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One peculiarity to note is that visa-free and visa-on-arrival visitors must enter Indonesia via specific ports of entry. Entry via other ports of entry will require a visa regardless of whether you are a visa-free or visa-on-arrival national or otherwise. The days a visa holder is within Indonesia are counted with the day of entry being day 1, not day 0.

This means that by midnight on the night of the day of arrival you have been in Indonesia for one day. If you enter at PM then 2 minutes later you have been in Indonesia for 1 day and are on your second day. If you receive a visa on January 1 for 30 days, you will need to leave the country by no later than January If you acquire an extension, it is valid until the last day of your original visa.

Long-term more than 60 days overstays are frowned upon and could result, if caught, in being kept in detention, fined and deported. This is not something that should be entertained as providing an alternative to seeking a visa extension. Customs in Indonesia is usually quite laid-back. Amounts of money in excess of million rupiahs, or the equivalent in other currencies, have to be declared upon arrival or departure.

In addition to the obvious drugs and guns, importing pornography and fruit, plants, meat or fish is not allowed. Indonesia imposes the death penalty on those caught bringing in drugs. If a stranger asks you to transport a luggage or stuff with you on your way, do not accept, as it most likely contains drugs.

Travellers bringing in an item or collection of the same items worth at least USD are also subject to an import duty. Visa For further information, including a list of eligible countries and point of entries to be granted a visa-free entry, please see the Visa and Immigration Policies from the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia.

Visa waiver Thinking of overstaying? Immigration officers across Indonesia have conducted a widespread crackdown across the country, targeting those that have overstayed or abused the visa waiver policy such as by working for somebody. All violators that are caught will undergo detention and deported. You may also be denied entry if your purpose of visiting Indonesia is unclear or coming without an itinerary or return flight, or coming with a questionable amount of funds, even if you are eligible for a visa waiver.

Travelers who beg for money or run out of it will often be handed over to the police. While Indonesians are known to be kind and helpful, such conditions are often frowned upon. Citizens of countries who are going for leisure, business, transit, or missions are allowed to stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days without a visa.

This type of visa cannot be extended, transferred or converted to any other kind of visa, nor can it be used as a working permit. Those visitors eligible under the visa waiver program have a visa issued at the Indonesian border checkpoints with that issuance subject to the discretion of the visa officer.

Entries for citizens of those countries are granted at most airports, seaports, and land crossings. Visas Nationals of countries not listed above are required to apply for visas through the nearest Indonesian Embassy or consulate. Single-entry visas are valid for 60 days and fairly routine if pricey at USD50— depending on the individual country and prevailing exchange rates.

Normally, Indonesian embassies and consulates stipulate clear working days for processing; however, it may take at least one week. The citizens of these countries need to obtain an approval from the immigration services head office, the Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi engl.

Those affected must have a sponsor in Indonesia, either personal or a company. When it is approved, the Immigration Head Office will send a copy of the approval letter to the applicant. For people arriving in Indonesia, there are several types of visas of the pre-approved variety, which include business, social-cultural, student, work and tourist, for example. Most other types of visas do not allow any sort of work to be done, even volunteer work, although there are some exceptions, such as religious and diplomatic visas.

If you are unsure, ask the local Department of Manpower and Transmigration DisNaKerTrans , not: your employer, the agent handling your documentation, or Immigration, as many employers and agents are ignorant of the law or are willing to lie about it to get you to work, and Immigration has no authority over employment. As with most countries, students are not allowed to work. If there is a delay in processing your paperwork e. Customs All arriving international passengers are required to undergo luggage screening including their hand luggage, regardless of whether you declare your items or not.

Each household must fill out a customs declaration form that they must surrender to the customs before luggage screening. Food items, especially raw fruits, must be declared and undergo quarantine, as are vegetables and agricultural products. Packaged foods are usually let through. Customs officials will usually let you know if any items must have duty paid or if your food must be under quarantine. To avoid or reduce paying the duty for importing more than the allowed amount, travellers would usually cut off the price tag of the most expensive stuff they wish to carry and use them as they arrive, in order to be assumed that it is theirs.

You may also import limited quantities of tobacco and alcohol products duty-free: Up to cigarettes one carton or twenty-five cigars or up to grams of loose tobacco products such as snuff or a proportional combination thereof. Up to one litre of alcohol and perfume.

If you are bringing a mobile phone as a gift, only two devices are allowed per passenger. Any money transported in and out of Indonesia that exceeds Rp,, million rupiahs or its equivalent in other currencies must be declared. Indonesia has very strict drug laws: bringing them into the country, even for personal consumption, will result in prosecution and shaming on national television at best and death penalty at worst.

Travel to Indonesia from the Americas can take as little as 20 hours and requires at least a transit at East Asia, Europe or the Middle East. Travel from most of Europe will take less than 20 hours. While there are direct flights to Jakarta from Amsterdam, London and Istanbul, for other cities at least a transit is required.

Australia , though, is just 4—7 hours away. There are several flights from various cities in the Middle East to Indonesia. There are also short flights from Indonesian cities to nearby Malaysian cities, such as from Pontianak to Kuching, Tarakan to Tawau, and Pekanbaru to Malacca. The cost of flying to Indonesia from within Southeast Asia and the Pacific region has reduced with the inception of low-cost carriers.

Tigerair and Jetstar are the two carriers flying from Singapore, although not as many flights. The airline also has extensive code-sharing agreements Sky Team and this assists in providing quite good flight frequencies from airports in countries near Indonesia. Singapore Airlines, along with its subsidiary SilkAir, are full-service airlines that fly to many Indonesian destinations from Singapore and have excellent connections to cities worldwide.

Flights to Jakarta from Singapore are among the busiest international routes in the world. Onward boat connections to Jakarta and other Indonesian islands are available from these ports. See the pages for each city for more details.

Ferries have different classes of seats, with the most expensive and cleanest section on top with comfortable seats and windows for a nice frontal view, followed by second class behind that in a separate room that is more cramped and dirtier with less comfortable seating, and third class is usually on the lower decks and is the worst, although different ferries may have their own organisation.

Regular ferries link Tanjung Belungkor in Johor with Batam. Regular ferries link Bengkalis with Malacca and Muar in Johor. There is 24 schedule of regular cruise ship from Singapore, visits Java and Bali, whereas irregular schedule cruise ship visits Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

You may take a cruise and stop at specific locations along the way with everyone else, in which case Immigration will be handled on your ship. By yacht To increase tourist visits, the government has simplified procedures for entry by yacht. The crossing in on the main route between Kuching, Sarawak and Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan. As the crossing is listed only as a visa-free entry point, nationalities who do not qualify for this will have to apply for visas beforehand.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to enter Indonesia through these crossings and non-Indonesians are required to apply for visas at the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate. State-owned carrier Garuda Indonesia is a full-service airline and thus usually comes out as the most expensive, but offers seamless connection between its extensive domestic networks and international flights.

Lion Air is a low cost carrier LCC that has plenty of flights to a specific destination, though major delays occur sporadically. Until nowadays only Lion Air and Wings Air use this new regulation and the baggage is calculated per 5 kilograms. Sriwijaya Air is one of the airlines that serve middle class flights, between full board and low cost carrier, with more spacious leg room compared to low cost carriers, and also has modest on board meals.

If you really get off the beaten track, e. Prices are low by international standards, however their ranges are capped by the government. When travelling off the beaten track, it may assist to reconfirm early and often, as frequencies are low and paid-up, occasionally even checked-in passengers are bumped off with depressing regularity.

Be sure to arrive at the airport by 90 minutes before your low-cost flight departs, in line with regulations noted on the ticket, and 45 minutes before your full-service airline flight departs. Due to the aviation boom, airports have not been able to keep up with the air traffic.

A few airlines also enable passengers to pay their ticket fares in cash at minimarts by showing their ticket or confirmation number. By boat PELNI route map Indonesia is all islands and consequently boats have long been the most popular means of inter-island travel. Ferries may take you on long trips lasting days or weeks, or short jumps between islands for several hours. However, not all destinations are served daily. The prices are, of course, higher.

The largest company is the government owned PELNI, whose giant ferries visit practically every inhabited island in Indonesia on lengthy journeys that can take two weeks from end to end. PELNI uses European-built boats, which are large enough to deal with rough seas, but they can still be uncomfortably overcrowded during peak seasons: ferries built for have been known to board This means that there are often not enough lifeboats in the event of a sinking and this could pose a potential safety hazard.

Pickpocket and theft are a real concern though. In general, schedules are notional, creature comforts sparse and safety records poor. Try to check what, if any, safety devices are on board and consider postponing your trip if the weather looks bad. As maintenance is poor and overloading is common, sinkings are all too common on ferries run by smaller companies, with reports of such each year, so try to stick to the larger ones if possible.

Food on ferries varies from bad to inedible, and journey times can stretch well beyond the schedule, so bring along enough to tide you over even if the engine stalls and you end up drifting for an extra day. If you have trouble with motion sickness, buy some medicine such as Dramamine or Antimo. Of course, vehicles are housed below on the main deck. You may get hassled by people on board trying to extract extra money under some dubious excuse. Feel free to ignore them, although on the upside, it may be possible to bribe your way to a better class of accommodation.

In some places, even smaller boats, such as outriggers, glass-bottom boats, sailboats, motorboats and fishing boats, may be the only form of transport available, and prices can vary from a small amount to tens of dollars. Be prepared by finding out the prices and routes ahead of time and always haggle. Some of these boats can be rented out for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and touring. By yacht With more than 17, islands, Indonesia can be considered a paradise for a yacht journey, although be aware that there are pirates near the border of the Southern Philippines.

Typically no typhoons occur in this region and the maximum wave height is only 2. The worst season is from December to February. The network was built by the Dutch, but the lines have only been revitalized then expanded since Independence. Maintenance quality is acceptable, and derailments and crashes occur rarely.

As railroads are state-run companies, the customer service is polite but not always interested in pleasing the customer in the case of a problem. Java has by far the best railway network, with trains connecting the capital city, Jakarta , with other main cities such as Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Solo.

Jakarta also has a line of commuter trains within the metro area. Bandung is connected to Jakarta by some 20 trains per day, and is itself connected to Surabaya through Yogyakarta. Bali has no railway lines, but there are trains to Banyuwangi, connecting with ferries to the island. Generally, the trains travel through scenic areas, and travelers not in a hurry should consider the length of the journey and the scenery as a bonus to their travels, although some slums are built around tracks.

Commuter trains have no reserved seating and unlimited standees, so they can be crowded; beware of pickpockets. Other intercity trains have reserved seats and require passengers to check in before boarding; passengers are at low risk from theft on such trains.

These are unfortunately not connected — traveling cross-island by train is not possible — and run less frequently than in Java. Class of service Inside an executive train car While all trains are air conditioned, not all of them are properly designed to accommodate persons with certain disabilities and senior citizens. In every train excluding commuter trains, you can also purchase food either on board or at the time of booking.

Eksekutif Priority class has eighteen flat-reclining seats. Ekonomi Premium class has a much nicer car than Ekonomi class and a slight reclining seat. Seat configuration is Ekonomi classes are also available for the most budget-conscious traveller. Cheaper prices usually get older coaches with config which originally were not air-conditioned, while more costly prices usually got newer coaches with configuration.

Commuter trains have sideways seating with poles and hand straps for standing passengers and, during peak hours, can be very crowded, although they are usually air-conditioned and usually have cars at either end for women only. Train stations are guarded by train police, who wear drab uniforms, but there may also be regular police or, rarely, military personnel. Tickets can be purchased ninety days in advance, although generally, they will still be available at the last minute.

An exception is the very busy Eid-Al-Fitr season when the tickets are sold in minutes due to the extremely high demand for tickets. Online ticket reservation is available on the official website. You may need to provide a photocopy of your identification at the time of purchase for all intercity trains except the commuter trains. Sometimes, discounts are offered for particular lines, but you have to order well in advance to get them.

Be sure to check that your ticket is correct before you leave the ticketing window. The ticket reservation from the official PT Kereta Api website and mobile app is only available in Indonesian. A common problem shared with many booking services was the rejection of foreign-issued credit cards used for payment.

An alternative way to reserve your train ticket is through the booking portal tiket. Passengers can also buy a ticket or check in at kiosks 12 hours to 10 minutes before departure in front of the station. Larger train stations usually have multiple platforms and regular service to many cities, but the smallest stations only have infrequent stops and one platform. While you are waiting, most stations have stores and restaurants where you can buy food and drink to be consumed on board before boarding.

After the boarding gate, there are only limited food stalls. Previously, vendors asongan would jump on the train and hawk their wares until the train started to leave. This was intrusive and noisy, although certainly convenient for passengers and vendors alike.

As of , vendors are not allowed on the train, but in small stations, many still block the entrances to the cars while they call out to passengers inside. But with more express trains, the vendors are relatively diminishing. Toilets vary between squatting toilets or sit-down toilets without proper seats. Most executive trains have bidets to wash your posterior with and a sink, and using a squatting toilet can require a balancing act.

Bring your own wet tissue, because if available, the tissue maybe is not in the normal condition. The toilets generally release directly onto the tracks, so using them while at a station is forbidden. Passengers travelling in groups preferably about 20 people can charter a special train car with traditional decoration, better toilets and lounging seats, with a tailored itinerary for selected destinations. By bus Depok bus station with angkots queuing to get out The use of luxury long-distance buses is a new trend, very comfortable with air suspension and can stop where we need.

Most services depart in the afternoon or evening, and arrive the following morning at their destination. When travelling by bus from Banda Aceh in Sumatra to Bali, the bus company can arrange the ferry, and include the fare in the bus ticket.

Inter-city buses are often run by cooperatives of drivers or by private companies of which there are many of both and follow specific routes — but they may deviate from their route if you ask, usually for a little bit extra. They can be either luxurious or deteriorating; in some places, such as Bali and Kupang, bus drivers take a great deal of pride in their vehicles by decorating them and taking good care of them.

A bus ticket will usually cost from about Rp In case of a mealtime, the bus will get off at a rest stop where everyone is expected to dine at the same restaurant; some bus companies may have included the meal cost in your fare. It is possible to charter buses.

The air-conditioned chartered buses can be rented with its drivers for a tourist group and, in fact, any size city bus will take on a charter assignment if the money is right. Indonesian bus companies offer intercity antar kota and inter-province antar propinsi routes. The inter-province routes usually include transportation to other islands mainly between Java and Sumatra and Java and Bali.

In several cities, the government offers its own line, DAMRI, which comes in medium and large sizes and is generally air-conditioned, and tends to be in better condition. On occasion, there are reports of drivers and conductors colluding with criminals, but this usually happens at night or in desolate places. There are also reports of hypnotists robbing people of their possessions, and street vendors selling drugged beverages and drinks to waiting passengers at stops and terminals, who then become victims of crimes.

Long, overnight journeys are particularly dangerous. Guard your bags like a hawk. In the wilder parts of the country notably South Sumatra , inter-province buses are occasionally ambushed by bandits. There is a way to reserve bus ticket through the booking portal bosbis. Passengers can buy a bus ticket from multiple bus operators to many cities in Java, Sumatra , Kalimantan and Lombok. Otherwise, walking up to an inter-city bus terminal or a bus depot for a last-minute reservation is still feasible.

Intra-city buses comprises of a multitude of systems depending on the city. Angkot is the staple for all major cities where passenger sit sideways on a minivan. Buses and BRTs can be found on larger cities. By scheduled travel or shuttle Mini shuttle is the latest mode of Indonesian transportation, growing inline with the new toll roads and better highways.

It means every operator has their own multiple departure point at the cities they serve. The most developed route is between Jakarta and Bandung with ticket prices varying from Rp80, to Rp, depending on convenience, seat pitch and luxury. Your belongings are more secure, but expect to pay additional fees for surfboards and bulky packages.

You can book at the respective companies, but last minute passengers are sometimes welcomed. By car Self drive Driving in Indonesia is rarely rewarding. You may wish to avoid it unless you have prior experience. Lanes and traffic laws are happily ignored, passing habits are suicidal and driving on the road shoulder is common. Emergency vehicles are often ignored simply because all their space has already been used, making a ride in an ambulance a chancy proposition.

Drivers tend to pay the most attention to what they can see in front of them and peripherally, and far less to what is behind their peripherals and to the rear. Mirrors may or may not be consulted before lane changes. Distances between vehicles tend to be small and drivers are noted for their ability to squeak by with almost no space, but side view mirrors are frequent victims of such acts. Bumper to bumper driving at high speed is frequent; practice defensive driving and always be ready to brake suddenly if necessary.

The number one cause of death and injury on the road, however, is motorcycle accidents. Traffic drives on the left in Indonesia, at least most of the time. Please beware of motorcycles passing on the left, especially when you turn left. Renting a car in Indonesia is cheap compared to renting in many other countries, costing start from USD A litre of subsidized fuel is Rp6, for octane 88 quality Premium brand , but the other fuel are not subsidized and depend on international oil crude price, Rp7, for octane 90 Pertalite.

For affluent citizens, there are more expensive varieties of petrol with octanes 92 Pertamax at Rp10, and 98 Pertamax Turbo at Rp12, Starting in , all drivers of new vehicles in Indonesia were encouraged to use at least octane 90 to avoid knocking off high compression ratio machines. Gas stations are abundant, every km. They have reasonably clean toilets, but usually only in squat pots. Deposit Rp2, in the box as you enter or leave.

Most larger gas stations will have ATMs and a minimarket. Fueling is not self-service. The station has employees who will fill-up for you and receive your payment. Careful consideration must be given, however, as many travel insurance policies may only acknowledge responsibility if the driver has an applicable home-issued license, with the fully matching IDP.

Road conditions and maintenance are rudimentary outside major cities and certain tourism destinations. During the rainy season, major roads in Sumatra , Kalimantan and Sulawesi are often flooded or blocked by a landslide for several days. Toll roads, which are of better quality, still have spotty coverage and mostly in Java.

All toll roads in Indonesia require users to pay at the toll gates using a prepaid card, which can be bought and topped up at certain convenience stores such as Indomaret or Alfamart. Seat belts must be worn especially in the front seat, especially in big cities in Indonesia, although this law is often unenforced. Having a trash bin in the car is advisable to reduce littering, especially in Bandung, where the rule is implemented. Rental with driver Consider renting a car with a driver; the additional cost is quite low, approximately Rp, or less, plus three square meals a day for Rp20, to Rp25, each, and an optional room and board.

Having a driver also reduces your chance of having an accident for they know how to pass the frantic traffic and know a faster way to reach your destination. This option can be time- and cost-effective, and allow you to travel and see places beyond the public transport network.

By motorcycle In many parts of Indonesia, such as Bali and Yogyakarta , it is possible for tourists to rent a motorcycle to get around. Prices are usually around Rp50,,; negotiate a price and seek a discount for longer rental periods. An automatic is normally provided. Engine capacity will be in the range of cc to cc. Be sure to check over the vehicle first and confirm that it has a current Surat Tanda Nomor Kendaraan STNK, which is proof of registration and legality. There are no exceptions to this unless you are holding an Indonesian Surat Izin Mengemudi SIM C , which is the local license for a sepeda motor motorbike.

Many travel insurance policies may only acknowledge responsibility if you possess an applicable home issued license, with the fully matching IDP. By law, helmets are required to be worn, so make sure they provide them for you. Having an accident while not wearing one will also likely void your travel insurance policy, or provide some serious policy complications if making a claim. It is also required have your headlamp and tail lamp illuminated at all times. Be sure to drive defensively as most road users are quite reckless and an astounding number of the visitors to Indonesian hospital emergency rooms and morgues were only recently sitting on a motorbike.

By taxi More abundant taxis, 5 Express taxis white and 6 BlueBird taxi blue waiting for order For a group of two to four people, a conventional taxi may be the best choice for relatively short journeys. Taxi fares in Indonesia are relatively cheap and relatively uniform across the country. Despite the price scheme, mostly you are still required to pay a minimum fare if you are going for short distances or booking by phone, usually indicated by the respective companies, but usually Rp25, and stated on the dashboard.

Most people recommend Blue Bird taxis for their convenient booking, polite drivers and safe driving. Blue Bird Taxis are available in many of the main cities and when Blue Bird exist, all other taxies run its meter well. In the other cities when Blue Bird do not exist, some taxi drivers are naughty: they use meter, but will still charge you more sometimes more than twice with explanation is common to pay more as they mention.

In every major city in Indonesia, taxis are abundant even in rush hours. Nowadays with abundant taxis and traffic jams, the taxi drivers prefer to wait order by phone calling through call center or receive order directly from a customer through EasyTaxi or GrabTaxi apps using their smartphones and are known as online taxis.

The nearest driver will pick you up. Only qualified taxi companies and drivers are allowed in the system and all is monitored by GPS from their HQ. Most conventional taxis use sedans or multi purpose vehicles with 1, centimeter cubed engines. Most online taxis use city cars or multi purpose vehicles with 1, to 1, centimeter cubed engines.

As a result, regular taxis are more comfortable, have more leg room and are more spacious. By ride-hailing service Ride-hailing for both cars and motorbikes, powered by smartphone apps, has quickly become popular in many locations. Locally owned Go-jek and Southeast Asian-wide Grab divide up the market between them, with Gabir Garuda Biru — originally from Malaysia — being a newcomer in the online ride-hailing service.

There are some other regional operators especially in the motorcycle-sharing sector, including Ojesy who only accept female customers. License plates are in most cases the same as shown in the app; if not usually the driver will tell you beforehand or call out your name at the arranged pick-up spot.

If in doubt, ask for their name or tell them from their face. Only 1 passenger at a time may be a passenger for a motorbike; if traveling as a group, compare the prices between ordering a multitude of them or just one single car — the latter can usually fit up to 4 people, with larger cars that fit more people being more expensive.

It is worth getting an Indonesian SIM card with a data package for your phone, so you can use them. As most drivers have limited English, it is worth spending some time to learn enough Indonesian, or other relevant regional languages, to talk to the driver who may call or chat you to ask your precise location and how to identify you.

There have been tensions between conventional taxis both car and motorbike and ride-hailing services, and drivers may be unwilling to pick up in certain places, especially near taxi ranks. Most drivers may already know this and will simply ask you to do so. In addition to passenger services, both Gojek and Grab can be used to deliver food from affiliated restaurants to your place. The former can also be used to order Bluebird taxis. Payment can be made by cash, although using their dedicated E-Wallet earns you discounts.

They follow a fixed route usually marked by a colour or number , but there is no fixed schedule and there are no fixed stops. To get on, simply raise your hand. The price within a city is usually Rp2, to 5, Indonesian has involved in trade with Chinese since ancient times and also significant of Chinese immigrants began to migrate to Indonesia, as the result some of Chinese language, especially Hokkien dialect being absorbed into Indonesian.

Muslim influence, which came at first through Arabic and Persian traders, over a number of centuries results in an extensive Arabic influence and also Persian. Portuguese contact, trade and colonization in the 16th century was the first contact between Indonesia and European culture, and had an influence that remains today, in spite of the relatively short time period of that influence.

Dutch colonization and administration, lasting from the 17th century to the 20th, extensively affected the vocabulary. As Dutch-trained linguists determined the rules for the official Indonesian language, Dutch thus affected the structure of the language as well. For example, suffixes such as "-asi" e. Some loan words are still intensively used today, although there are Indonesian equivalents of them.

Modern Indonesian regularly adapts new words from other languages, particularly English. In contrast to the large number of mechanical terms borrowed from Dutch e. For example, "sanyo" refers to any electrical well pump, regardless of manufacturer or "odol" as all of toothpastes.

This is similar to the type of generalization that occurs in English words like "xerox" or "tampax" or "polaroid". List of loanwords From Austronesian languages From Minangkabau Most of Indonesian's vocabulary is natively derived from Malay, but some might be ultimately loanwords from Minang language.

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Pertama, katak termasuk hewan yang dilarang untuk dibunuh. Semua hewan yang ada larangan untuk dibunuh, maka tidak boleh dimakan. Karena jika halal dimakan, maka tidak akan ada larangan untuk membunuhnya. Maka Nabi saw. Ini menunjukkan bahwa katak termasuk hewan yang haram dimakan dan ia tidak termasuk hewan air dibolehkan untuk dimakan.

Semua hewan yang menjijikkan menurut ukuran tabiat yang normal, maka hukumnya haram dimakan. Para ulama memasukkan katak pada bagian hewan yang menjijikkan, karena itu ia haram dimakan. Tempat yang banyak menawarkan swike ini berada di daerah Purwodadi, Jawa Tengah. Mereka yang biasa mengonsumsi swike mengatakan kalau rasa daging katak ini mirip seperti ayam.

Dagingnya bertekstur lembut dan seratnya mirip seperti daging ayam. Bahkan, sekilas potongan daging katak ini mirip seperti sayap ayam. Walaupun ada daerah yang menawarkan hidangan berbahan daging katak , namun makanan ini termasuk ekstrem di Indonesia.

Apalagi bahan dasarnya adalah katak yang terlihat menjijikkan. Lantas, apa hukum memakan daging katak atau swike dalam Islam? Apakah haram hukumnya? Di antaranya disebutkan bahwa katak digunakan untuk obat. Lalu Rasul melarang membunuh katak. Tak hanya membunuh katak saja yang diharamkan, tetapi juga menyantapnya. Hal ini dijelaskan dalam hadits Al-Mundziri. Ada dua faktor larangan membunuh hewan.

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Maka Nabi saw. melarang untuk membunuh katak tersebut. Ini menunjukkan bahwa katak termasuk hewan yang haram dimakan dan ia tidak termasuk hewan air dibolehkan untuk . Mereka biasa menyebutkan dengan swike. Ada yang diolah dengan bumbu kecap maupun digoreng renyah. Tempat yang banyak menawarkan swike ini berada di daerah Purwodadi, . Islamic Forex accounts also known as swap-free accounts are halal trading accounts in which interest is not accumulated, collected, or paid. These accounts do not make use of the futures .