crypto hopper backtest showing nan
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Crypto hopper backtest showing nan

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Also, remember what the professionals do? They use smaller time frames so that their strategies are more effective. Well, you can see that this needs some adjustments. Are you satisfied with what your backtester found? Deploy it immediately and even share it with your friends! Keep testing your configurations and test your results with paper trading first. Because we all know: Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Trade safely! Last updated on. You can then start playing around with different configurations. As you can see, all settings are automatically adjusted. Select the period you want to backtest the config on. We recommend not setting the period too long, otherwise, it will take very long to analyze it.

Also, remember what the professionals do? They use smaller time frames so that their strategies are more effective. As you can see, this needs some adjustments. Alter your configuration until your max profit is acceptable, and the frequency of your sells with a loss isn't higher than your successful sells.

When the test results look good, click "Deploy this Configuration". This will change your config to the settings you've set in the backtesting tool. Your Backtest history shows the backtests you've done, so you can easily choose and deploy the most successful test. Please keep in mind that the backtester checks your indicator values every 5 minutes. The whole checking cycle of your strategy in a real-funds hopper can therefore provide different results.

When using small candle sizes, the strategy can skip some candles. Below, we have listed the checking times of our subscriptions, including interval break time: Pioneer: Only manual trading, therefore indicators don't apply, Explorer: 15 to 20 minutes, Adventurer: 6 to 12 minutes, Hero: 2 to 6 minutes. Paper trading hopper: 10 minutes The "Config Finder" helps you automate this part, but only works with the "Multiple TA Factors" strategy and not with strategies downloaded from the marketplace or the strategy builder.

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As I’ve worked to tune my hopper (vs manual trades which I did before), the backtesting has really shown me significant errors in my approach. More importantly, it has shown me that a Missing: nan. 10/22/ · Binance's Historical Data service provides an extensive collection of crypto futures historical data for all contracts, enabling you to backtest and optimize trading strategies. . From one place. Exchanges Connect the world’s top exchanges. CryptoTweeter Automatically inform the crypto world. All Features An overview of these features and more. Solutions. Missing: nan.