cyclicals investing in silver
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Cyclicals investing in silver

Counter-cyclical stocks will also tend to underpeform during periods of economic expansion, when cyclical stocks will do well. It is increasingly difficult to find good examples of counter-cyclical industries as company businesses and their value chains become intertwined. Understanding Counter-Cyclical Stocks Increasingly, it is harder for a company's operations to become counter-cyclical because it is fairly difficult to find a business model that thrives in a period where most people do not have money.

Outplacement agency stocks, for example, would be considered counter-cyclical, because these companies help laid-off workers find jobs in exchange for a fee. This type of company would be more successful during times of recession, because there would be more unemployed workers at that point in time compared to times of expansion. Purchasing counter-cyclical stocks can serve as a good hedge to the standard recessionary pressures that can cause most stocks to decline.

Important Counter-cyclical stocks rise and fall in opposition to cyclical stocks. This should not be confused with non-cyclical stocks, which have sticky demand. This means that demand for their product or service is always there, such as the demand for insulin. Not as many investors think of counter-cyclical stocks when considering their investing possibilities. Also, there is always total agreement on which companies and industries can be classified as counter-cyclical.

However, those that get usually mentioned include alcohol-related companies and discount retailers, and as desperate times might lead more people to desperate measures, investors can now invest in the uptick in crime that accompanies a sour economy as many prisons are now operated by for-profit corporations. Counter-cyclical industries can suffer greatly during economic expansions which can last for years. Gold and silver, on the other hand, represent physical commodities.

Not only are they valued for their rarity, but they also have practical applications. For example, both are used in jewelry fabrication and for certain industrial uses. The screenshot below shows the distribution of gold use in the United States. Those are legitimate concerns, but they miss what might be the bigger point. Gold is, for the most part, an asset that performs best when the economy and the financial markets are at their worst.

The U. The First Was the s During the decade, the U. The story with gold was dramatically different. Stocks, on the other hand, went decidedly negative for the entire decade. The Second Was the Financial Meltdown to The financial markets experienced a sudden and dramatic crash in a space of less than three years. Gold went in the opposite direction. Not only does that substantiate its reputation as a long-term store of value, but it also shows its importance as one of the very few true counter-cyclical assets available to investors.

That makes a strong case for maintaining at least a small allocation in gold and silver in your portfolio, despite the chorus of naysayers. What About Silver? The case for silver is somewhat weaker than it is for gold. Though it has performed well during certain periods of crisis, the longer-term performance has been well below either gold or stocks. The main advantage of investing in silver may be bullion coins. With the price of gold being as high as it is, buying a single one-ounce gold bullion coin can be out of reach for small investors.

Gold and Silver Bullion Through the centuries, this has been the preferred way to own gold and silver. Even today, some investors favor bullion as a way to hold an asset that will retain or expand its value in the face of a potential collapse of the financial system. You can buy bullion in either coin or bar form. Silver bullion coins are typically pre U.

However, availability has become increasingly difficult as many have been melted down.

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Apr 22,  · Step 1: Create an Account with a Brokerage. The easiest way to buy stocks is through an online brokerage like eToro or Robinhood. Stocks are mostly bought and sold on Missing: silver. May 28,  · Check the margins. Check price to book (current, historical during upcycle and down cycles) – PE is an ideal parameter to use when investing in cyclical companies. Check Missing: silver. Silver. + (+%) Richard Bernstein is investing in cyclicals. Cyclical investing. When we say that a stock is cyclical, it means that its price has a sizable .