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Sta mislite o forex uk

I highly recommend her services! August 25, Chase S. Consulting, Introduced to a Professional I needed help all the way around. Sara was very thorough and answered all my questions. Definitely worth the money. My expectations were very high and Sara and her team exceeded them all. August 25, United States Introduced to a Professional Ivona was very helpful in helping us understand the requirements for temporary residence and eventual citizenship in Croatia.

For now, she is getting my OIB which will be of help to use for banking and other services. She's very professional and I would look forward to working with her in the future. August 18, Croatia Consulting, Introduced to a Professional Sara is absolutely the best resource available should you wish to acquire Croatian citizenship, relocate to Croatia or simply learn more about Croatian legalities, bureaucracy and its culture.

Sara is not an "app" that you simply can download, she is a primary resource that can personally answer your questions, etc. Extremely professional, Sara can answer most questions you may have about Croatia. She researches her answers thoroughly if you are wise enough to send your questions before your consultation and is quick to point out that she may not have the answer to an obscure, yet nonetheless important question, you may have, and she will get back to you.

The "magic" of Sara is that she, herself, has gone through many of the situations that you may anticipate should you want to live in Croatia. Well-spoken, intelligent, and with a broad knowledge of many of the problems that you may encounter, Sara offers practical, well-founded and real advice as to how to navigate the complexities of moving to Croatia.

I cannot praise Sara more my consultation but, I can than to simply say she helped guide me in obtaining Croatian citizenship, found excellent professionals when needed as well as "held my hand" through much of the process and some of my fears. One needs only to look at the newsletter she manages: "Expat in Croatia.

Nonetheless, questions always arise Thank you Sara, Michael R. I could not recommend this service enough! Initially, we only needed a small apartment or hotel room to stay in and give us time to organize and plan for a 6-month to 1-year stay in Croatia. We arrived very late on the 24th of March from Istanbul Turkey and after a quick Uber ride from the airport, we met up with Ms. Peric' around midnight, in front of the apartment complex.

Luckily, we arrived before High Season kicked-in, so our weekly rental costs were not outrageous. The initial meetings with the apartment landlord, the home landlord, the realtor, the local tax agency and Notary Office were coordinated by Ms. My wife and I had tried getting a visa ourselves. That did not work out. Much of the issues were due to Canadian government actions. The Canadian bureaucracy is arguably the worst in the world.

We contacted EiC and they gave us great advice, and introduced us to lawyers in Zadar. Things went much smoother, and MUCH less heartburn. The lawyer even guided us through the government health care application HZZ May 4, United States Consulting I could not recommend this service enough. Sara is extremely helpful, detailed, and easy to speak to.

She had organised all of my information prior to our call so well that we had some extra time and she filled in the space with giving me loads of information on other basic living procedures and protocols in Split.

From start to finish, my experience with Expat in Croatia was excellent. I had many questions and concerns about moving to Croatia. Our family situation is a bit unique, and I needed help deciding if Croatia was going to be the right place for us. I had already read through the website multiple times, but I still had many questions about our specific situation.

I booked an hour with Sara to go over everything, and I am very glad I did. The guidance I received was much more than I had hoped for. Sara was able to understand our needs and relate all I had learned from her site to what we wanted to accomplish.

Moving to a new country is a big step, and because of her help we were able to make the right decision. Thank you April 25, Akram E. She walked me through the VISA process step by step and she give 2 approaches to get this process done! Teri connected us with Attorneys Ivona and Ema who have been guiding us expertly through the lengthy process.

They have been able to complete needed tasks in Croatia that we are unable to accomplish being located in the States. I highly recommend working with them! April 12, Belarus Consulting, Introduced to a Professional Sara makes an impression of a very knowledgeable person. She could answer on all our questions or provided contacts of other specialists in the areas she isn't specialized.

I would recommend consulting Sara if you are going to relocate to Croatia. April 12, Trinidad and Tobago Consulting My consultation with Sara was very professional and helpful. She answered all of our questions in a very knowledgeable and sympathetic way and she was very patient if the answers to our questions needed to be explained in more detail. I will definitely be recommending her services in the future. She is personable and clearly very knowledgeable on the citizenship process in Croatia.

We will certainly use her again. April 7,

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