market news that has little or no impact on currencies includes earnings reports, management changes, mergers and acquisitions and partnerships.

Therefore, it may be easier for some to make more reliable forex news trading predictions on how the market will perform. News trading signals Some brokers offer automated news trading signals that can help a trader to make decisions on whether to enter, exit or avoid a trade. These hints are based on price fluctuations after a certain type of news release and can prompt traders to either buy or sell an asset. A manual alternative is to monitor upcoming tradeable events using our economic calendar.

These events can all have an effect on market sentiment and cause major price swings within the financial markets. Our market calendar can be customised by date, market impact low to high and country, so you can filter these to be more relevant for the asset or market that you are interested in trading. You can also set alerts for individual events that you wish to monitor. Trading news releases: what are the benefits? It can help to increase volatility Certain major economic announcements can bring additional volatility in the markets, even if it is for just a short period of time.

Even the neatest forex or stock chart patterns can temporarily be thrown out of sync by a significant trading announcement, such as the latest unemployment news or changes to interest rates or inflation from a nationwide bank. Paying attention to when trading announcements are due can mean that you end up placing a carefully planned trade just before a major event happens, which instantly triggers your stop-loss.

It may be more opportune to wait to open new positions after news events have taken place, and then see if the reason for the trade is still valid. It can trigger unexpected market reactions There is normally a consensus amongst leading economists about what level an economic announcement is likely to come in at. For example, low unemployment suggests a strong economy, so many would expect the stock market to rise. From time to time, however, economic announcements are very different from what the broader market was expecting, and this can cause an opposite market reaction.

For example, if a central bank hints that rate cuts may be coming, but the currency still rises, there could be other factors in addition to the prospect of interest rate changes. This could, in turn, prove to be a strong 'buy' signal. When the Non-Farm Payroll NFP was released on the 8th of January, , for instance, the actual value fell short of the forecasted value by a lot.

The economists forecasted an increase of the figures by 60 thousand. Instead, the actual figure was a decrease of thousand. As you might imagine, a fall in this figure is bad for the US economy because it means more people are unemployed. This increased level of unemployment could dip the economy in many ways.

One of them is that fewer people would pay taxes, and less income goes into the US Federal Reserve. So when the news was released, the USD weakened across many major currency pairs. If the actual value was close to the forecasted value, the market might have been able to absorb the little gap and move on as if nothing happened. But the large difference meant things were worse than expected, so traders sold the USD. The Breakout Straddle Strategy This might be the strategy for you if you know nothing about interpreting the news but hope to profit from trading it.

The breakout forex news trading strategy allows you to prepare for a breakout in either direction without worrying about what the news says. Here is how you do it. Step 1. Open the lowest timeframe on the chart of the currency pair you wish to trade. Do this minutes before the release of the news. Step 2. Usually, there is a brief period of consolidation and low volatility before the release of important news. Set buy and sell stop orders at about pips above and below the support and resistance levels bounding the consolidation.

Step 3. Protect both orders with stop losses placed about 15 pips off your entry points. Step 4.

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