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The list which follows is a modest sample of the various types of programs we have already been called upon to initiate. It will give you some idea of the range of subjects in which we might become involved. Interdisciplinary Industrial Research Criticism! The programs scheduled at the Center: a. Will represent a serious educational need. Will provide an opportunity to learn.

Will be designed to extend the participant's knowledge of the problem and thus further his understanding. Construction is scheduled for completion in late fall. Bergin, dean of Continuing Education at Notre Dame. Will, for the most part, represent a residential educational experience and w-ill absorb the major portion of the participant's time.

Will not represent an academic degree program which would involve credit. The program has to be sponsored by a college, department, division or representative unit of the University. Some faculty members of the University should be involved in an appropriate part of the program. The main purpose of those attending should be to learn and not to conduct some organizational business, elect ofiscers or pass public resolutions. The programs must be well thought out, reasonably well defined and carried forward in cooperation with the Dean of the Center and the faculty members to be involved.

At this point you might ask, "What does all of this have to do -with the alumni? It will be the work of the Committee to advance in every appropriate way the development of Continuing Education programs for alumni and to encourage significant numbers of alumni to participate in them. The Committee chairman is Dr. Carney, '37, Lake Forest, Illinois. Committee members include George A.

Bariscillo, Jr. Patterson, '44, Framingham, Massachusetts; and Dr. Bertrand Coughlin, '26, St. Louis, Missouri. Notre Dame has long sought the structure and organization through which it might provide first-rate continuing educational experiences and opportunities for its alumni programs which would periodically replenish and add new interpretations of the work and responsibilities they face in their daily Uves.

Many of our alumni have urgentiy requested further work in theology, philosophy, the humanities, the fine arts and the social sciences. There has also been considerable interest for refresher conferences and seminars in the natural and physical sciences from among those who took their major or advanced degree in these areas at Notre Dame. These were only reasonably successful, primarily because there was no existing organizational structure, facihty or program design for the alumni.

With the completion of the new Center, we will have the facility, the organizational structure, and will be ready to design the tjpe of seminar and conference work which the alumni have desired for so long. To do this, it will be imperative that the University have real cooperation from you, the alumni, in presenting to it the kinds of programs, subject areas and problems which you feel most important With such information we will be able to structure the appropriate programs within the Center.

It is important to point out that there are some very serious problems associated with the implementation of an alumni program. The subject areas, time schedule, format and whole procedure have to be very carefully thought out in relation to interest, time availabiuty and ultimate rewards. Any continuing education program designed to attract our alumni will have to focus upon the sophisticated and challenging problems of our time.

It will have to be seriously planned, well in advance, with first-rate faculty members from the various disciplines, and presented in an integrated manner. Through such a program the individual alumnus will be able to renew his intellectual contact with the University a contact which he frustratingly searches for and does not necessarily find through the traditional vehicle of athletics.

By the same token, an alumni program such as this provides the University with the opportunity to demonstrate her concern and follow through on the meaning and significance of her educational commitment. Requests Alumni's Aid In facing up to the problem of designing an alumni program for the near future, I will truly need your help.

On the surface it may seem relatively easy to set up such a program. This is not true. There are many, many problems associated -with it, and for that reason I would urge you to consider the problem for a while and then send me your thoughts and recommendations. Over the past few months I have visited many of the universities that have held successful alumni programs.

Perhaps it might be worthwhile just to outline a few of their more recent alumni programs and the subject areas covered. One of the most popular conferences is held yearly at Yale University during the four-day period immediately following graduation. Entitled the Yale Alumni Seminar, it is open to all Yale alumni, their wives, the parents of Yale undergraduates and members of the Yale faculty. Those attending find themselves faced with a choice of four widely diversified topics from which they are advised to pick the two that interest them most Then during the seminars they are exposed to an hour and a half of daily lecture in each area.

This is supplemented by a question period at the end of the lecture and evening discussions with the faculty. All of this presupposes a considerable amoimt of preliminary reading selected from Usts which are prepared for each topic. In the last two years the seminar embraced such ijiverse and stimulating areas as: L Southeast Asia, 2. Foiu: American Poets, 3. Classical World Revisited, 4.

Current Developments in Genetics, 5. Soviet Russia, 6. Automation, 7. Modem Theatre, and 8. French Literature and Ideas. Prior to the actual start of the one-week period, the alumni are asked to do a good deal of preparatory reading. These formalized meetings are supplemented by optional evening discussion groups led by the faculty. The topics covered one year ago were: 1. The Soviet Union Today, 2. Contemporary Psychology, and 3. The Role of Fine Arts. The previous year's program covered: 1.

The European Common Market, 2. The Impact of Leisure, and 3. The New Biology. The first tier is a survey of broad areas of business most recently. It is designed to help graduates update their knowledge and skills in areas where there is a rapid accumulation of new information.

The second stage of the week is called Alumni Reunion Day and is aimed at keeping the participants appraised of the latest business educational trends, as viewed by members of the faculty of the Business School. The final day centers around the annual Harvard National Business Conference now in its 34th year which featiures presentations by outstanding business leaders on a timely topic. The most recent education-oriented alumni gathering at Oklahoma University took place as part of the Homecoming Weekend.

Geared to one specific topic, in this instance "The Origin of the Universe and of Life," the Alumni Weekend combines the business of further education with the pleasure of a reunion weekend. The Weekend has two unique features. First of all, it is open to all adults rather than just alumni, as its title would lead one to believe. Secondly, it is tightly structured, with the first of three lectures on Friday evening and the other two on Saturday morning.

Further discussion is carried on at group alimmi meetings on Friday and Saturday evenings. Dartmouth's Alumni Program has been so well received that it was necessary to seek means of limiting rather than encouraging attendance at the two-week gathering. Advance reading is required for the men. Wives are invited to attend if they so desire.

Last year's program covered: 1. Science and Human Values, 2. Current Economic Problems, 3. Literature and Contemporary Affairs, and 4. The Scientific Age Dream and Reality. There were evening seminars, plays, concerts and special films. A less sweeping program scheduled over a greater number of days could be developed at Notre Dame in line with the particular desires of our alumni. A theme could be selected and the program structured in cooperation with representative alumni groups.

The program will open Sunday, July 11, and close with a "graduation" luncheon on Saturday, July At present there are 86 registered for the Alunmi Collie and enrollment will remain open only until graduates and their wives or husbands are registered. The participants will reside in the beautiful new Ohio University Inn and will exchange ideas wth outstanding faculty members in the disciplines of psychology, personal finance and art.

They will share the views of some of the nation's leading educational and business personalities. Recreation programs will include golf, bowling, tennis and swimming. There will also be cookouts and theater parties. Here again one can see the great variety of approaches which can be taken in alumni college work. It had been my impression, based on discussions with some of the other schools, that the middle of July would be a rather poor time to schedule an alumni program.

Apparently it presents no problem for the people at Ohio University. Above all, we at Notre Dame would like to design, with the alumni, that program which would be most meaningful for them. I solicit your ideas and recommendations. And a third ND grad became the referee. It began last May when the board of trustees of the Community' School Corporation offered a new salary scale for the teachers. Louis V.

Bruggner '23, is president of tlie board and, after tossing the potato, tried to be an umpire in the rift. Another ND grad, Louis V. Bruggner '23 second from left , "refereed" the Bull- Kosana rift which is expected to resume in the fall as the two push for new members and raid each other's ranks..

Alex Jardine. Kosana's group accepted the package. Bull's didn't and began what became a four-day "boycott" of their classrooms, which received national publicity. Bull claimed a federation membership of of the more than 1, teachers in the area. But the salary' scale, and even the "was it a strike or a boycott? These were smoothed over after several meetings. Even as they parted, however. Bull and Kosana fired shots at each other, vowing to raid each other's ranks for new members.

As the fall and a Kosana-Bull rematch approacli, the debate begins to settle into the overall one of philosophy: unionize teachers or not? Kosana condemned the "strike" last May and said "the union program hasn't worked in South Bend , as it hasn't worked elsewhere. Bull termed the federation a "professional union" and then added that "association" is preferred to "union" in terminology.

Whatever the terminology, however, the action should resume this fall. And because of his board's salary issue, ND grad Bruggner should be back in the midst of a triangle-affair with some fellow alumni. Kosana remained at work during the four-day boycott.

Its stated purpose was the study of Negro Enrollment at Notre Dame and an evaluation of the e. That Notre Dame has a paucity of Negro students is apparent to even the most casual observer. The Committee believes that such a state of affairs is undesirable for several reasons.

These may be best considered in the context of Notre Dame's role as the leading Catholic university in the world. Such a position implies strong moral and social obligations. In recent years the civil rights movement has demonstrated that racial discrimination has had deep and far-reaching implications.

As our society becomes more and more complex, the American Negro is bound tighter in the grip of a vicious socioeconomic circle which prevents his acquiring the skills necessary for a full and productive member of society.

In terms of human resources, the U. It has been generally concluded that the most effective remedy for this tragic situation lies in the education of the Negro. As an institution of higher education, Notre Dame has die social obligation to equip men for useful and productive roles in society. Notre Dame, the Committee states, has not lived up to its responsibility in this area where its efforts are most needed. A number of important factors are responsible for the absence of a significant number of Negro students at Notre Dame.

The high tuition charges and the limited number of scholarships available make Notre Dame "a rich man's school" Fatlier Hoffman, Voice, December 12, , and a majority of Negroes are found in the lower income groups. There is also a significant psychological problem. Because of the present dearth of Negro students and failure to make special efforts to attract Negro students, the Committee states, Notre Dame has an image of a "white" school.

This failure to express a clear and unmistakable desire to educate Negro students, as the Committee expresses it, has resulted in a condition in which Notre Dame is not considered by Negroes planning to attend college. Another problem lies in the methods Notre Dame uses to attract students. While the analysis of this situation carries no implication of racial prejudice at work, there are a number of ways in which Notre Dame's recruiting program miutates against the possibility of attracting qualified Negro students.

Notre Dame relies heavily upon a national image for the attraction of students and, as mentioned above, this image is not attractive to Negroes. Although this is due to financial limitations, it nevertheless militates strongly against the Negro student who is a victim of the previously mentioned psychological conditions. Also, Notre Dame does little recruiting in public high schools and the Committee claims, shows even less interest in the low-income groups.

Finally, it is not generally realized that non-catholics are welcome at Notre Dame. Since a majority although by no means all of Negroes are non-catholics, this deters applications from Negroes. After studying the programs of other schools, the Committee has outlined a set of specific proposals for Notre Dame: 1. Notre Oamc should establish contact with national groups to determine the identities of able students and gain the assistance of these groups in attracting Negro students who will do well at Notre Dame.

The establishment of several well-publicized scholarships specifically for Negro students. This list of suggestions, particularly with regard to the establishment of scholarships, will require money. We suggest the inclusion of a specific category in the Challenge II drive for Negro scholarships and that these scholarships should be well publicized. The use of some of the 25 one-thousanddollar scholarships sought already in Challenge II for this purpose is also encouraged.

The benefits to Notre Dame, the Committee believes, are enormous. A primarily residential commimity like Notre Dame places great stress on the educational value of students living together. The present homogeneity of the Notre Dame student body makes these contacts less valuable. The presence of students from diverse backgroimds would make the concept of Notre Dame conmiunity life more meaningful and would serve to increase the social awareness of the Notre Dame student body.

The time for Notre Dame to assume leadership in solving the "greatest moral problem of our time" is now. Father Hesburgh has been active on the Civil Rights Commission. Many members of tlie faculty have spoken and acted in this area, yet Notre Dame as an institution, the Committee maintains, has been inactive. No broad solution has been proposed, but we believe the interrelation of factors makes it possible for a modest program to have wide influence.

The large foundations are just begirming to provide funds for such programs, and they are clearly more likely to make grants to schools who have indicated their interest through their own independently established programs. The problems of the Negro in the United States, which shame all Americans and particularly Christians, can be solved when action replaces the words that have long been spoken.

Such acticra is needed now. But we just want to say that you probably thought Ara was responsible for that great season, didn't you? He wasn't. We were. You say "What happened at Southern Cal"? Now watch us go!!! If you haven't read it, do so now.

We'll only recap the problem in briefest form here. Again, here's why: AvaUablc Tickets 25, 8, Eastern contributing 2 tickets 1, Parents of students. Distribution for that game was ONLY as stated above, but opening dates and other information held for all games. Contributors to the 22nd Annual Alumni Fund in , religious and honorar ' degree holders, plus the June Class of , were eligible for advance sale order forms for the football season.

Any order received after that date, resrardless of the category of order form used, will receive j general use treatment. The "Alumni Advance Sale" order form carries this designation. Our envelopes are addressed by the Alumni Association, but filled ' and mailed by the Ticket Office. This is the answer to the alumnus' question as to why, although he ordered for all games on the very first day, Jie may receive fine seats for one game, poor ones for another or fine seats for all; or poor seats for all.

Games away from home usually present even more seating problems because of the small allotment normally available to the visiting team in proportion to the geographical balance of our following. General Use forms are transferable and usually valid for an unlimited quantity of tickets. Moreover, the General Use form is a convenient reminder to the noncontributing alumnus that tickets are available. These General forms carry no locational preferences, for all such orders are filled after Advance Sale purchases.

Public sale opened as usual on August 1. The Ticket Committee will be glad to send public order forms to any addressee upon request as long as tickets are available. Final action on block orders could not be taken until individual sales closed July 15, and then only if sufficient tickets remained. However, a tentative reservation was made and an Alumni Club was given preference in case of short supply. Alumni Clubs frequently ask for two or more seats in "choice location" for raffle or fund-raising awards.

Because of the problems described in Paragraph 4, unless a Club member or members surrenders his Advance Sale privilege for the game desired, tickets for prizes must be of the general sale variety. The answer depends on what the alumnus wants. If two tickets meet his needs then he should use his Alumni Advance privilege.

Although this privilege doesn't guarantee preferred location again see Paragraph 4 , still the opportimity is there. With the Season Ticket there is no alumni preference, and only end zone seats are available. It is renewable automatically each May 1, with no quantity limit. If location is not paramount, an alumnus may assure himself of any quantity ofticketsfor each game renewable each year via the Season Ticket plan.

Alumni might presume, after looking over the stadium diagram, that the Season Ticket locations shown in the alumni sections Sections 8 and 9 are held by, and available to, alumni only. Not so. These Season Tickets were available to anyone prior to , when the alimmi section was more than adequate. Because of the renewal feature of Season Tickets, removal of these patrons from alunmi sections is a slow process.

O'Donnell, C. And if he had ever visited the Log Chapel he would have noticed a marker in the middle of the floor of tliat small chapel. It is a grave. That is it. Older alumni and by older I don't mean too, too old will remember a place called Badin Bog. That was the scene for many a softball game. It was also the scene for many a mud puddle. The Hammes Bookstore moved into the outfield. Basketball courts took, over short-center field. Progress is the word.

And folks who know say you can't stop it. Rightly so. But I hope the day never comes when progress or anything else blocks out or blurs the names and memories of those who fought so long, and worked so hard, and died so bravely to give us what we have. One of those who helped to build the present was a man named Badin.

Young Stephen Badin was the first priest to be ordained in the United States. That was in He had come to this country from France the previous year. He was a young man of twenty-five when ordained, and he had miles to go and much to do before the good Lord called him to Himself.

Father Badin was a hardy indixadual. He had to be to live eighty-five years in a rough wilderness. He spent twentysix years on the Kentucky missions and estimated his travels in the neighborhood of , miles. That's a lot of road.

Today we tend to boast about our travel mileage. But we travel in fancy jets and sleek liners. We grumble if a plane is late or if the service is not fast enough in getting us our cocktails. We are a spoiled people. Old Father Badin, if he were alive today, would tell us off in no uncertain terms. He was a tjtant and would tolerate no nonsense. His bite was worse than his bark.

A man of the missions had to be capable ol some learning. Badin was capable. This could mean his English was not the best. But it also means he was somewhat at home in Latin. No writing from the past ever mentions that Father Badin was a saint.

The fact is he was a cantankerous hurricane of energ ' and impatience. He was tlie "man on the go" type. One sentence from an old Scholastic saj-s, "His greatest delight was to preach the word of God and sing High Mass, even at a late hour. When he would turn to speak, many of them would head for the exit. The impatient Badin did not take this as a compliment. Once he had the door locked on them. They waited till the sermon was over, then leaned asainst the door till it gave way.

The men of the woods were just as rugged as the missionary. They came to attend Mass, not to listen to long sermons. The zeal of Father Badin is his lasting monument When he finished his work in Kentucky, he was sent back to France to recruit for Bishop Flaget of Bardstown. He could have stayed on in France, but he returned after a stay of five years and visited his brother. Father Vincent Badin, in Detroit. Chief Pokagon was in Detroit at the time asking for a priest for his people.

The year is The plans of Badin were to start schools and to cover the missions. As we said earlier. Father Badin was a bundle of energ '. He got a charter for his orphan asylum from the Indiana State legislature in It is hard to imagine why he picked a spot near a frozen lake to do his building.

Pokagon's village would seem to be more appropriate. But even then to work wth aid for the Indians was one thing; to be a dweller in their midst was another. And besides, even though Father Badin was loved by the Indians, he knew he would have to build where the white man would be of help to him. And Father Badin also knew he would not alwa 's be aroimd to settle disputes. The dynamic little priest covered an area from Fort Wa 'ne to Chicago. The attempt to organize an orphans' school at Notre Dame lasted only about a year.

Father Badin turned over the land to Bishop Brute, the bishop of the diocese. Thus begins the story of Father Sorin and a place called Notre Dame. Thus begins and never ends a love stor ' where the bones of Father Badin rest quietly on the shores of a lake in a land he loved.

Anatole Byaruhanga of the Diocese of Ft. William G. Leonard J. John A. Robert E. Jerome F. All are ND Class of '61 but Fr. Gallagher '60 and Fr. Lewers, grad school ' Foley and Warburton are viitb the Anglo-Canadian Province. David Burke CSC '60 not shown. Orange, N. Joseph's High, Kenosha, Wis.

Bill has e. Mary's College Common objects are given a reverse trompe-voeil effect. I" oil above on inch-square canvas shows livid occupant in attitude reminiscent of Degas' "Absinthe. Securities that have risen in value make an ideal gift to the University and can mean substantial tax savings for you.

You can carry over the excess for the next five years as a deduction. You will avoid payment of capital gains tax. If you hold securities which have depreciated in value, sell the securities, take the deduction for the loss in value; and then make a gift of the proceeds from the sale to the University.. Some other forms of gifts of securities are: A Gift of a Stock Option A Donative Sale of Securities A discussion and review of your intentions with your broker or banker is recommended for a contemplated gift of securities to assure your obtaining the maximum tax benefits.

A gift of securities often results in much greater tax savings than a gift out of income. The festival is an annual affair that draws ND grads faom all of the midwest, with, several hundred of the more than 6, alumni in the area attending. Cedar Point features a "Disneyland" type amusement area widi antique cars, restaurants, cable-car rides and a recent addition that re-creates the San Francisco earthquake. A marina and hotd facilities were availaue for an atteading.

Bill, his wife Alice and their eight children lined in the capital city of Accra. Except for two daughters at Marymount International School in Rome, the children and Alice had returned to their home in Phoenix, Ariz.

First, a word about the White Fathers.. As you may know, this is a missionary order which originated in France and is exclusively devoted to. They began their work among the Arabs of northern. Last fall in Rome, 22 of their converts who were martyred in Uganda became saints. Geographically, my trip began on April 13 at Tamale, miles north of Accra. That afternoon I drove 80 miles west to Damongo, near Ghana's only wild game reserve, where I was in time for late-afternoon Maundy Thursday Mass and dinner at the mission.

Just as the Mass ended, a violent rainstorm struck, ending the sixmonth dry season that governs the life of this semi-saharan terrain.. That night I drove on in the rainstorm another 15 miles and spent the night with the game warden of the Mole Reserve. Dery was "discovered" among I the Dagarti 30 years ago by the White Fathers. The large but very humble church was full. To be specific, the average person now eats a full meal every three days.

Our Food for Peace program, administered in this part of Ghana by the Catholic Social Service, keeps thousands alive with free gifts of flour, rice, and dried milk. That afternoon at Daliema, I am frank to say that I was shocked by their poverty.. Most of the women were bare to the waist, nursing and cuddling babies who were naked and thin. Their clothing below the waist was in tatters. Most men were similarly attired. But their simple faith and devotion were overwhelming.

The adoration of the Cross took a good 45 minutes. Each person removed his sandals and many had none before kneeling to kiss the Cross. WUIiam A. Gerhard Ph. Louis Universit ' in and , respectively. Later he was appointed to the editorial staff of the Syntopicon of the Great Books of the Western World, under the direction of Dr. Mortimer J. Adier with the University of Chicago. In recognition of his work on the Great Books, three alumni are donating a set of the Great Books of the Western World to the University as a Gerhard memorial.

The donors are Dr. Kenneth A. Forbes, M. Embassy in Bonn, Germany. Gerhard was also a faculty member at both the University of Chicago and Loyola University of Chicago from to , when he joined the faculty of Brooklyn College. Martin E. Lean, chairman of the department of philosophy at Brooklyn College said, "He Dr.

Gerhard was greatly interested in, and aroused great student interest in, phenomenology, existentialism and the philosophical aspects of modem literature. Gerhard is survived by his widow and five daughters. After the service I drove on to Jiripa which is known for its splendid hospital and mission. True Medical Vocatiini I spent the night at the hospital as the guest of the Sisters and the resident surgeon, a Filipino who finished his medical education in the United States.

To convey what a medical vocation means in this part of the world, this young man operates six days a week. His "income": board and room plus a nominal salary. I have met men of his kind many times in Ghana. Shades of AMA! The next morning I took off for Nandom. Nandom is at the very northwest comer of Ghana and at the center of the Dagarti tribe.

The oijy recent excitement prior to the American Ambassador's arrival had occurred the week before: a herd of elephants had graced the village with a visit. The scene at Nandom is quite unworldly. A small village that developed in the shadow of a mission, it is dominated by the church which comjfortably accommodates There are schools, a hospital, a convent for the Sisters, and a residence for the priests.

Although there is no running water, few lights, limited food and year-aroimd heat, I have never encountered happier priests and people. By the time Mass began, the church was packed to capacity and many more were outside at windows and doors. It was a long service with several Dagarti hymns. One had the impression it was clearly the high point of the year for these people.

It took four priests over 30 minutes to give out Communion. We left the church at ajn. The only instruments there are no organs in this part of the world were the native xylophone, drums and tom-toms. The entire congregation sings the Mass sonorous voices. There is nothing self-conscious or contrived in their singing and the effect is as natural as breathing. Little wonder, since from infancy they sing and dance practically every day of their lives. Sunday afternoon I left Nandom and started toward Tamale miles away.

At Tamale on Monday morning I caught a plane back to Accra and the complicated modem world. This was the 8th consecutive year in which the banquet, a joint observance of Law Day U. These included Dr. Allen D. Broden, Jr. The symposium papers will be published in a special issue of The Notre Dame Lawyer later this year.

Faculty Materials Ten courses and five of six elective seminars in the Law School are now taught from books or sets of materials developed by members of the faculty. Brennan Jr. Justice Brennan was guest at a joint luncheon of the commerce and law faculties and later spent a social hour with members of the law faculty. Placement Seven June graduates have, at this writing, accepted clerkships in the federal courts.

They are Kevin AV. Carey; Richard D. Catenacci; Michael G. Farrar; John M. Lamont; Larry E. Shinnick, Michael D. Sullivan; and Steven A. Femand N. William Lewers C. Father Lewers is a lawyer and was, before entering the congregation, a member of the law faculties at the University of Illinois and the University of Kentucky. He was ordained in June. Associate Professor John J. Broderick has been promoted to a full professorship and relieved of his administrative duties in order to devote all of his time to teaching the course in torts for combination students and the second-year courses in labor law and evidence.

Professor Thomas F. Professor Broden has been designated a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory by Pope Paul VI, in recognition of his community activities and of his service to the Church. He discussed legislation before the Indiana General Assembly which would have given cash assistance and school-bus transportation to students in non-public schools. Louis in March. Webber '61L has been appointed assistant prosecutor for Saginaw County, Michigan. The story of Mr.

Webber's education at the Law, School was featured in an explanation of the activities of Recording for the Blind in the December Rotarian magazine, an - article condensed and reprinted in the. Petre won first prize in the "' Burkan competition at the Law School; the ciety of Composers and Publishers. He is now employed in the legal department of,'' Xerox Corporation. George P. Michaely Jr. In this period large groups of ND students pitched in to help reconstruct local tornado disaster areas, a testimonial banquet was organized by the students for Father Hesburgh, and a scholarship fund was established by the Senior Class.

In the waning weeks of the spring semester club sports have become firmly entrenched in the athletic scene. The tortuous St. Joseph River has been the proving ground of the newly formulated Crew Team, and the Rugby Club aspired to new heights upon being declared the Unofficial National Champion of Class of Scholarship Fund From a once obscure school in the northern Indiana wilderness the University has progressed in just over a century to a great institution of higher learning, recognized the world over for the high caliber of its instruction and research.

Commensurate with this progress has been a sharp increase in tuition e-spenses. The Class of has recognized the financial burden of a college education and has dedded to help alleviate the problem for a few fortunate individuals. The first to be benefited by the Class of Scholarship Fund will be our progeny.

Ch-er workers have been involved in promulgating the program. Administration of the endowment will be handled by the Class of Scholarship Fund Trustees Class officers and appointed individuals in conjunction with the University. The Scholarship Fund is designed to be a secure investment in the future of Notre Dame for the sons of the Class of Other noteworthy functions of the Senior Class have included the Annual Senior Dinner, sponsored in conjunction with the Alumni Association, and a most memorable Senior Ball.

At the Senior Dinner Rev. John Walsh "tactfully" reminded us that it is never too early to remember Notre Dame in our wills, insurance policies and stock dividends. Glenn Miller's orchestra helped to create the exotic and colorful atmosphere of the Senior Ball. The dance was the culmination of an entire week of activities which featured such events as an exhibition by the world-renowned pool artist, Willie Mosconi, and a golf trick shot demonstration by the equally famous Paul Hahn.

April 11, a series of tornadoes struck northern Indiana with devastating effects. Sections of communities close to South Bend were leveled to a state of complete rubble. Help was badly needed to clear the immense destruction, and the help came in the form of about students who offered to assist in the cleanup operations. Buses, cars and Air Force ROTC weapons carriers were used to transport the much-appreciated student volunteers to the disaster areas.

In the ensuing days there were day-to-day forays of at least twenty students. An interesting note of the project is that a major part of the numerous volunteer contingents seems to have been architecture students. Theodore M. Hesburgh's manifest concern for Notre Dame and her students, over students gathered at a testimonial banquet to pay tribute to him.

During the dinner, a captivating oil portrait of Fr. Hesburgh was presented to him by the artist, John Bellamy, a senior fine arts major. The telegrams all Bellamy's "Father Hesburgh' 'Spring' See overleaf reflected the same deep respect and admiration shared by the students for the accomplishments of Father Hesburgh. It is my personal feeling that this testimonial banquet is also conclusive evidence of the rapport that exists between Father Hesburgh and the students. We are indeed fortunate to have such an industrious, dynamic and capable man as head of the University.

His thirteen years as president have benefited not only Notre Dame but Catholic education as a whole. Frank O'Malley, professor of English, remarked that the greatest single achievement of Father Hesburgh has been the atmosphere he has created. Father Hesburgh is able to generate this spirit because, in spite of all his experience and knowledge, he is still capable of wonder.

He is still open to people, to existence, to ideas. A unique featuire of the highly successful event was the gathering together of twelve of the world's leading scientists, seven of them Nobel laureates. Father Hesburgh conferred honorary doctor of law degrees on the twelve eminent scientists. A highlight of the ceremonies was the address of Prof. Michael Polanyi, celebrated physical chemist and philosopher from Manchester and Oxford Universities in England, on the creative imagination.

New developments on freshman stay-hall residence N. Vide spring issue necessitate a brief consideration. The major difficulty encountered to date has been the fulfillment of quotas in the three experimental halls Alumni, Dillon, and Farley. Upperclassmen have been cajoled and coerced without success into matriculating next year in Farley. Preparations have been made to facilitate the acclimation of the freshmen-to-be to this new program.

Yet from all indications, the concept of freshman stay-hall residence will never materialize into the proposed idealized state unless the synergistic factors of upperclassism are first eradicated. Conclusion About 1, seniors were awarded bachelor's degrees on Sunday, June 6, during Notre Dame's th annual commencement celebration. Among the activities available for graduates and their visitors were performances of "The Threepenny Opera" by the University Theatre and a series of band concerts.

Receptions, processions and parties were in abundance. The Class of moves into history. Heinrich Krone, minister for special ailairs of the West German Federal Republic, receives an honorary Doctor of Laws degree after delivering an address on "Germans and Nuclear Weapons" at a special campus convocation Alarch Shown with Dr. George N. Shuster, assistant to Fr. Hcsburgh and state commissioner for Bavaria in the U. Here with Chagall are Rev. Chagall met informally with faculty members and students in the art department during a four-day visit to the campus.

Mark Fitzgerald CSC left , conference founder and director, introduces three conference speakers to Rev. Denise, vice-president for labor relations. Ford Motor Co. More than union and industry ofecials attended the 13th annual conference. Tlieodore M. Hcsburgh CSC, center, president of the University, conferred honorary Doctor of Laws degrees on 12 men of science during a special convocation held on campus May Receiving degrees were front row, left to right Dean Adrian Albert, division of physical sciences, Univ.

Melvin Calvin, director chemical biodynamics laboratory, Univ. Michael Polanyi, chemist, Oxford, England; Fr. Hcsburgh; Dr. Karl Hctzfeld, head of department of physics. Catholic Univ. Arthur Komberg, executive head, department of biochemistry, Stanford Univ. Charles H. Harold C. Urey, prof, of chemistry, Univ. James D. Eugene P. Wigner, Princeton Univ.

All recipients, except Polanyi, are members of the National Academy of Sciences. The views of theologians, medical experts and welfare personnel at a hitherto oft-the-record University conference are compiled by Dr. They are left to right Rev.

Louis Duprcm, associate prof, of philosophy at Georgetown University; Rev. Mary Calderene, executive director of the Se. Paul Heyns, prof, of philosophy at Valparaiso University. Not pictured is another symposium speaker, Dr. John G. Hesburgh CSC, University president, blesses the new architecture facilities in the remodeled old library building in ceremonies May I. Frank Montana, head of the architecture department e-xtreme right.

The conference was second in a series of three co-sponsored by the University and the Chicago Cana Conference and supported by the Ford Foundation. The introduction stresses disastrous population trends, the inevitability of procreation control and challenges for public policy and private morality. Adler, LL. This volume comprises selected and revised chapters from a work by the now Director of the Institute for Philosophical Research, entitled Art and Prudence.

The foreword of the present edition is by Samuel Plazo, '48, one of our outstanding poet-educators. Current conditions have revitalized the considerations of the relations of the poet, and art, and aesthetics to the world about them.. Hazo says, "Certainly poetiy"s social echoes are as unmistakable now as tliey have been in the past.

Many of the supra-aesthetic problems raised by Greek and Shakespearean tragedy are again raised by the poetry of today as it is manifested in verse, fiction or the contemporary film. This page book seeks to describe the history, people and sites of the oldest city in Indiana. Written by a husband and wife team who have compiled several such guidebooks, this paperback contains 12 color photographs in addition to numerous black and white photos, maps and drawings.

Arranged on a six by nine inch format, the guidebook is in the easy-toread style required for sightseeing. Even the advertisements are helpful, offering information concerning restaurants, amusements, hotels, etc. Louis J. James Michael Lee Fides Publishers. But the book is more than an opinion of these two men; they have compiled essays by 12 other writers seeking to bring the level of seminary training and education in line with the The essays consider the history and various educational practices followed by several seminaries, both old and new.

Drawing from university and seminar ' faculties for their authors, the editors have compiled an informative book from competent sources. Pflaum, Publisher, Inc. President Pflaum has written in to announce that there are now 15 titles in this popular Bible-story series, adding: "Even more important, however, is to let you know that our company benefits from the talents of alumni that were not mentioned in your review.

Treasurer M. This represents eight per cent of our total staff, and I wonder if many other companies can match this record. Five Notre Dame professors have contributed articles to the edition of the Encyclopedia Americana. They are Paul C. Hennion '32, "Reppe Chemistr '"; and Bernard J. Kohlbrenner, "Education in the Roman Catholic Church.

One of the three, C. He taught Greek and German at the College of St. Teresa in Winona, Minn. He conducted great books seminars and related courses in the General Program. He has been a member of the committee selecting Rhodes Scholarship candidates in Indiana. He also taught an adult evening course at Notre Dame. Nutting is married to the former Eileen Barr - of Denver, Colo. They have two sons and a daughter.

He is the author of two books. He lectured several times at the Universitj- between and when he was appointed distinguished visiting professor, a post he held until De Koninck was a lay theologian representing Most Rev. He was the author of 10 books in the fields of philosophy and theolog -. Willis D. Nutting, an associate professor in the General Program, and Carl C.

Stevason, associate professor in metallurgical engineering. A native of Williamsport, Pa. He later studied at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University toward a degree in education. Kline joined the faculty in and then became head baseball coach in to succeed the late George Keogan who moved to basketball.

Moving into his 32nd season, Kline boasts a record of wins, losses and four ties. His teams have gained berths in postseason play seven of the 15 years the playoffs have been in existence. His teams clinched fourth in the College World Series. Nutting, who has been with the faculty since , is a native of Iowa City, Iowa. Sterason, an Edinburg, Ind. He has also worked during summers in machine design with several industrial firms, including Sibley Machine and Bendix companies of South Bend, Boeing Aircraft of Seattle, Wash.

He is married to the former Mae Johnston of Hamilton, Ohio. They have one daughter. The meeting may be continued and concluded at a later date specified in a notice filed with the Bankruptcy Court. If your claim is scheduled and is not listed as disputed, contingent, or unliquidated, it will be allowed in the amount scheduled unless you filed a Proof of Claim or you are sent further notice about the claim.

Whether or not your claim is scheduled, you are permitted to file a Proof of Claim. If your claim is not listed at all or if your claim is listed as disputed, contingent, or unliquidated, then you must file a Proof of Claim or you might not be paid any money on your claim and may be unable to vote on a plan. The court has not yet set a deadline to file a Proof of Claim.

If a deadline is set, you will be sent another notice. A secured creditor retains rights in its collateral regardless of whether that creditor files a Proof of Claim. Filing a Proof of Claim submits the creditor to the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court, with consequences a lawyer can explain. For example, a secured creditor who files a Proof of Claim may surrender important nonmonetary rights, including the right to a jury trial.

Filing Deadline for a Creditor with a Foreign Address: The deadline for filing claims will be set in a later court order and will apply to all creditors unless the order provides otherwise. If notice of the order setting the deadline is sent to a creditor at a foreign address, the creditor may file a motion requesting the court to extend the deadline. Discharge of Debts Confirmation of a chapter 11 plan may result in a discharge of debts, which may include all or part of your debt.

A discharge means that you may never try to collect the debt from the debtor, except as provided in the plan. If you are unable to file electronically or to submit a copy of your filing on diskette or compact disk CD , you may file conventionally, provided that you submit with your filing an affidavit of your inability to comply.

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