better place lyrics saint asonia music
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Better place lyrics saint asonia music delaware football betting playoffs

Better place lyrics saint asonia music

No matter where I am or a fan is in life, there are always challenges and tough times. Do you feel a sense of creative freedom with this band as opposed to TDG? I wanted to do what I loved, say what I want to say, and have fun while doing it. I can definitely do that with this new band. How meaningful and fun was that for you? That was awesome! Overall, it was a cool process.

Is it speaking to a personal loss or a collective sense of loss? The song has been around for a long time, and it started with one particular feeling in mind, which was around the loss of a person in my life. The last couple of years have taken on a different meaning, and I wanted to write something that people can relate to. I imagine that the song will take on a new meaning once we hit the road and talk to fans about what it means to them.

Sully wrote some of the lyrics a few years back. It would be great for you to ask him and get his take on it too. When I recorded the vocals and rewrote the lyrics, I wrote about feeling trapped. The band did a virtual tour this spring and have posted concerts and covers on their YouTube channel. What is or was life like in Norwood, Ontario? I lived in Norwood for a few years, and I also grew up just outside of Toronto, so I spent my childhood between the two places: Markham, Ontario, and Norwood.

So, it was pretty much me and Brad Walst, we started a band, and that was the beginning of Three Days Grace. It was either play sports or music. Do you still have ties in Norwood? My dad still lives north of there, and my cousin Cale has a house there, and he has a house in Peterborough, as well. Where do you live now? I actually live in Rochester, NY. I got married last March []. I was living in Minneapolis for awhile, but moved to Rochester just to be a little bit closer to home.

What kind of dog is Jess? Maybe a little bit of pit bull because of her square-ish head. Maybe Jack Russell, too. How did you get her? Was she a rescue? We got her from the Humane Society in Minneapolis. Pretty much everywhere. I like the John Lennon one Imagine. How many do you think you have? I think I have about I was an only child, but I grew up with Cale and Josh.

Cale Gontier I have that, too, so I get it. Is it just with this acoustic series or do you work together more regularly? He has his own band, Art of Dying, and they tour. So, when we get a chance to work together and hang out, we do. How did you hook up with the guys in Saint Asonia? Mike Mushok [Staind] was working on music, I left Three Days Grace quite awhile before that, and he called to ask if I would be interested in singing on some music he had already and to do some writing.

He came up to Toronto, and it went really well. He had a lot of great music, and I had some songs that I presented to him. We just hit it off. We knew each other from touring beforehand, with Staind and Three Days Grace. We ended up writing a lot of songs. We had all the songs, so we signed a record deal with RCA, jumped in the studio, and did the music.

Corey [Lowery] and Rich [Beddoe] are friends, so we called them and asked if they wanted to be a part of it, and they were in. It was pretty simple. How do you write songs? Do you have a song-writing process? No, not really a process. I had my whole life to write Three Days Grace stuff, from when I was a teenager. The inspiration for songs is completely different, but the song-writing style still stays the same. We can all feel these things. Yeah… exactly! Have you ever thought about writing a completely different style of music… something crazy, like country?

I grew up listening to different types of music, and I still listen to all sorts of music. I have written a bunch of country songs. A good song is a good song regardless of genre. Do you have a vault of songs that have not been finalized, shared, or recorded? Yeah… my computer is full of stuff. Just all ideas. Regarding your three-day acoustic tour, what was the inspiration behind this?

Saint Asonia is going back out on tour in July with Disturbed. We had this month off, and I like staying busy. We had a few people call and ask if I would be interested in doing this kind of thing. I love doing acoustic, so it just worked out.

How many times have you played at The Machine Shop? Cale said it was quite a bit between the two of you. With Three Days Grace, we played about 3 or 4 times. With Saint Asonia, we just played here as a band. So, I would say maybe 7 or 8 times. So, why was playing here at The Machine Shop important on this tour?

This is just a legendary spot. I love it here.

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