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Socially responsible investing firm

The Socially Responsible Investing Heart Rating You, or your financial advisor or asset management firm if you have one, can screen stocks, mutual funds, and other investments on the issues that matter to you. Myth: Socially responsible investments make less money than conventional ones. Fact: The evidence, amassed through hundreds of studies, shows that historically, SRI products have performed as well as or better than their conventional counterparts.

Before buying shares, read the prospectus document with details about the fund to understand the risks. Need help investing? Consider using a financial planner or advisor who is dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible investing. Find financial planners and advisors who are certified members of our Green Business Network here.

Divestment Divestment is when investors drop their shares in a company or remove funds from a bank in order to make a statement and to re-align their investments with their values for longer-term benefit. Divestment campaigns launched against a company can make corporate management take notice and change company policy since divestment represents a potential drop in share prices and loss of revenue.

In the s, activists convinced companies to divest from business in South Africa to put pressure on that government to abolish apartheid. That campaign was hugely successful and gave rise to modern divestment movements. In recent years, university students in the US and internationally have demanded their schools divest from fossil fuels in a variety of ongoing campaigns, resulting educational institutions committed to divesting their endowments in , according to the Invest Divest Report.

Some cities and countries, as well as philanthropies and other institutions, have also committed to divesting their assets from fossil fuels companies. Others, and the majority, consider ESG factors from a financial risk standpoint. For example, if a company doesn't employ equal pay practices, there could be backlash and a high turnover rate which could, in turn, impact the stock performance. But as these strategies gain popularity so, too, do the issues surrounding this approach. For one, it can be difficult to assign an ESG "score" to a company since many of the factors like brand appeal, for instance, are subjective.

It can also be hard to prove that ESG is, in fact, being integrated into investment divisions. And some say that while ESG can weed out bad behavior it's not sparking innovation and moving the ball forward on things like climate change. While there might be an array of approaches to ESG investing on the Street one thing is certain: it cannot be ignored. Sustainable investing surge If sell-side research from Wall Street firms is any indication of market sentiment, investors are really interested in ESG.

Analysts are devoting more and more pages to ESG strategy reports, and many firms are integrating ESG analysis into their regular research notes. As investors' interest has spiked, the Street has taken note. New ETFs and mutual funds focused on ESG strategies have launched in record numbers, and there are a number of different ways for investors to deploy their capital in ESG strategies.

They also want to measure the environmental and social impact of their investments," Morgan Stanley said in an Institute for Sustainable Investing report. Rising, not necessarily risky, returns One of the initial criticisms against ESG investing was that it meant compromising on returns. Of course, if you limit your options you could potentially sacrifice financial performance. But the data tells a different story.

The longer-term figures show a similar trend. Morgan Stanley analyzed the performance of nearly 11, ESG-focused funds from - , using data from Morningstar, and found that performance was comparable with that of their non-ESG focused peers.

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance , negative and norms-based screens are among the most common approaches. The first one means avoiding one category of stocks entirely — tobacco, for instance — while the latter is based on compliance with international standards established by organizations like the OECD or the United Nations Global Compact. ESG integration is another popular method that's gaining steam.

This is when an investor takes into consideration a company's ESG profile — and any potential risks — as one of the evaluated factors when considering whether or not to buy a stock. This analysis can be done independently, and then there are also a number of agencies that provide research and issue ESG "scores.

Generally speaking, the first priority for ESG integration strategies remains financial performance, while impact investing's focus is the greatest possible societal reach. This latter form of investing can be difficult for individual investors to access through the public market.

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