ff13 2 chocobo racing betting terms
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Ff13 2 chocobo racing betting terms

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In the hardest race the racer must catch as many balloons on the track as possible while avoiding incoming birds. The racer with the better final time wins a bird adds three seconds while a balloon removes three seconds from the racing time. To win the Sun Sigil for Tidus's Celestial Weapon a time of under is required though the timer displays as the minimum.

In Remiem Temple the player rides a chocobo though the maze of platforms below the temple and has to reach the finish mark at the bottom before the opponent chocobo. The first time the player wins the challenge they will get the Cloudy Mirror, an item needed in making the Celestial Weapons. The chocobo race can be run numerous times for additional prizes, but each prize can only be won once for a total of five prizes. Players may watch chocobo races, bet on chocobo races, and enter chocobos that they have raised themselves in the chocobo races.

Chocobo racing takes place in the Chocobo Circuit, a special zone accessible from most of the major cities. Unlike other chocobo racing minigames, chocobo racing in Final Fantasy XI is non-interactive. This will allow the Chocobo to have the max Speed and Stamina totals of just over Right now you're ready to race.

But there are still some more things you can do to improve: Infuse the Chocobo with a level 1 Pulse Gladiator found in the Grave Ridge and Stonestump Wastelands in Cloudy weather. This will get the Critical:Bravery passive ability to give you the Sprinter ability, making it pretty much unbeatable in short races.

While farming for the materials, you should have obtained the monster crystal for Microchu. Level it to 24 and infuse it with your Silver Chocobo. This will get you the Marathoner and Health Nut abilities.

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Final Fantasy XIII - 2 Silver Chocobo Build (Best Racer)

Mar 13,  · 6. Go to infusion and perform the following: Infuse the lvl 1 gladiator to your chocobo to get the Second Wind Racing ability. -Next select the lvl 1 cactuar and infuse it to . Feb 23,  · This guide will tell you where to catch some Chocobos for racing, what abilities you can give your chocobo, the best way to win races, and the different prizes you can win. . Apr 01,  · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wiki Guide. By Aaron Klepachek, Precocious Turtle, Marty Sliva, +k more. Change Status. Chocobo Racing. updated Apr 1 A Silver Chocobo .