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Cryptocurrency exchange api treestands

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These are usually better than crypto currency API that only have two or three features since single function API do the one thing they do particularly well. Volume of Trades Per Day The volume of trades usually doesn't matter for individual users, since almost no individual user will be able to overwhelm the capacity of an API. Not to mention that those high-volume trade API also have to optimized for more up-time and to be more consistent in their overall performance or they would have a lot of frustrated users.

Fortunately, crypto currency API are generally well optimized for even inexperienced users, so most are fairly easy to implement. If an API in this niche is consistently getting bad reviews for being difficult to use, steer clear. Pricing Pricing for crypto currency API is less about the price itself, and more about matching the price to the needs and resources of your project. The further back the historical data provided goes, the more likely it is to be a reliable source.

Pros: Easy to use and navigate. Its prices are very low. It can provide coin-specific information. There are no listing fees. The free version is limited to 50 requests per minute. CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap is the most widely used cryptocurrency price tracking website that enables you to track large numbers of crypto coins such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and so on.

It was founded in , and later in , it was acquired by Binance. The CoinMarketCap provides crypto data in the form of charts, graphs, rankings, and other criteria. Even though it claims to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency price tracker sites, CoinMarketCap suffers from poor user ratings. Features: It collects information from different exchanges like Binance. Data gets refreshed every 60 seconds.

Pros: It provides detailed information on cryptocurrencies. Cons: Sometimes, you will find information unrelated to a specific coin. This may create a bad image for that coin. Users have experienced safety issues. The new simpler UI is not good.

Issues while withdrawing your money. It covers more than cryptocurrencies. Coinlayer offers subscription packages that you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you like. Features: It supports live, historical as well as time-frame data. Pros: It has good security as compared to others. It provides real-time crypto exchange data.

There is no daily limit on API calls. The documentation is easy to read. Cons: Hourly updates in basic subscription. The free version is very limited. It is another cryptocurrency exchange API that has data of more than assets. Not only that, but CoinAPI connects with more than exchanges. The main goal of this API is to provide a one-stop solution for market data for crypto markets. It also shows quote data like asking price, last bid, etc.

Pros: Easy to optimize and manage. So many exchanges and currencies are supported. A lot of pricing options are available to opt for. Cons: It is slightly expensive as compared to its competitors. Documentations are not so clear. There are limitations on daily requests. It was launched in and is still considered the backbone for developers and many investors who know where to invest.

The API provides various tools that help you evaluate your portfolio to know whether your portfolio is moving in the right direction or not. Features: The data is available in multiple fiat currencies. Historical data is also available for all the available currencies. Support for multiple exchanges. The data can be directly formatted for candlestick charts using the API. Pros: Varieties of cryptocurrencies are supported. It provides the best historical exchange rates.