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Personal finance investing blogs begging for cryptocurrency

Personal finance investing blogs

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Personal finance investing blogs Securities and Exchange Commission The U. This makes it much more flexible to spend your points. The Economist The Economist is a long-running financial magazine. Their site also features a section just for investing, and many of these articles can be accessed for free. Download our eBook: Work-Life Balance for Finance Professionals Finance careers can be fast-paced and exciting, but the long hours and heavy workloads can lead to considerable stress.

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And their articles on federal student loans including Stafford subsidized, unsubsidized, and PLUS loans are also amazing. Insurance including the information guides on car insurance, renters insurance, and online life insurance. They also review the best insurance companies so that you make the right choice. How-to guides and tools plus accounts you can use for saving while in college. Investing in stocks, choosing brokers, retirement investing, and how to start investing while you are in college.

These guides are really helpful because written for the students so are easily understandable. As a student, you need to pay debt and need to build a financial future so these tips are really great for learning to make money. The blog posts are updated and in-depth for learning as a student. They are written in eBay language so easily understandable and applicable. You can join them on major social media platforms. It was founded back in by Andrew Schrage and Gyutae Park.

The basic reason for founding this site is to help students and other people know the flaws in the financial system and make sound financial decisions. And there are a variety of other topics that are targeted on this blog. Here is the list of major and important topics you should read about: Credit cards with reviews and informational guides Loans including student loans and personal loans.

Family and home topics including estate planning Banking with details on free checking accounts and new bank account promotions. Making money, careers, small business, and making extra income. Saving money and tips and tricks on frugal living and shopping Borrow money with guides about loans, real estate, bankruptcy, getting out of debt, and credit cards. Investing including bonds, retirement, real estate, and avoiding investing scams. Managing money tips including banking, budgeting, taxes, and giving.

Money Crashers is an authoritative blog and you can get every bit of information that you can. Around a million people visit this blog each month. They have social media accounts and you can follow them. Clever Girl Finance was founded by Bola Sokunbi who is a certified financial education instructor and money expert as well as the best-selling author.

Her mission is to help women take the right financial education and decision about financial products and services. Which helps them become financially successful and minimize social barriers. She also gives a clear roadmap for financial success. And the key steps she includes are: adjust your mindset, get organized, budget and save, destroy debt, build real wealth, and plan for necessary things.

There are over blog articles published on CFG and has around , monthly visitors. The best and unique thing about this blog is that Bola offers free templates, tools, and even courses for learning about perusal finance and budgeting.

You can avail his personal financial courses consisting of short videos for free. She also has his podcasts and books available in his shop. Also the downloadable templates for business and life planning. The information is really insightful and interesting because she writes from her personal experience. You can join his newsletter for the latest articles and news to help you achieve your financial goal. It has between 12 to 17 million monthly readers, 6.

Dozens of topics are covered under one umbrella. The Penny Hoarder covers all aspects of personal finance. If you want to read it then here is an overview of topics: Make money: where you can explore ways to make money doing a side hustle, by selling online, ways to make money for college students side gigs, starting a business, work from home, career, and other creative ways.

These articles will be enough for you to learn about making money if you read 4 to 5 of them. Save money: where you get ways to save money on a tight budget, on groceries, weddings, food, electric bills, honeymoon, and on online shopping sites. The budgeting section discusses the reviews of best budgeting applications you can use on laptops in mobile, budgeting tips for beginners who know little to nothing, budgeting methods, and increasing savings.

Debt section deals with medical debt, student loans, tips on handline debt collectors, and bankruptcy. Also tips on paying off debt fast and debt relief. Tips for billionaires to retire comfortably and social security tips when a person dies. Other sections include tips and comparison of bank accounts, articles on investing, home buying, taxes, and insurance. Their academy includes helpful free courses on credit scores, groceries, job hunting, budgeting, and more.

You can subscribe to their newsletter also and follow them on social media for the latest personal finance article update and news. By the way, it is a prominent site in personal finance. Women Who Money Screenshot Source: Women Who Money It is a blog dedicated to educating women about personal finance that helps them better manage their money.

Their writers and editors are all women with expertise in different areas of personal finance. Here women can learn about earning money, investing their money to build wealth, saving, financial planning , credit cards, and debt. There is also a glossary of different personal finance terms is available so you can search any difficult word.

Since more than 10 million people visited this blog. It is focused on Millennials people who were born between to and provide information on various personal finance topics. The blog is too focused on a specific generation therefore all the topics are super targeted to their needs.

But what you can read about on Millennial Money. Here it is: How to build long-term wealth including topics like making money, passive income ideas, side hustles, and growing wealth from your 20s. If you are a business lover then you can get ideas on online business and if a job lover then online jobs and work from home money ideas. You can also get reviews on saving money cashback apps, gift cards, and cashback sites.

If you feel difficulty in managing money then get tips on making budgets, the best banks, and personal finance software. Then comes investing where you can learn about basic investing principles, strategies, and starting investing with little money.

There are reviews available on best-investing apps, short-term investing opportunities, IRA accounts, micro-investing applications, Robo advisors, and brokers. Other guides are available on real estate investing, house hacking, best real estate investing books, and crowdfunding. Also helpful guides for beginners on credit cards, credit monitoring, getting out of debt, their types, and which is the best one to choose.

Are you planning for retirement now or going to retire in few years? You can also use their calculator to determining when you are ready for retirement, how much money is needed, and years left for getting financial freedom. Other topics include next-level life, success in peace, frugality, and recovering from burnout. Dough Roller Screenshot Source: Dough Roller It is a money blog that writes about real estate investing, zero-coupon bonds, savings, and all other personal finance topics.

Their mission is to help people understand complex personal finance, investing, and money management. The blog was founded by Rob Berger in and it turned out into a big site that is visited by over 2 million people every year. There are hundreds of articles published on this blog. So what you can get from this blog as a personal finance learner? There are some important topics which include: Banking.

This includes a comparison of the best banks where you can open checking accounts, high yield saving accounts, and offer competitive interest rates. Also online banking and mobile banking apps reviews. You can learn about banking alternatives, online vs traditional banking, and savings account alternatives.

There are rates available on CDs including 5 years, 1 year, and no penalty CDs. Here you can learn about comparison and best online brokers, Robo advisors, investment tracking apps, short-term investments, and trading sites. They also have reviews and guides on real estate investing, rental properties, and reviews of real estate investing companies. So this is amazing if you want to learn about real estate investing. Credit cards. You can uncover the best credit cards including cash back, balance transfer, rewards, free prepaid, low interest, and signup bonuses.

If you want to save money on gas groceries, dining out, online shopping then credit cards for them are also reviewed here to make sure you choose the right one. There are also individual reviews of credit card companies like Sapphire, Quicksilver, venture, etc. Loan and credit. Do you want to take personal loans, payday loans, or searching for any other type of loan? Then you can discover them on DoughDollar. They have guides on alternatives to payday loans, auto loan rates, small business loan comparisons, and student loans guides.

You can also learn about refinancing debt, building emergency funding while in debt, and a loan pay-off calculator. If you know little or not at all about credit score and how to improve then they have guides on getting real credit score, FICO scores for re-mortgage, building a credit score, and how to get credit building cards.

Learn about health insurance and the best health and life insurance companies for the self-employed. They have in-depth reviews on supplemental life insurance, best whole life insurance, and informational how-to articles. Enough articles on car insurance, best companies by state, how-to articles, and best car insurance by the tax.

Other popular topics are available on home and renters insurance, personal property insurance, renters insurance companies, and individual companies reviews. The tax section helps you learn about different tax brackets, tax-loss harvesting, getting tax benefits, the best tax software, and how-to guides.

If you want to get individual reviews on different tax-related software and companies then you can go to their tax reviews section. You can also dig into their comparisons of the best tax tools and tax filing options that save you time and money. Personal finance. This section has some important topics including mortgage, retirement, money management, and earning extra income.

You can uncover information, review articles, and tools about mortgage debt. You can also learn about retirement plans by reading their comparison articles. Money management is also covered in-depth with informative articles on creating budgets, money rules, money management apps, and software comparisons, and reviews on the net worth tracker and budgeting tools. If you want to earn extra income or making passive income then they have articles on side hustles ideas, passive income ideas, application or earning money, jobs that pay enough salary, and more.

It is an old and authoritaitive website with well-designed and updated information. You can join their newsletter option for staying updated with new articles. Also, you can follow their social media accounts.

Dollar Sprout Screenshot Source: Dollar Sprout The founder Jeff Proctor started this blog in and since then they have helped over 15 million readers in six years. The main focus of this blog is on earning more money. This is done through side works and activities, jobs, online businesses, and passive income ideas. You can uncover money-making apps, paid surveys sites, ways to make money online, and how college students can enhance their earning potential.

They have small business ideas, making money fast ideas, and individual applications reviews for earning money. They include quality apps with 4 and 5-star ratings. One of the unique things about his site is that you get calculators for different financial matters. Other financial calculators include debt to income ratio calculator, credit utilization calculator, compound interest calculator, and net worth calculator.

They also have research studies and surveys they conducted on making money and other perusal finance topics. So you can use them as a student for enhancing knowledge. Do you want to use apps? Then they have comprehensive reviews on the best budgeting applications, cashback applications, investing apps, and money-making apps to help you earn extra.

So you can read them and choose to download whichever you like. You can follow them on Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest. In this list of personal finance blogs, the next comes Well Kept Wallet. He is a persona finance expert podcaster and speaker.

And there is a whole lot of information you can use to enhance your financial knowledge. They mainly deal with making money, saving money, investing money, and paying off debt. In the making money section, they have a wide variety of articles with depth information.

You can find their listicles on ways to earn money, making money from home, passive income ideas, money-making ideas for kids and teens. They have a list of sites where you can sell your products and the best delivery applications. Also, ways to get Amazon fire first cards, apps that pay you for scanning grocery receipts, and individual sites review for making like Swagbucks, survey junkie for earning money.

You can also learn other tips and tricks as well. Well Kept Wallet has ways to save money on groceries, general saving tips, and tricks, saving money on coupons and informational guides. They also have in-depth articles on getting free things online and places to get free stuff when your birthday comes. They have a list of cashback sites, free gift cards, stickers, free money, and a whole lot more.

Helpful informational guides on earning dividend income, real estate, and free investing applications. You can find individual reviews on multiple best investing applications like personal capital, TD Ameritrade, and Betterment. They also have a list of best stock investment newsletters and ways to invest a small amount of money. Are you in debt and want to cut through it? Then Well Kept wallet has amazing articles on ways to pay off debt, like mortgage refinancing, debt consolidation, paying off student loans, and other ways and companies that provide opportunities.

You can also uncover ways to pay off credit card debt in whichever one is stuck. Also the methods like debt avalanche and debt snowball for accelerated debt payment. They have a list of lending companies that provide refinancing opportunities like Sofi, Lending Club, Credible, and Upgrade with reviews. The Well Kept Wallet has a lot of information that you can use in the above-mentioned personal finance areas to make yourself stronger.

The best part is that their articles include listicles and how to are in-depth with enough details and personal experience. This software name is YNAB and you can get a day free trial. This will help you save money and get out of debt fast.

The main focus is on creating budgets and saving money. You can read out their articles on budget rules, the ideal age of money, and creating budget fun. They have free workshops and videos courses that help you learn how to create budgets. You also learn how to manage your budgets, manage credit cards, eliminate debt, and level up your savings. Financial Samurai Screenshot Source: Financial Samurai It is another old and authoritative personal finance blog which is started just after the recession.

The blog discusses budgeting and savings, career and employment, credit cards, credit score, debt, entrepreneurship, insurance, investment, mortgages, and motivation. You can read out products reviews on different financial products like credit cards, student loans personal loans, and insurance companies. This is really amazing blog with lots of useful and in-depth information.

It is started by Jeff Rose who is a retired army soldier in He also founded other successful financial companies including alliance wealth management, LLC, and an investment advisory company which he sold in the year Now he is only educating people on personal finance through his website and a Youtube channel. He is recognized by several top publications as a top financial advisor like Investopedia, financial advisor magazine and is featured on Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC.

His blog Good Financial Cents teaches you about several topics like making money, managing money, investing money, and taxes. You can also learn about insurance to protect your assets, retirement investing and savings, banking, credit score and reports, and debt. I recommend you to must-read his blog because he is a professional financial divisor and certified financial planner.

His blog reflects his experience and knowledge of personal finance. Money Mustache Screenshot Source: Mr. Money Mustache The blog was launched in by a husband who was so broke. By the way, the blog is very useful with classic design and has published over articles. Here you can learn about getting rich, insurance, retirement, student loans, and debt.

They also have an in-depth list of recommended budgeting, investing, credit cards other firms, and products. You can search this forum for any personal finance questions you want answers to. In this list of personal finance blogs, next is The Simple Dollar. Even subscribe to their newsletter for getting on-time updates. You can read their other articles in financial wellness, emergency loans, car insurance, and mortgage relief.

They also have financial courses about maximizing savings, paying down debt, Building credit score, accessing more cash, and optimizing your credit cards. Money Mustache On his blog, Mr. Money Mustache, Peter Adeney shares how he could save a lot of money and retire early into his 30s by living frugally but still enjoying life along the way.

He encourages others to adjust their lifestyle to achieve financial success without feeling deprived or sacrificing happiness along the way. Good Financial Cents Jeff Rose founded Good Financial Cents, where he helps his readers learn about investing and other money management topics. This money blog is on a mission to make financial services easy and simple with their content relating mainly to investment strategies but also plenty of other posts, including budgeting, banking, and credit cards resources which are all useful when starting your search for the best possible service provider in each specific area.

A Purple Life The author of A Purple Life retired in five years by increasing her income, reducing expenses, and still enjoying life along the way. She shares personal finance wisdom based on this experience through an engaging blog with relatable advice for young professionals. The site is an excellent resource for early retirement planning and budgeting tips that can help readers enjoy their lives while they save up money to retire at 35 or earlier.