cryptocurrency collectors club
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Cryptocurrency collectors club

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This gives value to the reader and encourages intelligent discussion. Do NOT use colored backgrounds on your post. It takes up more space and is obtrusive. If you want more people to see your post, make it more interesting so it gets interaction and comments. Please read the recent threads and conduct a search for your topic before starting a new thread. It's much more valuable to the group as a whole to have all the discussion concentrated in one spot as opposed to splintered throughout in multiple threads.

Multiple threads may be closed for commenting to keep the group easy to navigate for members. Those who violate the rules by posting referral links or self promotion may be banned without warning. Threads that do not contribute to the group will be closed for commenting or deleted. If you post ANY referral link or request or send any PM to a member in an effort to gain referrals, you will immediately be removed from the group.

This is not the place to serve your own self interest of any kind. We can all do a MUCH better job of adding value to our group. Let's all attempt to help spread knowledge and increase the signal to noise ratio of the posts we see. We can ALL politely challenge each other to add value. Some other platforms also present with enabling followers and subscribers engage in consistent discussions relating to the cryptocurrency market, there are however platforms that combine both information and interaction in one place, one of such is Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for Beginners.

This is a club available as a channel on Facebook and open to beginners, enthusiasts and professional. A platform designed for interactions relating to crypto trading. Members can raise a topic from facts of opinions, which are usually discussed extensively. The channel is not limited to a particular kind of coin; members are free to talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Expanse, Litecoin or any other kind of coin available. It should be worthy of note that this group is heavily guided by lots of instructions which admins and moderators ensure they are being adhered to.

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***** READ BEFORE POSTING ***** 1. No Referral links 2. Do not ask what to buy or when to sell 3. No advertisements 4. No spam 5. No naked links 6. No group or page advertising 7. No . This is a club available as a channel on Facebook and open to beginners, enthusiasts and professional. A platform designed for interactions relating to crypto trading. Members can raise . Feb 8,  · Cryptocurrency Collectors Club. Some Facebook cryptocurrency groups are a goldmine for newcomers in the crypto space. Cryptocurrency Collectors Club is one of them .