making sense of low volatility investing in oil
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Making sense of low volatility investing in oil action bet calculator

Making sense of low volatility investing in oil

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Distillate demand remains weak due to unseasonably high temperatures. Expect crude oil prices to remain volatile as sentiment coupled with bearish news from China is overwhelming fundamentals. This news confirmed the earlier API report showing a 5. USO data by YCharts A look inside the numbers While the headline number showing falling crude oil inventories is bullish, it needs to be put into context. As I noted last week, imports have been driving the inventory data.

Ignoring this data point would lead to a distorted picture. Indeed, crude oil imports fell by 0. If imports had stayed flat week over week, crude oil inventories would have fallen by 2. In other words, I suspect most of the "noise" in imports is from tankers arriving from these two countries. As for US production, this rose by bpd to 9. Over the past 4 weeks, production has averaged 9.

Again, oil production is staying stubbornly high, despite massive cutbacks in spending. Though, this is largely a result of improved efficiencies as companies focus on maximizing cash flows. US oil rig counts are falling and are nowhere near enough to replace loss reserves, so the trend will eventually be towards falling production.

I would caution that this could happen fairly quickly as we saw some large weekly production declines in the fall of Refiners are going full throttle One of the few bright spots in the energy complex is refining. Indeed, this did not disappoint last week as refineries are processing Though, this is also 0.

Crack spreads and thus refining margins remain high, though have tightened in recent weeks. Source: Reuters However, increasing output from refineries has led to growing gasoline stockpiles, up a massive This is a very large number and I do not entirely trust it. The Federal Reserve has already started tapering the bond purchases, which it expects to complete by March.

The Fed is expected to begin raising its benchmark interest rate in March. The Federal Reserve may take a more aggressive approach in raising interest rates. In fact, Goldman Sachs is expecting the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates four times this year. The reading highlighted the weakest growth in factory activity since January due to softness in new orders growth Going on, the latest jobs report for December looks disappointing.

The U. Non-farm employment has increased by

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