investing in a dive shop
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Investing in a dive shop trading trendlines forex factory

Investing in a dive shop

I am a snob though so nothing cheap really gets my eye! So, if needed, I could repair the motor, replace whatever or do what it takes to get the ship back to dock not to mention the skills to safely get the boat, crew and customers to and from the shop. Seeing them do it in Cozumel, I am sure I would just hire a captain and lead the dives myself.

I would also just hire staff to man the tanks and setups for the customers. The more experience you have, the better. Click to expand I dont agree. I keep diving with the same outfit in Cozumel year in, year out. Cause I like the boats and the people they have. I am not interested in getting PADI anything. I am NAUI and prefer to get my training at home rather than while on vaca. So thats not going to be a breaking point for recreational divers. Tech divers maybe but I wont ever do any tech diving.

No desire for that activity here. Just look around and see what you can get stuff for. Off the bat, I see you stated 20 tanks. Ok system would run you what? Nor do we have this gear shipped there. Nor do we have a place to stay. Or a boat. Or customers. Or inventory. It goes pretty quickly. Some distributors will require that you buy X amount.

That means you have to spend a bit of coin on day one to have inventory and hope that what you bought is decent and in demand enough that you can sell it all and buy your next batch. Dont forget that we need to display the inventory. Need to cover that.

Booties: To be used with adjustable fins, they are a must for colder waters and shore diving. Compass: Useful when the visibility is low. It is a mandatory piece of equipment for Divemasters in training. Here is the model I use for my air gauge. Dive light: A diving torchlight is essential for night diving, but they are also helpful during daytime in darker waters or when you go diving deeper on a shipwreck. Dive knife: Useful to avoid getting entangled in a line if you scuba dive in an area where people go fishing.

A dive knife may look cool, but a line cutter is often more effective. Snorkel: While we all learn during our Open Water course that this is a mandatory piece of scuba gear to deal with an emergency at the surface if you are running out of air and conditions are the surface are rough. I would be ruined by excess luggage fees if so! Fortunately, these are always included in the price of a dive when you book with a dive centre.

Scuba gear bags You mostly choose between 3 styles of dive bags. The large ones are convenient for packing up your scuba gear and driving home directly after diving. Mesh bag: These are perfect when staying several days at a dive centre or on a liveaboard cruise. It will help you keep your scuba diving gear organised. You can rinse it together quickly and let it dip dry. Travel bag: A light but solid roller duffle bag is the way to go for long-distance travel.

The quality of the wheels and salt-resistant zippers are features to look for. The ergonomics of the telescopic handle comes next. I used to think a foldable backpack system was a must until I realised the duffle bag handles just work as fine for a few stairs or walking on the beach.

Have a look at my diving bags review. What kind of scuba gear for which location? Another important criterion for buying scuba gear is where you mainly scuba dive. Scuba gear for warm waters If scuba diving only equals tropical island holidays to you, a dive kit with the essentials will do. My recommendation? Get at least a dive computer and an SMB on top of that. Scuba gear for cooler waters When I think about mild temperatures, I think about the Mediterranean Sea or mainland Japan.

But even tropical destinations can have a colder season. In this case, I scuba dive with a 5mm wetsuit for the warmest side of the range. It also means adding more accessories to keep warm: a hood, gloves and booties. Scuba gear for cold waters There is quite a debate about which water temperature you may consider drysuit diving from. When making a significant investment into a drysuit, why bother? Some argue it is nicer to scuba dive in a wetsuit from a liberty of movement and hydrodynamics point of view.

To some extent, I can relate to this. If you use a 7mm neoprene drysuit, fleece sweater and leggings can do. Beyond a non-optional hood, cold water diving involves getting a high-end regulator. You need to pick a model able to operate without freezing and getting into free-flow. Some regulators are even certified for ice diving. These regulators usually have extra ports to connect the hose to the drysuit inflator. This hose is generally sold as a standard accessory with drysuits.

Considering the low visibility you usually have in colder waters but not everywhere , a powerful dive light is more about to be seen by your dive buddy and acts as a safety device, in my opinion. How to choose the right gear for me? I think this question genuinely terrified me in my first 2 years of diving. I had so many people telling me to buy what they were using without thinking if it was adapted to my situation.

Besides, the choice is indeed overwhelming. There is no perfect way to pick the ideal scuba gear for you the first time. When I accepted the trial-and-error process involved, my stress decreased. However, you can also buy second hand and resell at the same price. Is there a difference in scuba gear between beginners and experienced divers? However, there is still a difference in equipment between recreational divers and tech divers.

Tech divers have specific needs for deep diving and cave diving. But if a high-end product is what you need and you have the budget, go for it!

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5/25/ · Shop; Take control of your financial future. I Will Help You Create Generational Wealth. As seen On: Get Started With our Free masterclass. Register Free. Hello I'm Kiana. I Missing: dive shop. Open to invest around 80K$ to buy a dive shop, however the option that would be ideal for us is to rent/lease an existing dive shop. Philippines, Oceania, Caribbean or central america would . First, on the pricing front, the real problem was that local dive shops were selling dive gear at ridiculously high margins to subsidize the money-losing parts of their operations. We can’t run.